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Cortisol Variation in Humans Affects Memory for Emotionally Laden and Neutral Information (2003) pdf
Abercrombie, Heather C.; Ned H. Kalin, Marchell E. Thurow, Melissa A. Rosenkranz, and Richard J. Davidson
Amygdala damage impairs emotional memory for gist but not details of complex stimuli (2005) pdf
Adolphs, Ralph; Daniel Tranel & Tony W Buchanan
Episodic memory, amnesia, and the hippocampal-anterior thalamic axis (1999)
Aggleton, John P. and Malcolm W. Brown
Traumatic Impact Predicts Long-Term Memory for Documented Child Sexual Abuse (2005) pdf
Alexander, Kristen Weede; Jodi A. Quas, Gail S. Goodman, Simona Ghetti, Robin S. Edelstein, Allison D. Redlich, Ingrid M. Cordon, and David P.H. Jones
Theoretical advances in understanding children's memory for distressing events: The role of attachment. (2002) pdf
Alexander, K. W., Quas, J. A., & Goodman, G. S.
The role of attachment and cognitive inhibition in children’s memory and suggestibility for a stressful event. (2002) pdf
Alexander, K. W., Goodman, G. S., Schaaf, J. M., Edelstein, R. S., Quas, J. A., & Shaver, P. R.
Hippocampus and Contextual Fear Conditioning: Recent Controversies and Advances (2001) pdf
Anagnostaras, Stephan G.; Greg D. Gale, and Michael S. Fanselow
Temporally Graded Retrograde Amnesia of Contextual Fear after Hippocampal Damage in Rats: Within-Subjects Examination (1999) pdf
Anagnostaras, Stephan G.; Stephen Maren, and Michael S. Fanselow
Neural Systems Underlying the Suppression of Unwanted Memories (2004) pdf
Anderson, Michael C.; Kevin N. Ochsner, Brice Kuhl, Jeffrey Cooper,Elaine Robertson, Susan W. Gabrieli, Gary H. Glover, John D. E. Gabrieli
Is the human amygdala critical for the subjective experience of emotion? Evidence of intact dispositional affect in patients with amygdala lesions (2002) pdf
Anderson, A.K. & Phelps, E.A.
Trauma and memory: clinical and legal controversies (1997) pdf
Appelbaum Paul S. MD; Lisa A. Uyehara MD, Mark R. Elin PhD
The Psychology of Memory (2002) pdf
Baddely, Alan D.
Trauma and Memory (2000) pdf
Banyard, Victoria L. PhD
Preschoolers’ Memory for Threatening Information Depends on Trauma History and Attentional Context: Implications for the Development of Dissociation (2004) pdf
Becker-Blease, Kathryn A. PhD; Jennifer J. Freyd, PhD; Katherine C. Pears, PhD
Tunnel memories for autobiographical events: Central details are remembered more frequently from shocking than from happy experiences (2002) pdf
Berntsen, Dorthe
Effects of phenytoin on memory, cognition and brain structure in post-traumatic stress disorder: a pilot study (2005) pdf
Bremner JD, Mletzko T, Welter S, Quinn S, Williams C, Brummer M, Siddiq S, Reed L, Heim CM, Nemeroff CB
Neural Correlates of Declarative Memory for Emotionally Valenced Words in Women with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Related to Early Childhood Sexual Abuse (2003) pdf
Bremner, J. Douglas; Meena Vythilingam, Eric Vermetten, Steven M. Southwick, Thomas McGlashan, Lawrence H. Staib, Robert Soufer, and Dennis S. Charney
The Lasting Effects of Psychological Trauma on Memory and the Hippocampus
Bremner, J. Douglas M.D.
The effects of stress on memory and the hippocampus throughout the life cycle: implications for childhood development and aging (1998) pdf
Bremner, J. Douglas M.D.; Narayan, Meena
Functional neuroanatomical correlates of the effects of stress on memory (1995) pdf
Bremner, J. Douglas M.D.; Narayan, Meena
Deficits in short-term memory in adult survivors of childhood abuse (1995) pdf
Bremner, J Douglas; Randall, Penny K; Scott, Tammy M; Capelli, Sandi; Delaney, Richard C; McCarthy, Gregory; Charney, Dennis S
Trauma, memory, and dissociation pdf
Bremner, J Douglas; Marmar, Charles R
Trauma, memory, and dissociation: an integrative formulation pdf
Bremner, J Douglas; Vermetten, Eric; Southwick, Steven M; Krystal, John H; Charney, Dennis S
Deficits in short-term memory in posttraumatic stress disorder (1993) pdf
Bremner, J Douglas; Scott, Tammy M; Delaney, Richard C; Southwick, Steven M; Mason, John W; Johnson, David Read; Innis, Robert B; McCarthy, Gregory; Charney, Dennis S
Encoding and retrieval of information (2000) pdf
Brown, S. C., & Craik, F. I. M.
The Role of the Human Amygdala in Emotional Modulation of Long-Term Declarative Memory (2000) pdf
Buchanan, Tony W. and Ralph Adolphs
Enhanced memory for emotional material following stress-level cortisol treatment in humans (2001) pdf
Buchanan, Tony W. and William R. Lovallo
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Can medial temporal lobe regions distinguish true from false? An event-related functional MRI study of veridical and illusory recognition memory (2001)
Cabeza, Roberto; Stephen M. Rao, Anthony D. Wagner, Andrew R. Mayer, and Daniel L. Schacter
Mechanisms of emotional arousal and lasting declarative memory. (1998) pdf
Cahill, L., & McGaugh, J. L.
Modulation of memory storage. (1996) pdf
Cahill, L., & McGaugh, J. L.
The amygdala and emotional memory. (1995) pdf
Cahill, L., Babinsky, R., Markowitsch, H. J., & McGaugh, J. L.
Beta-adrenergic activation and memory for emotional events. (1994) pdf
Cahill, L., Prins, B., Weber, M., & McGaugh, J. L.
The transition from memory retrieval to extinction (2004) pdf
Cammarota, Martín ; Daniela M. Barros; Mónica R.M. Vianna; Lia R.M. Bevilaqua; Adriana Coitinho; Germán Szapiro; Luciana A. Izquierdo; Jorge H. Medina; Iván Izquierdo
Sex differences in the neural basis of emotional memories (2002)
Canli, Turhan; John E. Desmond  Zuo Zhao and John D. E. Gabrieli 
The Limitations of a Prospective Study of Memories for Child Sexual Abuse (2003) pdf
Cheit, Ross E.
I can’t remember Your Honor: Offenders Who Claim Amnesia (2002) pdf
Cima, M.; H. Merckelbach, H. Nijman, E. Knauer and S. Hollnack
The construction of autobiographical memories in the self-memory system. (2000) pdf
Conway, M. A., & Pleydell Pearce, C. W.
Memory for traumatic experiences in early childhood (2004) pdf
Cordón, Ingrid M.; Margaret-Ellen Pipe,bLiat Sayfan,annika Melinder,cand Gail S. Goodmana
Memory for traumatic experiences in early childhood (2004) pdf
Cordón, Ingrid M.; Margaret-Ellen Pipe, Liat Sayfan, Annika Melinder and Gail S. Goodman
Levels of processing: Past, present . . . and future? (2002) pdf
Craik, F. I. M.
Directly reactivated, but not indirectly reactivated, memories undergo reconsolidation in the amygdala (2006)
Debiec J, Doyere V, Nader K, Ledoux JE.
What’s in a Name for Memory Errors? Implications and Ethical Issues Arising From the Use of the Term “False Memory” for Errors in Memory for Details  (2004)pdf
DePrince, A.P., Allard, C.B., Oh, H., & Freyd, J.J.
Forgetting trauma stimuli.  (2004) pdf
DePrince, A.P., PhD; Freyd, J.J., PhD
Memory and Dissociative Tendencies: The Roles of Attentional Context and Word Meaning in a Directed Forgetting Task (2000) pdf
DePrince, A.P., PhD; Freyd, J.J., PhD
Dissociative Tendencies, Attention and Memory (1999) pdf
DePrince, A.P., PhD; Freyd, J.J., PhD
Dissociating Memory Retrieval Processes using fMRI: Evidence that Priming Does Not Support Recognition Memory (2001) pdf
Donaldson, D.I.; Petersen, and R.L. Buckner
Event-related brain potential correlates of two states of conscious awareness in memory (1997) pdf
Düzel, Emrah; Andrew P. Yonelinas, George R. Mangun,, Hans-Jochen Heinze and Endel Tulving
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Two functional components of the hippocampal memory system. (1994)
Eichenbaum, H., Otto, T., Cohen, N.J.
Stress-induced cortisol elevations are associated with impaired delayed, but not immediate recall (2005) pdf
Elzinga BM, Bakker A, Bremner JD
Are the neural substrates of memory the final common pathway in posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)? (2004) pdf
Elzinga, B.M. and J.D. Bremner
nl De rol van cortisol bij stressgerelateerde geheugenstoornissen (2000) pdf
Elzinga, B.M.
Childhood Amnesia: On Answering Questions About Very Early Life Events (1999) pdf
Eacott, M.J. and R.A. Crawley
The offset of childhood amnesia: Memory for events that occurred before age 3. (1998) pdf
Eacott, M. J., & Crawley, R. A.
Two functional components of the hippocampal memory system. (1994)
Eichenbaum, H., Otto, T., Cohen, N.J.
Long-term working memory. (1995) pdf
Ericsson, K. A., & Kintsch, W.
Episodic memory in transient global amnesia: encoding, storage, or retrieval deficit? (1999)
Eustache, Francis; Béatrice Desgranges, Peggy Laville, Bérengère Guillery, Catherine Lalevée, Stéphane Schaeffer, Vincent de la Sayette, Serge Iglesias, Jean-Claude Baron, Fausto Viadera
Remembering and forgetting childhood sexual abuse. (2004) pdf
Fivush, Robyn, Ph.D and Edwards, V.J.
The silenced self: Constructing self from memories spoken and unspoken (2003) pdf
Fivush, Robyn, Ph.D.
Creating coherence out of chaos? Children’s narratives of emotionally positive and negative events  (2000) pdf
Fivush, Robyn, Ph.D.; Ann Hazzard; Jessica McDermott; Sales Deborah Sarfati; Trina Brown
Memory for Abuse: What can we learn from a Prosecution Sample?  (2003) pdf
Freyd, Jennifer J. PhD
Memory and Dimensions of Trauma: Terror may be 'all too well' remembered and Betrayal Buried  (2001) pdf
Freyd, Jennifer J., PhD.
Perspectives on Memory for Trauma and Cognitive Processes associated with Dissociative Tendencies  (2001) pdf
Freyd, Jennifer J., PhD.
Feminist ethics in the practice of science: The contested memory controversy as an example (2000) pdf
Freyd, J. J. & Quina, K.
Dissociative tendencies, attention, and memory.  (1999) pdf
Freyd, Jennifer J. ; Anne P. DePrince, PhD
Blind to Betrayal: New Perspectives on Memory for Trauma (1999) pdf
Freyd, Jennifer J.
Science in the Memory Debate (1998) pdf
Freyd, Jennifer J.
"Remembering" Words Not Presented in Lists: Relevance to the Current Recovered/False Memory Controversy (1996) pdf
Freyd, Jennifer J., and David H. Gleaves
Betrayal trauma: Traumatic amnesia as an adaptive response to childhood abuse (1994) pdf
Freyd, Jennifer J.
Brain and Behaviour in Functional Retrograde Amnesia.  (2004) pdf disert
Fujiwara, Esther
Retrieval inhibition of trauma-related words in women reporting repressed or recovered memories of childhood sexual abuse (2005) pdf
Geraerts, Elke; Elke Smeets, Marko Jelicic, Harald Merckelbach, Jaap van Heerden
A Dissociation in Infants’ Memory for Stimulus Size: Evidence for the Early Development of Multiple Memory Systems (2000) pdf
Peter Gerhardstein; Scott A. Adler; Carolyn Rovee-Collier
nl Omstreden herinneringen Disputed Memories (Executive summary)  (2004) pdf disert
Gezondheidsraad - Health Council of the Netherlands.
A prospective study of memory for child sexual abuse: New findings relevant to the repressed/lost memory controversy. (2003) pdf
Goodman, G. S., Ghetti, S., Quas, J. A., Edelstein, R. S., Alexander, K. W., Redlich, A. D., Cordon, I. M., & Jones, D. P.
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Neural models of memory (1999) pdf
Hasselmo, Michael E. and James L McClelland
Discrepancies in autobiographical memories implications for the assessment of asylum seekers: repeated interviews study (2002)
Herlihy, Jane; Peter Scragg, Stuart Turner
Trauma Films, Information Processing, and Intrusive Memory Development (2004) pdf
Holmes, Emily A.; Chris R. Brewin and Richard G. Hennessy
True and False Memories in Maltreated Children (2004) pdf
Howe, Mark L.; Dante Cicchetti, Sheree L. Toth, and Beth M. Cerrito
Forgetting, Reminding, and Remembering: The Retrieval of Lost Spatial Memory (2004) pdf
Hoz, Livia de; Stephen J. Martin, Richard G. M. Morris
Apparent Amnesia : interidentity memory functioning in dissociative identity disdorder (2003)
Huntjens, R. J. C.
Neurobiology of constructed memory (1998)  pdf
Jacobs, W. Jake and Lynn Nadel
Emotional Trauma and Childhood Amnesia (2003)
Joseph, Rhawn Ph.D.
Awareness, the origin of thought, and the role of conscious self-deception in resistance and repression. (2000)
Joseph, Rhawn Ph.D.
Traumatic Amnesia, Repression and Hippocampus injury due to emotional stress, Corticosteroids and Enkephalins (1999)
Joseph, Rhawn Ph.D.
Awareness, the origin of thought, and the role of conscious self-deception in resistance and repression (1980)
Joseph, Rhawn Ph.D.
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Self and Identity as Memory (2002)
Kihlstrom, John F., Jennifer S. Beer, Stanley B. Klein
Priming, Familiarity, and Recognition (2002)
Kihlstrom, John F., Jennifer Dorfman
Flashbulb memories: Historical and personal memories and flashbulb quality (2002)
Kihlstrom, John F., Mary Mullane Swar
Memory, Autobiography, History (2002)
Kihlstrom, John F.
Hypnosis, Memory, and Amnesia
Kihlstrom, John F.
Beyond extinction: erasing human fear responses and preventing the return of fear (2009) pdf new
Kindt, Merel; Marieke Soeter & Bram Vervliet
The Relation Between Memory of the Traumatic Event and PTSD: Evidence From Studies of Traumatic Brain Injury (2003) pdf
Klein, Ehud MD, Yael Caspi, ScD, MA, Sharon Gil, PhD
Disorders of memory (2002)
Kopelman, Michael D.
Memory metaphors and the Laboratory/Real Life Controversy: Correspondence versus storehouse of memory
Koriat, A. & Goldsmith, M.
Functional Amnesia: Clinical Description and Neuropsychological Profile of 10 Cases (2004)pdf
Kritchevsky, Mark; Judy Chang and Larry R. Squire
Retrieval of old memories: the temporofrontal hypothesis (1997) pdf
Kroll, Neal E. A.; Hans J. Markowitsch, Robert T. Knight, and D. Yves von Cramon
Memory Mechanisms in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (2002)
Layton, Barry Ph.D. and Robert Krikorian, Ph.D.
Fibrofog, Fibromyalgia and Dissociation: Understanding why some memory-impaired patients with fibromyalgia score normally on neuropsychological testing.
Leavitt, Frank Ph.D.
Parallel Memories: Putting Emotions Back Into The Brain
LeDoux, Joseph; A Talk With ...
Inhibitory processes and the control of memory retrieval. (2002) pdf
Levy, B. J., & Anderson, M. C.
Eyewitness suggestibility and source similarity: Intrusions 3 of details from one event into memory reports 4 of another event (2003) pdf
Lindsay, D. Stephen; Bem P. Allen, Jason C.K. Chan, and Leora C. Dahla
Memory, Remembering, and Misremembering pdf
Lindsay, D. Stephen PhD and J. Don Read, PhD
Neonatal Damage of the Ventral Hippocampus Impairs Working Memory in the Rat (2002) pdf
Lipska, Barbara K. Ph.D., Julie M. Aultman, B.S., Anita Verma, Ph.D., Daniel R. Weinberger, M.D., and Bita Moghaddam, Ph.D.
Stress hormones and human memory function across the lifespan (2005) pdf
Lupien, Sonia J.; Alexandra Fiocco, Nathalie Wan, Francoise Maheu, Catherine Lord, Tania Schramek, Mai Thanh Tu
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What the Amygdala Does and Doesn't Do in Aversive Learning (2001)
Maren, Stephen
A New Theoretical Framework For Explicit and Implicit Memory (1997)
Mayes, Andrew R.; Patricia A. Gooding & Rob van Eijk.
Effects of Free and Forced Retrieval Instructions on False Recall and Recognition - Statistical Data Included (2001)  
McKelvie, Stuart J.
Emotional memory: Separating content and context (2004) pdf
Medford, Nicholas; Mary L. Phillips, Barbara Brierley, Michael Brammeb, Edward T. Bullmore, Anthony S. David
The Effects of Repeated Questioning on Young Children's Eyewitness Testimony (1996) 
Memon, Amina and Rita Vartoukian
nl Sleutelen aan geheugenverlies; Iatrogene elaboratie van een retrograde amnesie (2002) pdf
Merckelbach, Harald; Marko Jelicic, Ingrid Candel & Robert Horselenberg
Memory for Unconsciously Perceived Events: Evidence from Anesthetized Patients (1996) pdf
Merikle, Philip M. and Meredyth Daneman
Comparing Direct (Explicit) and Indirect (Implicit) Measures to Study Unconscious Memory (1991) 
Merikle, Philip M. and Eyal M. Reingold
A “hot- system/cool-system“ view of memory under stress (1996) pdf
Metcalfe, Janet PhD, W. J. Jacobs, PhD
Recall of Childhood Trauma: A Prospective Study of Women's Memories of Child Sexual Abuse  (1994) pdf
Meyer Williams, Linda
Remembering the past: Anticipating a future (2005) pdf
Middleton, W. Cromer, L. & Freyd, J.J.
Memory Consolidation and the Hippocampal Complex (2005) pdf
Mühl, Christian
The hippocampal complex and long-term memory revisited (2001) pdf
Nadel, Lynn and Morris Moscovitch
Memory consolidation, retrograde amnesia and the hippocampal complex (1997)pdf
Nadel, Lynn and Morris Moscovitch
Fear memories require protein synthesis in the amygdala for reconsolidation after retrieval (2000)
Nader, Karim; Glenn E. Schafe and Joseph E. Le Doux
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Dispensing with the Dynamic Unconscious pdf
O’Brien, Gerard and Jon Jureidini
The Disunity of Consciousness  (1998) pdf
O’Brien, Gerard and Jon Opie
Stimulation of the noradrenergic system enhances and blockade reduces memory for emotional material in man  (1999)pdf
O’Carroll, R.E.; E. Dreysdale, L. Cahill, P. Shajahan, K.P. Ebmeier
Role of the basolateral amygdala in memory consolidation (2003) pdf
Paré, Denis
Sleep, dreams and memory concolidation: The role of the stress hormone cortisol (2006) pdf
Payne, Jessica D. and Lynn Nadel
Memories of Fear: How the Brain Stores and Retrieves Physiologic States, Feelings, Behaviors and Thoughts from Traumatic Events (1999)
Perry, Bruce D. M.D., Ph.D.
Persisting psychophysiological effects of Traumatic stress: The Memory of 'States' (1991)
Perry, Bruce D. M.D., Ph.D.; Leslie Conroy, M.D. Al Ravitz, M.D.
Human emotion and memory: Interactions of the amygdala and hippocampal complex (2004) pdf
Phelps, E.A.
Right ventral frontal hypometabolism and abnormal sense of self in a case of disproportionate retrograde amnesia (2005) pdf
Piolino, Pascale; Didier Hannequin, Béatrice Desgranges, Carole Girard, Hélène Beaunieux, Bénèdicte Giffard, Karine Lebreton, Francis Eustache
Children's eyewitness reports after exposure to misinformation from parents (2001) pdf
Poole, Debra Ann and D. Stephan Lindsay
Attenuation of Emotional and Nonemotional Memories after their Reactivation: Role of bèta-Adrenergic Receptors (1999)
Przybyslawski, Jean; Pascal Roullet, and Susan J. Sara
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Working memory and executive functions in transient global amnesia (2003)
Quinette, Peggy; Bérengère Guillery, Béatrice Desgranges, Vincent de la Sayette1, Fausto Viader and Francis Eustache
Inhibition of the amygdala: 'key to pathological states?' (2003) pdf
Quirk GJ, Gehlert DR.
Memory for Extinction of Conditioned Fear Is Long-lasting and Persists Following Spontaneous Recovery (2002) pdf
Quirk, Gregory J.
The Role of Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex in the Recovery of Extinguished Fear. (2000) pdf
Quirk GJ, Russo GK, Barron JL, and Lebron K.
Reduced right hemisphere activation in severely abused violent offenders during a working memory task (an fMRI study) (2001) pdf
Raine, Adrian; Sohee Park, Todd Lencz, Susan Bihrle, Lori LaCasse, Cathy Spatz Widom, Louai-Al-Dayeh, Manbir Singh
Processing of relevant information in the primate prefrontal cortex (1994) pdf
Rainer, Gregor
Dissociable correlates of recollection and familiarity within the medial temporal lobes (2004) pdf
Ranganath, Charan; Andrew P. Yonelinas, Michael X Cohen, Christine J. Dy, Sabrina M. Tom, Mark D’Esposito
One brain, Two selves (2003) pdf
Reinders, A. A. T. S.; E. R. S. Nijenhuis, A. M. J. Paans, J. Korf, A. T. M. Willemsen, J. A. den Boer 
Using Direct and Indirect Measures to Study Perception Without Awareness (1988)
Reingold, Eyal M. and Philip M. Merikle
Cortisol and arousal interact in memory modulation Cortisol and arousal interact in memory modulation (2003) pdf 
Rimmele, Ulrike; Gregor Domes, Klaus Mathiak, Martin Hautzinger
Why retrieval is the key process in understanding human memory. (2000)  pdf
Roediger, H. L.
Glucocorticoid Effects on Memory Retrieval Require Concurrent Noradrenergic Activity in the Hippocampus and Basolateral Amygdala. (2004)  
Roozendaal, Benno; Emily L. Hahn, Sheila V. Nathan, Dominique J.-F. de Quervain, and James L. McGaugh
Stress and memory: Opposing effects of glucocorticoids on memory consolidation and memory retrieval. (2002) pdf
Roozendaal, B.
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Memory's Fragile Power Review of Searching for Memory: The Brain, the Mind, and the Past  (1999)  
Schacter, Daniel L.
The seven sins of memory: Insights from psychology and cognitive neuroscience. (1999)  pdf
Schacter; Daniel L.
When True Recognition Suppresses False Recognition: Evidence from Amnesic Patients (1998)  pdf
Schacter, Daniel L.; Mieke Verfaellie, Michael D. Anes, Carrie Racine
The cognitive neuroscience of constructive memory (1998)  pdf
Schacter, D. L., Norman, K. A., & Koutstaal, W.
Illusory memories: A cognitive neuroscience analysis (1996)  
Schacter; Daniel L.
Searching for memory  (1996)  
Schacter; Daniel L.
Implicit memory: A new frontier for cognitive neuroscience (1995) pdf
Schacter; Daniel L.
Tracking the Fear Engram: The Lateral Amygdala Is an Essential Locus of Fear Memory Storage (2005)pdf
Schafe, Glenn E.; Valérie Doyère, and Joseph E. LeDoux
A Positron Emission Tomography Study of Memories of Childhood Abuse in Borderline Personality Disorder. (2003) pdf
Schmahl CG, Vermetten E, Elzinga BE, Bremner JD
Remembering the street names of one's childhood neighbourhood: A study of very long-term retention.(2000) pdf
Schmidt, H. G., Peeck, V. H., Paas, F., & Van Breukelen, G. J. P.
Amygdalar and Hippocampal Theta Rhythm Synchronization During Fear Memory Retrieval (2003) pdf
Seidenbecher, Thomas; T. Rao Laxmi, Oliver Stork, Hans-Christian Pape†
Drawing Conclusions: Confusion Between Data and Theory in the Traumatic Memory Debate (2003)  pdf
Silberg, Joyanna
Recovered memories (2002) pdf
Sivers, H., Schooler, J. , Freyd, J. J.
How emotion enhances the feeling of remembering (2004) pdf
Sharot, T. Delgado, M.R. Phelps, E.A.
Retrieval-induced forgetting in an eyewitness-memory paradigm.  (1995) pdf   
Shaw, J. S., Bjork, R. A., & Handal, A.
nl De invloed van traumatische ervaringen op de herinnering pdf
Spinhoven, Ph.
Two forms of human amnesia, an analysis of forgetting (1981) pdf
Squire, Larry R. and Stuart M. Zola
Recovered memories. (2001) pdf
Stoler, L., Quina, K., DePrince, A.P &. Freyd, J. J.
Sleep-Related Hippocampo-Cortical Interplay during Emotional Memory Recollection (2007)
Sterpenich, Virginie and Geneviève Albouy, Mélanie Boly, Gilles Vandewalle, Annabelle Darsaud, Evelyne Balteau, Thien Thanh Dang-Vu1, Martin Desseilles1, Arnaud D'Argembeau, Steffen Gais, Géraldine Rauchs, Manuel Schabus, Christian Degueldre, André Luxen, Fabienne Collette1, Pierre Maquet
An emotion-induced retrograde amnesia in humans is amygdala- and β-adrenergic-dependent   (2003)
Strange, B. A.; R. Hurlemann and R. J. Dolan
Two forms of Human Amnesia: An analysis of forgetting (1981) pdf
Squire, Larry R.
Determining the Intensity of a Memory (1998)
Taverna, Karen
Memory systems in the brain and localization of a memory (1996) pdf
Thompson, Richard F. and Jeansok J. Kim
Linking New Information to a Reactivated Memory Requires Consolidation and Not Reconsolidation Mechanisms (2004)
Tronel, Sophie; Maria H. Milekic, Cristina M. Alberini
Childhood amnesia and the beginnings of memory for four early life events. (1993) pdf
Usher, J. A.,& Neisser, U.
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Memory Fragmentation in Dissociative Identity Disorder. (2005) pdf
Van der Hart, Onno PhD, Hilde Bolt, MA, Bessel A. van der Kolk, MD
Generalized dissociative amnesia: episodic, semantic and procedural memories lost and found. (2001) pdf
Van der Hart, Onno PhD and Ellert Nijenhuis PhD
Edinburgh Spurs Memories of Psychological Effects of War. (2001) 
Van der Hart, Onno PhD
When the Victim Forgets: Trauma-Induced Amnesia and its Assessment in Holocaust Survivors. (2000) pdf
Van der Hart, Onno and Danny Brom
Trauma-induced dissociative amnesia in World War I combat soldiers   (1999) pdf
Van der Hart, Onno PhD, Paul Brown, MD, Mariëtte Graafland, MA
Amnesia for Traumatic Experiences   (1995) pdf
Van der Hart, Onno Ph.D. and Ellert Nijenhuis, Ph.D.
Exploring the nature of Traumatic memory: Combining clinical knowledge with Laboratory Methods. (2001) pdf
Van der Kolk, Bessel A. M.D., James W. Hopper, Janet E, Osterman.
Retrieving, Assessing and Classifying Traumatic Memories: A Preliminary Report on three case studies of a new standardized method. (2001) pdf
Van der Kolk, Bessel A. M.D., James W. Hopper
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Memory (1997)
Van der Kolk, Bessel A. M.D.
Dissociation and the Fragmentary Nature of Traumatic memories: Overview and Exploratory Study (1995)
Van der Kolk, Bessel A. M.D.& Rita Fisler .
The Body keeps the Score; Memory and the evolving psychobiology of post traumatic stress (1994)
Van der Kolk, Bessel A. M.D.
Fragment by fragment; Groomed for silence, groomed for betrayal.(1999) pdf
Veldhuis, C. B., & Freyd, J. J.
When perception becomes concious (1999)
Velmans, Max
Functional Brain imaging and the Induction of Traumatic Recall: A Cross-Correlational Review Between Neuroimaging and Hypnosis (2004) pdf
Vermetten, Eric and J. Douglas Bremner
Long-Term Treatment with Paroxetine Increases Verbal Declarative Memory and Hippocampal Volume in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (2003) pdf
Vermetten E, Vythilingam M, Southwick SM, Charney DS, Bremner JD
Control of Conscious Contents in Directed Forgetting and ThoughtSuppression   (1998)
Whetstone, Tony and Mark D. Cross
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