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Internal self helpers of persons with multiple personality disorder (1989) pdf
Adams, M. Ann
Serum Lipid Levels in Patients With Dissociative Disorder (2004) pdf
Agargun, Mehmet Yücel M.D., Ömer Akil Özer, M.D., Hayrettin Kara, M.D., Ramazan ¸Sekeroglu, Ph.D., Yavuz Selvi, M.D., Buket Eryonucu, M.D.
Normal and pathological dissociations of early childhood (1989) pdf
Albini, Theresa K.; Pease, Terri E.
The objective assessment of amnesia in dissociative identity disorder using event-related potentials (2000) pdf
John J.B. Allen, Hallam L. Movius
Iatrogenesis and dissociation: a historical note (1991) pdf
Alvarado, Carlos S.
Dissociation and state-specific psychophysiology during the nineteenth century (1989) pdf
Alvarado, Carlos S.
Self, Multiple Selves and the Illusion of Separate Selfhood  (1999)
Arons, Myron M.
Multiple Personality Disorder Misdiagnosed as Mental Retardation: A Case Report  (1988) pdf
Atlas, Gail; Fine, Catherine G.; Kluft, Richard P.
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Sleep as Temporary Brain Dissociation
Bar-Yam, Y.
Depersonalisation disorder: clinical features of 204 cases (2003)
Baker, Dawn; Elaine Hunter, Emma Lawrence, Nicholas Medford, Maxine Patel, Carl Senior, Mauricio Sierra, Michelle V. Lambert, Mary L. Phillips and Anthony S. David
fr Dissocier la Dissociation, Propositions pour une Nomenclature (2005)
Barbery, Stéphane
Multiple Personality Disorder as an Attachment Disorder (1991)
Barach, Peter M. Ph.D.
Adaptive Dissociation: Information Processing and Response to betrayal. (2007) pdf new
Barlow, M.R. & Freyd, J.J.
Memory and Fragmentation in Dissociative Identity Disorder (2005) pdf
Barlow, Margareth Rose
Dissociative Disorders and Identity Personality Disorders in Children
Barreda-Hanson, Dr. M. C.
The dream character as prototype for the multiple personality alter (1995) pdf
Barrett, Deirdre
Moral status and the treatment of Dissociative Identity Disorder (2001) pdf
Bayne, Timothy J.
A genetic analysis of individual differences in dissociative behaviors in childhood and adolescence. (2004) pdf
Becker-Blease, K.A., Deater-Deckard, K., Eiley, T, Freyd, J.J.,. Stevenson, J., & Plomin, R.
Preschoolers’ Memory for Threatening Information Depends on Trauma History and Attentional Context: Implications for the Development of Dissociation (2004) pdf
Becker-Blease, Kathryn A. PhD; Jennifer J. Freyd, PhD; Katherine C. Pears, PhD
A genetic analysis of individual differences in dissociative behaviors in childhood (2004) pdf
Becker-Blease, Kathryn A. PhD; Kirby Deater-Deckard; Thalia Eley; Jennifer J. Freyd; Jim Stevenson; Robert Plomin
Switching: Part I an investigation using experimental phenomenology (1996) pdf
Beere, Don
Switching: Part II theoretical implications of an investigation using experimental phenomenology (1996) pdf
Beere, Don
Dissociative reactions and characteristics of the trauma: preliminary tests of a perceptual theory of dissociation (1995) pdf
Beere, Don
Social desirability and the dissociative experiences scale (1996) pdf
Beere, Don; Pica, Michael; Maurer, Lara
Loss of "background": a perceptual theory of dissociation (1995) pdf
Beere, Don
The predisposition to dissociate: The temperamental traits of flexibility/rigidity, daily rhythm, emotionality and interactional speed (1995) pdf
Beere, Don; Pica, Michael
Dissociative Identity Disorder and the Brain: A Brief Review (2003) pdf
Beth Ray, Alysa , Amanda Johnson, Sean O’Hagen, Gina Lardi, and Julian Paul Keenan
Peritraumatic Dissociation, Acute Stress, and Early Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Victims of General Crime (2001)
Birmes, Philippe MD, Didier Carreras, MD, Jean-Louis Ducassé, MD, Jean-Paul Charlet, MD, Barbara A Warner, MD, Dominique Lauque, MD, Laurent Schmitt, MD
A Reexamination of Freud's Basic Concepts from Studies of Multiple Personality Disorder (1988) pdf
Bliss, Eugene L.
Therapeutic alliance with abuser alters in DID: the paradox of attachment to the abuser (1997)
Blizard, Ruth A.
The treatment of traumatic memories in DID: indications and contra-indications (1997) pdf
Boon, Suzette
The differentiation of patients with MPD of DDNOS from patients with a cluster B personality disorder (1993) pdf
Boon, Suzette; Draijer, Nel
The validation of the Dissociative Experiences Scale against the criterion of the SCID-D, using Receiver Operating Characteristics (ROC) analysis (1993) pdf
Boon, Suzette; Draijer, Nel
Clinical EEG and Dissociation (2003) pdf
Boutros, Nashaat N.
Delayed memories of child abuse: part I: an overview of research findings on forgetting, remembering, and corroborating trauma (1996) pdf
Bowman, Elizabeth S.
Delayed memories of child abuse: part II: an overview of research findings relevant to understanding their reliability and suggestibility (1996) pdf
Bowman, Elizabeth S.
nl Comorbiditeit van zelfverwondend gedrag en dissociatieve symptomen bij vrouwelijke psychiatrische patiŽnten (2001) pdf
Bracke, D., K. van Leeuwen, L. Verhofstadt-DenŤve
Establishing Safety with Patients with Dissociative Identity Disorder (2001) pdf
Brand, Bethany PhD
Dissociation in combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder (1991) pdf
Branscomb, Louisa
On Varieties of Dissociation: An Essay Review of Krippner and Powers "Broken Images, Broken Selves: Dissociative Narratives in Clinical Practice pdf
Braud, William
Out-of-Body Experiences and Survival After Death (2001)
Braude, Stephen E.
The BASK Model of Dissociation (chart)(1998)
Braun, Bennett G., M.D.
Frequency of EEG abnormalities in a large dissociative population (1997)
Braun, Bennett G., M.D.
Iatrophilia and Iantrophobia in the diagnosis and treatment of MPD (1989) pdf
Braun, Bennett G., M.D.
Clinical, Legal and Scientific Issues Related to Delayed Recall of Childhood Abuse (2003) pdf
Bremner, J. Douglas
Traumatic memories lost and found: can lost memories of abuse be found in the brain? (1999) pdf
Bremner, J Douglas
Measurement of dissociative states with the Clinician-Administered Dissociative States Scale (CADSS) (1998) pdf
Bremner, J Douglas; Krystal, John H; Putnam, Frank W; Southwick, Steven M; Marmar, Charles R; Charney, Dennis S; Mazure, Carolyn M
Trauma-related dissociative states and long-term psychopathology in posttraumatic stress disorder (1997) pdf
Bremner, J Douglas; Brett, Elizabeth A
Neural mechanisms in dissociative amnesia for childhood abuse: relevance to the current controversy surrounding the 'false memory syndrome' (1996) pdf
Bremner, J Douglas; Krystal, John H; Charney, Dennis S ; Southwick, Steven M
Trauma, memory, and dissociation pdf
Bremner, J Douglas; Marmar, Charles R
Trauma, memory, and dissociation: an integrative formulation pdf
Bremner, J Douglas; Vermetten, Eric; Southwick, Steven M; Krystal, John H; Charney, Dennis S
Use of the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV Dissociative Disorders for systematic assessment of dissociative symptoms in posttraumatic stress disorder (1993) pdf
Bremner, J Douglas; Steinberg, Marlene; Southwick, Steven M; Johnson, David Read; Charney, Dennis S
The Etymological Antecedents of and Scientific Evidence for the Existence of Dissociative Identity Disorder (2003)
Neil Brick MA
Dissociative Symptoms and Trauma Exposure: Specificity, Affect Dysregulation, and Posttraumatic Stress (2006) 
Briere, John PhD
Phenomenology and Psychological Assessment of Complex Posttraumatic States (2005) pdf
Briere, John and Joseph Spinazzola
Is Dissociation a Multidimensional Construct? Data From the Multiscale Dissociation Inventory (2005) pdf
Briere, John, FrankW.Weathers and Marsha Runtz
Peritraumatic and Persistent Dissociation in the Presumed Etiology of PTSD (2005) pdf
Briere, John Ph.D., Catherine Scott, M.D., Frank Weathers, Ph.D.
Treating adult survivors of severe childhood abuse and neglect: Further development of an integrative model (2002) pdf
Briere, John Ph.D.
Self-reported amnesia for abuse in adults molested as children. (1993) pdf
Briere, J., & Conte, J.
Dissociative psychopathology, non-epileptic seizures, and neurology (2000)
Brown, Richard J. and Michael R. Trimble
Hypnotic susceptibility and Holistic/Emotional styles of Thinking (1998) pdf
Brown, Richard J. and D.A. Oakley
Memories of sexual abuse: Janet's critique of Freud, a balanced approach. (1998) pdf
Brown, Paul MD and Onno van der Hart, PhD
A case study investigation of the development and treatment of alter personalities in Dissociative Identity Disorder (2006) pdf
Brown, Ian
Multiple Personality as a Failure of Autobiographical Memory
Brown, Mark
The contribution of attachment to pets and attachment to nature to dissociation and absorption (1997) pdf
Brown, Sue-Ellen; Katcher, Aaron H.
Dissociation (2001) pdf
Brunet, Alain Ph.D.; Darren W. Holowka, B.A.
Hypnotizability in Acute Stress Disorder (2001)
Bryant, Richard A. Ph.D., Rachel M. Guthrie, M.Psychol., and Michelle L. Moulds, M.Psychol.
Thesis: Alexithymia and Dissociation (1995) pdf
Burch, Jeffrey P.
A History of the Study of MPD/DID
Burnett, Nancy
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Successful integrated hypnotic and psychopharmacological treatment of war-related post-traumatic psychological and somatoform dissociative disorder of two years duration (psychogenic coma)  (1997) pdf
Cagiada, Silvana; Candido, Luigi; Pennati, Ambrogio
Dissociative experiences and anger proneness in late adolescent females with different attachment styles.  (2003)
Calamari, Elena; Mauro Pini
Group of disorders based on the phenomenon of dissociation  (2005) pdf
Callaghan, Dr. Glenn M.
Embodied Sorrow: A Special Issue on Somatoform Dissociation (2000) pdf
Cardeña, Etzel PhD, Ellert R. S. Nijenhuis, PhD
Integrating research on dissociation and hypnotizability: are there two pathways to hynotizability? (1989) pdf
Carlson, Eve B; Putnam, Frank W.
Fractured Minds (2003) pdf
Carter, Rita.
esp Las variedades de las experiencias disociativas desde la teoría de Wilma Bucci sobre los códigos subsimbólico y simbólico (2004)
Celis Sierra, Mónica de
Special case transferences and countertransferences in the treatment of dissociative disorders (1997)pdf Chefetz, Richard A.
The use of the DES in studying treatment outcome with dissociative identity disorder: a pilot study (1995) pdf
Choe, Byeong Moo; Kluft, Richard P
Trauma and Dissociation: 20 Years of Study and Lessons Learned Along the Way (2000)  pdf
Chu, James A. M.D., Elizabeth S. Bowman, MD
Memories of Childhood Abuse: Dissociation, Amnesia, and Corroboration (1999)  
Chu, James A. M.D., Lisa M. Frey, Psy.D., Barbara L. Ganzel, Ed.M., M.A. and Julia A. Matthews, Ph.D., M.D.
On the misdiagnosis of multiple personality disorder (1991) pdf
Chu, James A. M.D
Some Aspects Of Resistence In The Treatment Of Multiple Personality Disorder (1988) pdf
Chu, James A. M.D
it Disturbo dissociativo di identità: presentazione di un caso risolto in 5 sedute (2004)  pdf
Claudatis, Justina
The Interrelatedness of Disconnection: The Relationship between Dissociative Tendencies and Alexithymia. (2005) pdf
Kymbra Clayton, BSc (Hons)
Adult attachment style, reported childhood violence history and types of dissociative experiences (1995) pdf
Coe, Michael T.; Dalenberg, Constance J.; Aransky, Kim M.; Reto, Cathy S.
What is Dissociation? (2004) pdf
Collins, Francesca E.
Dissociation In Australia And North America: An International Investigation Of Dissociation In Non-Clinical Adult Populations. (2003) doc
Collins, Francesca E. and Kenneth V Jones
The inner self helper and concepts of inner guidance: historical antecedents, its role within dissociation, and clinical utilization (1991) pdf
Comstock, Christine M.
Counter-transference and the suicidal MPD patient (1991) pdf
Comstock, Christine M.
Dissociative disorder not otherwise specified: a clinical investigation of 50 cases with suggestions for typology and treatment (1992) pdf
Coons, Philip M.
The cross-cultural occurrence of MPD: additional cases from a recent survey (1991)
Coons, Philip M.; Bowman, Elizabeth S.; Kluft, Richard P.; Milstein, Victor
Memory for traumatic experiences in early childhood (2004) pdf
Cordón, Ingrid M.; Margaret-Ellen Pipe, Liat Sayfan, Annika Melinder and Gail S. Goodman
The intrusion of early implicit memory into adult consciousness (1997) pdf
Cozolino, Louis
Dissociation and Memory; A two hundred year perspective
Crabtree, A.
Multiple personality before “Eve”(1993) pdf
Crabtree, A.
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Ouestions and answers regarding Dissociative Amnesia
Dallam, Stephanie RN, MS, FNP
fr Approche thérapeutique des troubles dissociatifs (2005) pdf
Damsa, C.; R. Pirrotta, C. Lazignac, H. Hyams, F. Ducrocq
Did you say backlash in France? (2001)
Darves-Bornoz, Jean-Michel MD, PhD
Validation of a French Version of the Dissociative Experiences Scale in a Rape-Victim Population (1998)
Darves-Bornoz, Jean-Michel MD, PhD, Andrée Degiovanni, MD, Philippe Gaillard, MD
Depersonalisation (2001) pdf
Depersonalization Research Unit
Trauma-induced dissociation. (2007) pdf new
DePrince, A.P. & Freyd, J.J.
Forgetting Trauma Stimuli (2004) pdf
DePrince, Anne P. PhD; Jennifer J. Freyd, PhD
Memory and Dissociative Tendencies: The Roles of Attentional Context and Word Meaning in a Directed Forgetting Task (2001) pdf
DePrince, Anne P. PhD; Jennifer J. Freyd, PhD
Dissociative Tendencies, Attention and Memory (1999) pdf
DePrince, Anne P. PhD; Jennifer J. Freyd, PhD
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and associated features as predictors of revictimization and perpetration with samples of adults abused during childhood (2003) pdf
Dietrich, Anne M. M.A.
A Review of Visual/Kinesthetic Disassociation in the Treatment of Posttraumatic Disorders: Theory, Efficacy and Practice Recommendations (2000)
Dietrich, Anne M. M.A.
Dissociative symptoms in patients with factitious disorders with Physical and Psychological Symptoms (2003) pdf
Di Fiorino, Mario; Manuela Garuglieri, Alfredo Gemignani
Altered states of consciousness (1996) 
Di Fiorino, Mario
И. Вандерлинден, У. Вандерейкен
What does science tell us about memory functioning in Dissociative Identity Disorder and the answers which questions are an imperative? (2003) doc
Dorahy, Martin J.
Predictors of Nonpathological Dissociation in Northern Ireland: The Affects of Trauma and Exposure to Political Violence (2003) pdf
Martin J. Dorahy, Christopher Alan Lewis, Robert G. Millar, and Travis L. Gee
Childhood Trauma and Perceived Parental Dysfunction in the Etiology of Dissociative Symptoms in Psychiatric Inpatients (1999) pdf
Draijer, Nel Ph.D., and Willie Langeland, M.A.
nl Knelpunten in de differentiŽle diagnostiek van de dissociatieve identiteitsstoornis (1996) pdf
Draijer, Nel Ph.D., S. Boon
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Individual differences in suggestibility: examining the influence of dissociation, absorption, and a history of childhood abuse (1998) pdf
Eisen, Mitchell L; Carlson, Eve Bernstein
Nurture, Nature, and Caring: We Are Not Prisoners of Our Genes (2002)  pdf
Eisler, Riane and Daniel S. Levine
Convergent validity of the new form of the DES (1994) pdf
Ellason, Joan W.; Ross, Colin A.; Mayran, Lawrence W.; Sainton, Kelly
Two-Year Follow-Up of Inpatients With Dissociative Identity Disorder (1997)
Ellason, Joan W. M.A., L.P.C. and Colin A. Ross, M.D.
Dissociative Spectrum Disorders in the Primary Care Setting (2000) pdf
Elmore, James L. M.D.
Transcultural Aspects of Dissociative and Somatoform Disorders (2004)
Escobar, Javier I. M.D.
Reported sexual abuse and bulimic symptoms: the mediating role of dissociation (1995) (pdf)
Everill, Joanne T.; Waller, Glenn; Macdonald, Wendy
Dissociation and Epilepsy
Faber, Josef; Petr Bo, Radek Ptácek, Svojmil Petránek
The Relation Between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Adult Health: Turning Gold into Lead (2002)
Felitti, Vincent J. MD
Treatment of Dissociative Disorders (2003) pdf
Figueira, Maria Luisa
The Core Self: A Developmental Perspective On The Dissociative Disorders (1988) pdf
Fink, David L
Prevalence of Dissociative Disorders in Psychiatric Outpatients (2006) pdf
Foote, Brad M.D, Yvette Smolin, M.D., Margaret Kaplan, Ph.D., Michael E. Legatt, Ph.D., Deborah Lipschitz, M.D.
Similarities in responses to extreme and unremitting stress; Cultures of communities under siege (1996) pdf
Frankel, S. and Todd C. O'Hearn
Perspectives on memory for trauma and cognitive processes associated with dissociative tendencies. (2001) pdf
Freyd, J.J. & DePrince, A.P.
Dissociative tendencies, attention, and memory.  (1999) pdf
Freyd, Jennifer J. ; Anne P. DePrince, PhD
Cognitive Environments and Dissociative Tendencies: Performance on the standard Stroop Task for High versus Low Dissociators  (1998) pdf
Freyd, Jennifer J. ; Susan R. Martorello; Jessica S. Alvarado; Amy E. Hayes; Jill C. Christman
Betrayal-trauma: Traumatic amnesia as an adaptive response to childhood abuse. (1994) pdf
Jennifer J. , PhD.
(Brief Report) Dissociative Disorders in Dutch Psychiatric Inpatients  (2000) pdf
Friedl, Monica C. Psy.D., Nel Draijer, Ph.D.
A preliminary comparative study of drawings produced under hypnosis and in a simulated state by both MPD and non-MPD adults (1990) pdf
Fuhrman, Nancy L.; Zingaro, Joseph C.; Kokenes, Barbara
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Dreams and Dissociation Theory: Speculations on Beneficial Aspects of Their Linkage (1990) pdf
Gabel, Stewart
Dissociation and schizophrenia: an historical review of conceptual development and relevant treatment approaches (1994) pdf
Gainer, Karen
Historical Versus Narrative Truth: Clarifying the Role of Exogenous Trauma in the Etiology of MPD and its Variants (1989) pdf
Ganaway, George K.
Dissociative disorders in black South Africans: a report on five cases (1996)  pdf
Gangdev, Prakash S., Matjane, Maxwell
Disociative disorders in Mexican psychiatric patients: Prevalence, comorbidity and 38 dissociative experiences scale psychometric properties (2006)  pdf
Garcia, R; Rico, S.E.G.; Agraz, F.P.
Advances in the study of Dissociative Disorders in Germany (2001) 
Gast, Ursula M.D
A Dissociation in Infants’ Memory for Stimulus Size: Evidence for the Early Development of Multiple Memory Systems  (2000) pdf
Gerhardstein, Peter ; Scott A. Adler; Carolyn Rovee-Collier
nl Problemen bij de klinische behandeling van meervoudige persoonlijkheidsstoornis  (1996) pdf
Gerven, M. van
The Effects of DID on Children of Trauma Survivors (1995) 
Giller, Esther
Pain and suffering as a function of dissociation level and instructional set (1992) >pdf
Giolas, Marina H.; Sanders, Barbara
An examination of the diagnostic validity of dissociative identity disorder (2001) pdf
Gleaves, D. H., May, M. C., & Cardena, E.
Measuring and discriminating dissociative and borderline symptomatology among woman with eating disorders (1996) pdf
Gleaves, David H., May, Mary C., Eberenz, Kathleen P
Multiple personality and dissociation, 1791-1992: a complete bibliography (1994) pdf
Goettmann, B. A.; Greaves, B. G.; Coons M. P.
Persecutory Alters and Ego States: Protectors, Friends, and Allies.  
Goodman, Lisa & Jay Peters
Trauma and dissociative experiences in eating disorders (1996) pdf
Grave, Riccardo Dalle; Oliosi, Manuela; Todisco, Patrizia; Bartocci, Claudia
Observations on the claim of iatrogenesis in the promulgation of MPD: A discussion (1989) pdf
Greaves, George B.
Common Errors in the Treatment of Multiple Personality Disorder (1988) pdf
Greaves, George B.
Objective Assessment of Peritraumatic Dissociation: Psychophysiological Indicators (1997)  pdf
Griffin, Michael G. Ph.D., Patricia A. Resick, Ph.D., and Mindy B. Mechanic, Ph.D.
Treatment of DID and DDNOS patients in a regional institute for ambulatory mental health care in the Netherlands: a survey (1991) pdf
Groenendijk, Ingrid; van der Hart, Onno
Inspiration. Mediumship, Surrealism; The concept of creative dissociation (1998)  pdf
Grosso, Michael
The inner self helper in Multiple Personality Disorder: Angel or artifact? (1995) pdf
Gunn, James P.
Feeling Unreal: Cognitive Processes in Depersonalization (2000) 
Guralnik, Orna Psy.D., James Schmeidler, Ph.D., and Daphne Simeon, M.D.
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Double consciousness in Britain 1815-1875 (1991)  pdf
Hacking, Ian
Dissociative Psychosis – A Legacy Of Trauma & Disorganized Attachment (2003)  doc
Joan Haliburn, MBBS,FRANZCP,M.Med
Systematic assessment of dissociative symptoms and disorders using the SCID-D in a clinical outpatient setting: three cases (1994) (pdf)
Hall, Pamela; Steinberg, Marlene
Imaging hypnotic paralysis: implications for conversion hysteria (2000) pdf
Halligan,Peter W.; Bal S Athwal, David A Oakley, Richard S J Frackowiak
Relations between the DES and two MMPI-2 dissociation scales (1997) pdf
Hansen, Cheri; Gold, Steven N.
Inattention and Dissociation: Overlapping Constructs? (2005) pdf
Harrison, Allyson G. and Jan Baker Wilson
Pierre Janet And Dissociation: The First Transference Theory and Its Origins In Hypnosis (1996)
Haule, John Ryan
Animal alters: case reports (1990) pdf
Hendrickson, Kate M.; McCarty, Teresita; Goodwin, Jean
Second-Generation Effects of Unresolved Trauma in Nonmaltreating Parents: Dissociated, Frightened, and Threatening Parental Behavior (1999) pdf
Hesse, Erik PhD. and Mary Main PhD.
Educational problems in patients with dissociative identity disorder (1994) pdf
Hobbs, Donna L.; Coons, Philip M.
Are there two qualitatively distinct forms of dissociation? A review and some clinical implications (2005) pdf
Emily A. Holmes, Richard J. Brown, Warren Mansell, R. Pasco Fearon, Elaine C.M. Hunter, Frank Frasquilho, David A. Oakley
Working with dissociative identity disorder in Stavanger, Norway (1997) 
Hove, Ingunn; Langfeldt, Tone Sem; Boe, Tor; Haslerud, Jan; Stoerseth, Francoise
Speaking for Our Selves: an assessment of multiple personality disorder (1989) pdf
Humphrey, Nicholas and Daniel C. Dennett
The depersonalisation Research Unit at the Institute of Psychiatry, London, U.K. (2001) 
Elaine Hunter, Ph.D , M. L. Philips, M. Sierra, M. V. Lambert, N. Medford, C. Senior, A. S. David
Interidentity Amnesia for Neutral, Episodic Information in Dissociative Identity Disorder (2003)  pdf
Huntjens, R. J. C., Postma, A., Peters, M. L., Woertman, L., & Van der Hart, O.
Procedural Memory in Dissociative Identity Disorder: When Can Interidentity Amnesia Be Truly Established? (2003)  pdf
Huntjens, R. J. C., Postma, A., Peters, M. L., Woertman, L., & Van der Hart, O.
Memory Transfer for Trauma-Related Words between Identities in Dissociative Identity Disorder (2003)  pdf
Huntjens, R. J. C., Postma, A., Peters, M. L., Woertman, L., & Van der Hart, O.
Transfer of Newly Acquired Stimulus Valence between Identities in Dissociative Identity Disorder (2003) pdf
Huntjens, R. J. C., Postma, A., Peters, M. L., Woertman, L., Effting, M., & Van der Hart, O.
Perceptual and conceptual priming in patients with dissociative identity disorder (2002)  pdf
Huntjens, R. J. C., Postma, A., Hamaker, E. L., Woertman, L., Van der Hart, O., & Peters, M.
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The Disembodied Self: An Empirical Study Of Dissociation And The Out-Of-Body Experience - bibliography included  (2000)
Irwin, Harvey J.
Guidelines for Treating Dissociative Identity Disorder in Adults  (2005)
Guidelinesfor the Evaluation and Treatment of Dissociative Symptoms in Children and Adolescents  (2003) pdf
ISSD Task Force on Children and Adolescents
Journal on Trauma and Dissociation on; Somatoform Dissociation (2000) pdf
nl Wat niet kan, bestaat niet. Bedenkelijke campagne tegen MPS (1997)
IJzendoorn, Patrick
Unconscious acts and the doubling of personality during provoked somnambulism (1886) classic
Janet, Pierre
Emotional Trauma and Childhood Amnesia (2003)
Joseph, Rhawn Ph.D.
Traumatic Stress: Dissociative Amnesia, Out-of-Body hallucinations, Flashbacks, PTSD, Catatonia and Paralytic fear (1999)
Joseph, Rhawn Ph.D.
Traumatic amnesia, repression, and hippocampal injury due to corticosteroid and enkephalin secretion.(1999)
Joseph, Rhawn Ph.D.
The Neurology of Ttraumatic "Dissociative" Amnesia. Commentary and Literature Review.(1999)
Joseph, Rhawn Ph.D.
The Neurology of Traumatic "Dissociative" Amnesia. Commentary and Literature Review. (1999)
Joseph, Rhawn Ph.D.
The Neurology of Childhood Amnesia versus Amnesia for Childhood due to abuse and Traumatic stress (1999)
Joseph, Rhawn Ph.D.
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