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fr Dépersonnalisation—Données actuelles (2005)
Khazaal, Yasser; Grégoire Zimmermann, Daniele Fabio Zullino
Dissociative Identity Disorder (1998)
Kaplan, Rachel
The relationship between Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Multiple Personality Disorder (1995)
Karilampi, Ulla
Dissociative Disorders (1993)
Kihlstrom, John F.; Douglas J. Tataryn, Irene P. Hoyt
de Zur Geschichte und Behandlung sogenannter Multipler Persönlichkeitsstörungen bei Frauen, in Abgrenzung zur Borderline-Persönlichkeitsstörung und der Posttraumatischen Belastungsstörung
Kirsch, Anke
Dissociation as a Mediator of Psychopathology Among Sexually Abused Children and Adolescents (2001)
Kisiel, Cassandra L. Ph.D., and John S. Lyons, Ph.D.
Current Issues in Dissociative Identity Disorder (2003) pdf
Kluft, Richard P., M.D., PH.D F.A.P.A.
The Treatment of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD): Current Concepts
Kluft, Richard P., M.D., PH.D F.A.P.A.
On the treatment of traumatic memories of DID patients: always? never? sometimes? now? later? (1997) pdf
Kluft, Richard P., M.D., PH.D F.A.P.A.
The confirmation and disconfirmation of memories of abuse in DID patients: A naturalistic clinical study (1995) pdf
Kluft, Richard P., M.D., PH.D F.A.P.A.
Six completed suicides in dissociative identity disorder patients: clinical observations (1995) pdf
Kluft, Richard P., M.D., PH.D F.A.P.A.
Dissociation and subsequent vulnerability: a preliminary study (1990) pdf
Kluft, Richard P., M.D., PH.D F.A.P.A.
Iatrogenic creation of new alter personalities (1989) pdf
Kluft, Richard P., M.D., PH.D F.A.P.A.
The phenomenology and treatment of extremely complex multiple personality disorder (1988) pdf
Kluft, Richard P., M.D., PH.D F.A.P.A.
On Giving Consultations to Therapists Treating MPD: Fifteen Years' Experience-Part II (The "Surround" of Treatment, Forensics, Hypnosis, Patient-initiated Requests) (1988) pdf
Kluft, Richard P., M.D., PH.D F.A.P.A.
Torture and Dissociation (part of: Torture in war: Yugoslav experience) pdf
Kneževic, Goran
Relationships of Dissociation and Childhood Abuse and Neglect With Heart Rate in Delinquent Adolescents (2004) (pdf)
Koopman, Cheryl; Victor Carrion, Lisa D. Butler, Shiv Sudhakar, Laura Palmer, and Hans Steiner
Is Conversion a Dissociative Symptom? (2003) pdf
Krüger, Christa Ph.D. and Werdie van Staden
Psychometric validation of the State Scale of Dissociation (SSD) (2002) pdf
Krüger, Christa Ph.D. and Chris J. Mace
Dissociation Studies in South Africa
Krüger, Christa Ph.D.
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Canadian and American Psychiatrists' Attitudes Toward Dissociative Disorders Diagnoses (2001)
Lalonde, Justine K. MD, James I Hudson, MD, SM, Robin A Gigante, BA, Harrison G Pope Jr, MD, MPH
The Spectrum of Organic Depersonalization: A Review Plus Four New Cases (2002)
Lambert, Michelle V.; M.R.C.Psych., Mauricio Sierra, M.R.C.Psych., Mary L. Phillips, M.R.C.Psych. and Anthony S. David, F.R.C.Psych.
Primary and secondary depersonalisation disorder: a psychometric study (2001) pdf
Lambert, Michelle V. MRCPsych, Carl Senior PhD, W. David Fewtrell MSc, Mary L. Phillips MRCPsych , Anthony S. David FRCPsych
The Voices of Jeanne D'Arc
Lang, Andrew
Neuroimaging of Hyperaroused and Dissociative States in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Lanius, Ruth A. MD, PhD, Peter C. Williamson, MD, DPsych, FRCPC, Ravi S. Menon, PhD
fr Des états dissociatifs vers une clinique des troubles dissociatifs (2005) pdf
Lazignac,C.; A. Cicotti, A.-L. Bortoli, M. Kelley-Puskas, C. Damsa
The use of EMDR in patients with dissociative identity disorder (1996) pdf
Lazrove, Steven; Fine, Catherine G.
Fibrofog, Fibromyalgia and Dissociation: Understanding why some memory-impaired patients with fibromyalgia score normally on neuropsychological testing.
Leavitt, Frank Ph.D.
Summary of research examining the prevalence of full or partial Dissociative Amnesia for traumatic events
Leadership Council
Recognition of the Reality of Dissociative Amnesia: Position Statements by Professional Organizations
Leadership Council
The origins of the concept of dissociation: Paul Janet, his nephew Pierre, and the problem of post-hypnotic suggestion (2001) pdf
LeBlanc, André
Out of body experiences and lucid dreams (1991)
Levitan, Lynne and Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D.
Dissociation, Childhood Trauma, and Ataque De Nervios Among Puerto Rican Psychiatric Outpatients (2002) pdf
Lewis-Fernández, M.D., Roberto; Pedro Garrido-Castillo, Ph.D., Mari Carmen Bennasar, Psy.D., Elsie M. Parrilla, LICSW, Amaro J. Laria, Ph.D., Guoguang Ma, M.S., Eva Petkova, Ph.D.
Dissociative Identity Disorder and the Socio-cognitive Model: Recalling the Lessons of the Past 
Lilienfeld, Scott O.; Steven Jay Lynn; Irving Kirsch; John F. Chaves; Theodore R. Sarbin; George K. Ganaway; Russell A. Powell
it La disorganizzazione dell’attaccamento come modello per comprendere la psicopatologia dissociativa  (1999)
Liotti, Giovanni M.D.
Demographic and Seizure Variables, But Not Hypnotizability or Dissociation, Differentiated Psychogenic from Organic Seizures (2000) pdf
Litwin, Richard PhD and Etzel Cardeña, PhD
The Fables of Lucy R.: Association and Dissociation in Neural Networks  
Lloyd, Dan
Literature Review of Effective Treatment for Dissociative Identity Disorder (2001) pdf
Lucariello, Matt B.A.
The two-person unconscious: Intersubjective dialogue, enactive relational representation, and the emergence of new forms of relational organization. (2004) pdf
Lyons-Ruth, Karlen
Dissociation and the parent-infant dialogue: A longitudinal perspective from attachment research. (2003) pdf
Lyons-Ruth, K.
esp La disociación y el diálogo infanto-parental: una perspectiva longitudinal a partir de la investigación sobre apego (2003)
Lyons-Ruth, K.
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Religious issues project overview (DID)
Mahoney, Fr Joseph
Exorcism and MPD from a Catholic Perspective
Mahoney, Fr Joseph
Treatment of Dissociative-Identity disorder with Neurotherapy and Group self-exploration
Manchester, Carol F. Ph.D., Tom Allen, B.A., and Ken H. Tachiki, Ph.D.
Child dissociation and the family context (1994)
Mann, Barton J.
A Case Study Illustrating the Interplay Between Psychological and Somatic Dissociation (2004) pdf
Martínez-Taboas, Alfonso
Reflections on Takahashi's methodology and the role of culture on MPD (1990) pdf
Martinez-Taboas, Alfonso
Dissociative symptoms and disorders in patients with eating disorders (1992)
McCallum, Kim E.; Lock, James; Kulla, Mary; Rorty, Marcia; Wetzel, R. D.
Multiplicity and Victimization: What part of 'No!' don't you understand? Vs. What part of you doesn't understand 'No!'? (1994)
McClendon, Patricia D. MSSW, CSW
Alternating Personalities (1926) (classic)
McDougall, William
Coexisting or Coconscious Personalities (1926) (classic)
McDougall, William
Trance Personalities (1926) (classic)
McDougall, William
Theory of Personality and of its Disintegration (1926) (classic)
McDougall, William
Integration and Disintegration from the Point of View of Consciousness (1926) (classic)
McDougall, William
The Contribution of Hughlings Jackson to an Understanding of Dissociation (1999)
Meares, Russell M.D., F.R.A.N.Z.C.P., F.R.C.Psych.
Understanding and treating depersonalisation disorder (2005) pdf
Medford, Nick; Mauricio Sierra, Dawn Baker & Anthony S. David
Chronic depersonalization following illicit drug use: a controlled analysis of 40 cases (2003) pdf
Medford, Nicholas; Dawn Baker, Elaine Hunter, Mauricio Sierra, Emma Lawrence, Mary L. Phillips & Anthony S. David
Dissociative Symptoms and Amnesia in Dutch Concentration Camp Survivors (2003) pdf
Merckelbach, Harald; Theo Dekkers, Ineke Wessel, and Anne Roefs
Remembering the past, anticipating a future (2005) pdf
Middleton, Warwick; Lisa De Marni Cromer and Jennifer Freyd
Multiple Personality Disorder and the conciousness restructuring process (2000)
Miller, Iona and Graywolf Swinney, M.A.
Dissociative experiences and their correlates in young non-patients (2002) pdf
Modestin, Jiri; Katharina Lötscher and Thomas Erni
Prevalence of dissociative symptoms and disorders within an adult outpatient population with schizophrenia (1996) pdf
Moise, John; Leichner, Pierre
The effect of multiple personality disorder on anesthesia: a case report (1994) pdf
Moleman, Nico; Jan B. F. Hulscher; Onno van der Hart; Gert L. Scheepstra
Symptoms of Dissociation in Humans Experiencing Acute, Uncontrollable Stress: A Prospective Investigation (2001)
Morgan, Charles A. M.D., M.A., Maj. Gary Hazlett, Psy.D., Sheila Wang, Ph.D., E. Greer Richardson, Jr., M.D., Paula Schnurr, Ph.D., Steven M. Southwick, M.D
Relationship Between Dissociation, Childhood Sexual Abuse, Childhood Physical Abuse, and Mental Illness in a General Population Sample (1998)
Mulder, Roger T. MB, ChB, FRANZCP, Annette L. Beautrais, PhD, Peter R. Joyce, MB, ChB, PhD, FRANZCP, David M. Fergusson
A Patient with Dissociative Identity Disorder 'Switches' in the Emergency Room   (1998)
Muller, René J. Ph.D.
Dissociation and post-traumatic stress disorder: two prospective studies of road traffic accident survivors (2002)
Murray, James; D. Phil; Anke Ehlers, PhD; Richard A. Mayou, MD
Introduction to "Human Personality and its Survival of Bodily Death" (1882) (classic)
Myers, Frederic W. H.
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po Dissociação e transtornos dissociativos: modelos teóricos (1999)
Negro Junior, Paulo Jacomo;Paula Palladino-Negro, Mario Rodrigues Louzã
nl Tegen het vergeten (2003) pdf
Nicolai, Dr. N.J.
nl ‘De dader zit van binnen’ Over verinnerlijkte daders en slachtoffers (2000) pdf
Nicolai, Dr. N.J.
nl Over Splitsen, Splijten en Dissocieren (1997) pdf
Nicolai, N.J. Dr.
Somatoform Dissociation, Reported Abuse, and Animal Defence-like Reactions. (2004) pdf
Nijenhuis, Ellert PhD, Onno van der Hart PhD, Karlien Kruger, M.A. and Kathy Steele, MN, CS
Trauma-related Structural Dissociation of the Personality (2004)
Nijenhuis, Ellert R.S. PhD., Onno van der Hart, & Kathy Steele
Somatoform Dissociation: Major Symptoms of Dissociative Disorders (2000) pdf
Nijenhuis, Ellert R.S. PhD.
Dissociative identity disorder in a forensic psychiatric patient: a case report (1996) pdf
Nijenhuis, Ellert R.S.
nl Dierlijke defensieve reacties als model voor dissociatieve reacties op psychotrauma (1996) pdf
Nijenhuis, Ellert R.S. en J. Vanderlinden
nl Leertheorie als kader en hypnose als hulpmiddel bij de behandeling van ernstige dissociatieve stoornissen.
Ellert Nijenhuis Ph.D.
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Hypnosis and Conversion Hysteria: A Unifying Model (1999) pdf
Oakley, David A.
Hypnosis and Consciousness: A Structural Model (1998) pdf
Oakley, David A.
The Multiplicity of Consciousness and the Emergence of the Self (2003) pdf
O’Brien, Gerard and Jon Opie
The Disunity of Consciousness  (1998) pdf
O’Brien, Gerard and Jon Opie
Dispensing with the Dynamic Unconscious pdf
O’Brien, Gerard and Jon Jureidini
A notion of "dissociogenic stress" (1997) pdf
Okano, Ken
Peritraumatic Dissociation and Emotions as Predictors of PTSD Symptoms Following Childbirth. (2005) pdf
Olde, Eelco MA, Onno van der Hart, PhD, Rolf J. Kleber, PhD, Maarten J.M. van Son, PhD, Hennie A.A. Wijnen, MA, Victor J.M. Pop, MD, PhD
The state of the art of dissociation ans ptsd (psychotraumatology) in Spain (2002)
Orengo, Dr. Francisco
de Differentialdiagnostik der dissoziativen Identitätsstörung (DIS) in Deutschland – Validierung der Dissociative Disorders Interview Schedule (DDIS) (2005) pdf
Overkamp, Bettina
de Dissoziative Identitätsstörung (DIS) - eine Persönlichkeitsstörung?
Bettina Overkamp; Arne Hofmann; Michaela Huber, Gerhard Dammann
Pseudodementia And Dissociative Phenomena (2003) pdf
Paes de Sousa, Manuel
Childhood trauma, adult trauma, and dissociation (1997) pdf
Pearson, Michelle Lee
Hypnotic susceptibility, dissociation, and marijuana use: a relationship between high hypnotic susceptibility, marijuana use, and dissociative ability (1995) pdf
Pekala, Ronald J.; Kumar, V. K.; Marcano, Geddes
С. Резник
Children coping with trauma: diagnosis of "Dissociation Identity Disorder" (1991) pdf
Peterson, Gary
Service innovations: a depersonalisation research unit progress report (2001) pdf
Phillips, M.L.; M. Sierra, E. Hunter, M.V. Lambert, N. Medford, C. Senior and A.S. David
The overlap between dissociative and obsessive-compulsive disorders: a theoretical link (1997)
Pica, Michael; Beere, Don; Maurer, Lara
Dissociation during positive situations (1995) pdf
Pica, Michael; Beere, Don
The Persistence of Folly: Critical Examination of Dissociative Identity Disorder. The Defence and Decline of Multiple Personality or Dissociative Identity Disorder.   Part I    Part II. (2004) pdf
Piper, August MD, Harold Merskey, DM
Dissociative experiences in hypothetically psychosis-prone college students (2000) pdf
Pope, Cameron A. BA., Kwapil Thomas R. PhD
The Effects of Hypnosis on Dissociative Identity Disorder: A Reexamination of the Evidence (1999)
Powell, Russell A PhD, Travis L Gee, PhD
A Systematic Chart Review of Inpatient Population with Childhood Dissociative Disorder (2006) pdf
Prabhuswamy, Mukesh MD, Rajeev Jairam, MD, FRANZP, Shoba Srinath, DPM, MD, Satish Girimaji, MD, Shekhar P Seshadri, DPM, MD.
Non-rational guilt in victims of trauma (1990) pdf
Price, Gail M.
The Doris Case of Multiple Personality (1929) (classic)
Prince, Walter Franklin
The Role of Peritraumatic Dissociation and Gender in the Association Between Trauma and Mental Health in a Palestinian Community Sample (2005)
Punamäki, Raija-Leena Ph.D., Ivan H. Komproe, Ph.D., Samir Qouta, Ph.D., Mustafa Elmasri, M.D. and Joop T.V.M. de Jong, M.D., Ph.D.
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Working with Parents with Dissociative Disorders in a Child Protection Context (2003) doc
Quinn, Maria
Dissociative symptoms and aggression in a state mental hospital (1991) pdf
Quimby, Lucy G.; Putnam, Frank W.
Dissociative Identity Disorder and the Brain: A Brief Review (2003) pdf
Ray, Alysa Beth; Amanda Johnson, Sean O’Hagen, Gina Lardi, and Julian Paul Keenan
One brain, two selves (2003) pdf
Reinders, A. A. T. S. ; E. R. S. Nijenhuis; A. M. J. Paans; J. Korf; A. T. M. Willemsen; and J. A. den Boer
Psycho-biological characteristics of dissociative identity disorder: rCBF, physiologic, and subjective findings from a symptom provocation study (2003) pdf
Reinders, A.A.T.S.; E.R.S. Nijenhuis, J. Quak, J. Korf, J. Haaksma, A.M.J. Paans, A.T.M.Willemsen, J.A. den Boer
Dissociations and “derealistic” associations of the mind in psychosis (2003) pdf
Resnik, Salomon
A study of the correlations between subjective psychic experiences and dissociative experiences (1991)pdf
Richards, Douglas G.
A Case of Dissociative Catatonia treated with risperidone
Richter, Jutta
Multiplicity of the Mind and the Duality of the Brain: Can You Have it Both Ways (2002) doc
Rieber, Robert W.
The Development of Symptoms of Multiple Personality Disorder in a Child of Three (1988) pdf
Riley, Richard L.; Mead, John
Instinct and the unconcious, a contribution to a biological theory of the psycho-neuroses. Chapter X: Dissociation. (1920) (classic)
Rivers, William H.R.
nl Dissociatie, Hechting en Therapeutische Verhalen: Een Casus
Rober, Peter
Cognitive Function and Dissociative Disorder Status Among Veteran Subjects With Chronic Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Preliminary Study (2006)
Roca, V., Ph.D., J. Hart, M.D., T. Kimbrell, M.D. and T. Freeman, M.D.
Childhood Abuse in Patients With Conversion Disorder (2002)
Roelofs, Karin Ph.D., Ger P.J. Keijsers, Ph.D., Kees A.L. Hoogduin, M.D., Ph.D., Gérard W.B. Näring, Ph.D., and Franny C. Moene, Ph.D.
Prevalence, Reliability and Validity of Dissociative Disorders in an Inpatient Setting (2002) pdf
Ross, Colin A., MD, Colleen M. M. Duffy, PhD, Joan W. Ellason, MA, LPC
A Factor analysis of the dissociative experiences scale (DES) in dissociative identity disorder (1995) pdf
Ross, Colin A.; Ellason, Joan W.; Anderson, Geri
High and low dissociators in a college student population (1991) pdf
Ross, Colin A.; Ryan, Lynne; Voigt, Harrison; Eide, Lyle
The dissociated executive self and the cultural dissociation barrier (1991)
Ross, Colin A.
Somatic symptoms in multiple sclerosis and MPD (1990) pdf
Ross, Colin A.; Fast, Eunice; Anderson, Geri; Auty, Anthony; Todd, Judy
The dissociative disorders interview schedule: a structured interview (1989) pdf
Ross, Colin A.; Heber, Sharon; Norton, G. Ron; Anderson, Donna; Anderson, Geri; Barchet, Paul
Dissociative Experiences in Adolescents and College Students (1989) pdf
Ross, Colin A.; Ryan, Lynne; Anderson, Geri; Ross, Dana; Hardy, Lesley
Multiple Personality Disorder Patients With A Prior Diagnosis Of Schizophrenia (1988) pdf
Ross, Colin A.; Norton, G. Ron
A comparison between dually diagnosed inpatients with and without Axis II comorbidity and the relationship to treatment outcome (2003)
Ross, Stephen
de Dissoziative Störungen (2004) (pdf)
Rothe-Kirchberger, Dr. med. Dipl.-Psych. Ingrid
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Pierre Janet's Evolutionism : A Guideline For Assessment and Reformulation (2004) doc
Saillot, I. PhD
Transgenderism and Dissociative Identity Disorder - A Case Study (1998)
Saks, Bonnie R.
Dissociation (1961) (classic)
Salter, William Henry
Dissociative disorders and other psychopathological groups: exploring the differences through the somatoform dissociation questionnaire (SDQ-20) (2007) pdf new
Santo, Espirito and Helena Maria Amaral do; Pio-Abreu, José Luís
Childhood Trauma, Dissociation, and Psychiatric Comorbidity in Patients With Conversion Disorder (2004) pdf
Sar, Vedat MD, Gamze Akyüz, M.D., Turgut Kundakçi, M.D., Emre Kiziltan, M.D. and Orhan Dogan, M.D.
Research perspectives on dissociative Disorders (2003) doc
Sar, Vedat MD
The emerging biology of Dissociation (2001)
Sar, Vedat MD
Differentiating Dissociative Disorders from Other Diagnostic Groups Through Somatoform Dissociation in Turkey (2000) pdf
Sar, Vedat MD, Turgut Kundakci, MD, Emre Kiziltan, MD, Bahadir Bakim, MD, Oya Bozkurt, MD
Treatment of dissociative identity disorder in Turkey: a case study (1997)
Sar, Vedat MD; Tutkun, Hamdi
The Relationship Between Alexithymia and Dissociation in an Adolescent Sample (2003) pdf
Sayar, Kemal and Samet Kose
The Neurophysiology of Dissociation and Chronic Disease (2001)
Scaer, Robert C.
Risk Management in Dissociative Disorder and Trauma Therapy (ckln-fm radio series) 
Scheflin, Alan
The Neuropsychobiology Of Addiction, Trauma And Dissociation  (1992)  
Schiele, Daniel R. MD, Ph.D.
Multiple personality disorder: phenomenology of selected variables in comparison to major depression (1989) pdf
Schultz, Rosalyn; Braun, Bennett G.; Kluft, Richard P.
Hyposexuality and Hypersexuality Secondary to Childhood Trauma and Dissociation pdf
Schwartz, Mark F.ScD, Lori Galperin, MSW, BSW, LCSW
Factor analytic investigation of the WAIS-R among patients with dissociative psychopathology (1997) pdf 
Schwartz, David R.; Rossini, Edward D.; Braun, Bennett G.; Stein, Gerald M.
Dissociation: historic elements and controversial issues (2003) pdf
Severino, Lara
Dissociative Identity Disorder and Temporal Lobe Involvement: Replication and a Cautionary Note. (2005)
Sheehan, William M.D., Barry Sewall, M.D., Steven Thurber, Ph.D.
Psychopathological Researches. Studies in mental dissociation (1908) (classic) book
Sidis, Boris Ph.D., M.D., William A. White, M.D., George M. Parker,M.D.
Multiple Personality; an experimental investigation into human individuality (1904) (classic) book
Sidis, Boris Ph.D. and Simon P. Goodhart, M.D.
Separating depersonalisation and derealisation: the relevance of the “lesion method” (2002)  pdf 
Sierra, M.; F Lopera, M V Lambert, M L Phillips, A S David
Autonomic Response in Depersonalization Disorder (2002)  pdf
Sierra, M.; C. Senior, J. Dalton, M. McDonough, A. Bond, M L Phillips, A.M. O'Dwyer, A.S. David
The Dissociative Child: Afterword   (1998)
Silberg, Joyanna L. Ph.D.
Depersonalization Disorder (2003)  pdf
Simeon, Daphne M.D.
The Role of Childhood Interpersonal Trauma in Depersonalization Disorder (2001)
Simeon, Daphne M.D., Orna Guralnik, Psy.D., James Schmeidler, Ph.D., Beth Sirof, M.A., and Margaret Knutelska, M.A.
Feeling Unreal: A PET Study of Depersonalization Disorder (2000) 
Simeon, Daphne M.D., Orna Guralnik, Psy.D., Erin A. Hazlett, Ph.D., Jacqueline Spiegel-Cohen, M.Sc., Eric Hollander, M.D., and Monte S. Buchsbaum, M.D.
"Implicit Memory" Cannot Explain Dissociated Traumatic Memory: A Theoretical Critique (2003) doc
Simring Milchman, Madelyn
Who is the mad voice inside? (1993)
Sinason, Dr M. BSc MBBS FRCPsych
Recovered Memories (2002) pdf
Sivers, Heidi; Scooler, Jonathan; Freyd, Jennifer J.
Shell-Shock and its lessons (1917) (classic)
Smith, Grafton Elliot MA. MD. FRCP. FRS. and Tom Hatherly Pear BSc.
Reliability and validity of the adolescent dissociative experiences scale (1996) pdf
Smith, Steven R.; Carlson, Eve B.
Multiple personality disorder: disorder with human and non-human subpersonality components (1988) pdf
Smith, Stanley G.
nl Dissociatieve verschijnselen bij patiënten op een polikliniek psychiatrie (2002) pdf
Sno, H.N.; H.F.A. Schalken, W. op den Velde, P.G.H. Aarts
nl Dissociatieve identiteitsstoornis in Nederland: diagnostiek en behandeling door psychiaters (1998) pdf
Sno, H.N.; H.F.A. Schalken
Handwriting examination: Can it help in establishing authenticity in Dissociative Identity Disorder? (1997)
Somer, Eli; Yishai, Ron
Paranormal and dissociative experiences in Middle-Eastern Jews in Israel: diagnostic and treatment dilemmas  (1997)
Somer, Eli
Dissociative symptomatology in adolescent diaries of incest victims  (1996) pdf
Somer, Eli; Weiner, Anita
Conversion and Dissociative Disorders in Children and Adolescents (2003) pdf
Somer, Rasim Diler
nl Vier controversen over dissociatieve identiteitsstoornis (1996) pdf
Spinhoven P.
Basal activity of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis in patients with depersonalization disorder  (2001) pdf
Stanton, Biba R.; Anthony S. David, Anthony J. Clearec, Mauricio Sierra, Michelle V. Lambert, Mary L. Phillips, Richard J. Porter, Peter Gallagher, Allan H. Young
Phase-Oriented Treatment of Structural Dissociation in Complex Traumatization: Overcoming Trauma-Related Phobias. (2005) pdf
Steele, Kathy M.N., CS, Onno van der Hart, PhD, Ellert R.S. Nijenhuis, PhD
Dependency in the Treatment of Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Dissociative Disorders (2001)
Steele, Kathy M.N., Onno van der Hart, Ph.D., C.S., Ellert R.S. Nijenhuis, Ph.D.
The Hypnotherapeutic Relationship with Traumatized Patients: Pierre Janet’s Contributions to Current Treatment (2004) doc
Steele, Kathy MN, CS, Onno van der Hart, PhD
A model for abreaction with MPD and other dissociative disorders (1989) pdf
Steele, Kathy M.N.
Understanding the Dissociative Disorders   (2003)
Steinberg, Marlene, M.D
Transcultural Issues in Psychiatry: The Ataque and Multiple Personality Disorder (1990) pdf
Steinberg, Marlene, M.D
Recovered memories.   (2001) pdf
Stoler, L., Quina, K., DePrince, A.P &. Freyd, J. J.
A comparison of dissociative experiences in adult female outpatients with and without histories of early incestuous abuse (1991) pdf
Strick, Frances L.; Wilcoxon, S. Allen
Traumatic experiences and dissociative symptoms among Swedish adolescents. A pilot study using Dis-Q-Sweden (2004) pdf
Svedin CG, Nilsson D, Lindell C.
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The treatment of narcissistic injury in dissociative identity disorder patients: the contributions of self psychology (1994) pdf
Tendler, Rebecca
Mental unity, altered states of consciousness and dissociation (1990) pdf
Tinnin, Louis
International Research on Dissociation (2002)
Tousignant, Kim Ph.D.
Frequency of Dissociative Disorders Among Psychiatric In patients in a Turkish University Clinic (1998)
Hamdi Tutkun, MD, Vedat Sar, MD, L. IIhan Yargic, MD, Tuba Ozpulat, MD Medaim Yanikl, MD and Emre Kiziltan, MD
Childhood MPD/Dissociation Identity Disorder: applying and extending current diagnostic checklists (1992)
Tyson, Gary M.
Dissociative disorders in Japan: a pilot study with the dissociative experience scale and a semi-structured interview (1996) pdf
Umesue, Mashiro; Matsuo, Tadashi; Iwata, Noboru; Tashiro, Nobutada
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nl Reflecties over dissociatie (1996) pdf
Vandereycken, W.
Dissociation: An Insufficiently Recognized Major Feature of Complex PTSD. (2005) pdf
Van der Hart, Onno Ph.D. Ellert Nijenhuis, Kathy Steele
Memory Fragmentation in Dissociative Identity Disorder. (2005) pdf
Van der Hart, Onno Ph.D., Hilde Bolt, MA, Bessel A. van der Kolk, MD
Ian Hacking on Pierre Janet: observations   (2005) doc
Van der Hart, Onno, PhD
Trauma-related dissociation: conceptual clarity lost and found. (2004) pdf
Van der Hart, Onno Ph.D., Onno; Ellert Nijenhuis, Kathy Steele, Daniel Brown
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