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Cortisol Variation in Humans Affects Memory for Emotionally Laden and Neutral Information (2003) pdf
Abercrombie, Heather C.; Ned H. Kalin, Marchell E. Thurow, Melissa A. Rosenkranz, and Richard J. Davidson
Serum Lipid Levels in Patients With Dissociative Disorder (2004) pdf
Agargun, Mehmet Yücel M.D., Ömer Akil Özer, M.D., Hayrettin Kara, M.D., Ramazan ¸Sekeroglu, Ph.D., Yavuz Selvi, M.D., Buket Eryonucu, M.D.
A neurobiological mapping of theory of mind (2003) pdf
Abu-Akel, Ahmad
Fetal adaptation to stress, Part I: acceleration of fetal maturation and earlier birth triggered by placental insufficiency in humans (2004) pdf
Amiel-Tison, Claudine; Dominique Cabrol, Robert Denver, Pierre-Henri Jarreau, Emile Papiernik, Pier Vicenzo Piazza
Fetal adaptation to stress, Part II. Evolutionary aspects; Stress-induced hippocampal damage; long-term effects on behavior; consequences on adult health (2004) pdf
Amiel-Tison, Claudine; Dominique Cabrol, Robert Denver, Pierre-Henri Jarreau, Emile Papiernik, Pier Vicenzo Piazza
Different lateral amygdala outputs mediate reactions and actions elicited by a fear-arousing stimulus (2000) pdf
Amorapanth, Prin; Karim Nader and Joseph E. LeDoux
Lesions of Periaqueductal Gray Dissociate-Conditioned Freezing From Conditioned Suppression Behavior in Rats (1999)
Amorapanth, Prin; Karim Nader and Joseph E. LeDoux
Hippocampus and Contextual Fear Conditioning: Recent Controversies and Advances (2001) pdf
Anagnostaras, Stephan G.; Greg D. Gale, and Michael S. Fanselow
The enduring effects of abuse and related adverse experiences in childhood: A convergence of evidence from neurobiology and epidemiology (2006) pdf
Anda, Robert F., Vincent J. Felitti, J. Douglas Bremner, John D.Walker, Charles Whitfield, Bruce D. Perry, Shanta R.Dube, Wayne H. Giles
Neural Systems Underlying the Suppression of Unwanted Memories (2004) pdf
Anderson, Michael C.; Kevin N. Ochsner, Brice Kuhl, Jeffrey Cooper,Elaine Robertson, Susan W. Gabrieli, Gary H. Glover, John D. E. Gabrieli
Abnormal T2 relaxation time in the cerebellar vermis of adults sexually abused in childhood: potential role of the vermis in stress-enhanced risk for drug abuse (2002) pdf
Anderson, Carl M.; Martin H. Teicher, Ann Polcari, Perry F. Renshaw
Ibogaine Therapy in Chemical Dependency and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Hypothesis Involving the Fractal Nature of Fetal REM Sleep and Interhemispheric Reintegration.
Anderson, C.M. Ph D.
Development of the Cerebral Cortex: XIV. Stress Impairs Prefrontal Cortical Function (1998)
Arnsten, Amy F.T. Ph.D.
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Sleep as Temporary Brain Dissociation
Bar-Yam, Y.
NMDA Receptors and L-Type Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels Contribute to Long-Term Potentiation and Different Components of Fear Memory Formation in the Lateral Amygdala (2002)
Bauer, Elizabeth P.; Glenn E. Schafe and Joseph E. LeDoux
Neurobiological perspectives on trauma and aging (1997) pdf
Bergherr, Theresa; Bremner, J Douglas; Southwick, Steven M; Charney, Dennis S; Krystal, John H
Further Thoughts on the Neurobiology of EMDR: The Role of the Cerebellum in Accelerated Information Processing (2000)
Bergmann, Uri Ph.D.
Speculations on the Neurobiology of EMDR (1996)
Bergmann, Uri L.C.S.W., B.C.D.
Synaptic Plasticity in the Lateral Amygdala: A Cellular Hypothesis of Fear Conditioning (2001) pdf
Blair, Hugh T. Glenn E. Schafe, Elizabeth P. Bauer, Sarina M. Rodrigues, and Joseph E. LeDoux
Delusions of alien control in the normal brain (2003) pdf
Blakemore, S.-J.; D.A. Oakley, C.D. Frith
Out-of-body experience and autoscopy of neurological origin (2004) pdf
Blanke, Olaf; Theodor Landis, Laurent Spinelli1, and Margitta Seeck
Placental and blood element neurotransmitter receptor regulation in humans: potential models for studying neurochemical mechanisms underlying behavioral teratology. (1998) pdf In this monograph the concept of chronic activation of the stress-response neurobiology in the brain causing alterations that lead to PTSD is first suggested. A similar mechanism for abnormal neurobiological signals during neglect is suggested as well.
Boer, GJ; MGP Feenstra, M Mirmiran
Longitudinal MRI Study of Hippocampal Volume in Trauma Survivors With PTSD (2001) pdf
Bonne, Omer M.D.; Dalia Brandes, M.A.; Asaf Gilboa, M.A.; J. Moshe Gomori, M.D.; Martha E. Shenton, Ph.D.; Roger K. Pitman, M.D.; Arieh Y. Shalev, M.D.
The anxious brain; Neuroimaging of Panic and Anxiety (2003) pdf dissertation
Boshuisen, M.L
Clinical EEG and Dissociation (2003) pdf
Boutros, Nashaat N.
The Relationship Between Cognitive and Brain Changes in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (2006) pdf
Bremner, J.D.
Effects of traumatic stress on brain structure and function: Relevance to early responses to trauma. (2005) pdf
Bremner, J.D.
Positron emission tomographic imaging of neural correlates of a fear acquisition and extinction paradigm in women with childhood sexual-abuse-related post-traumatic stress disorder (2004) pdf
Bremner JD, Vermetten E, Schmahl C, Vaccarino V, Vythilingam M, Afzal N, Grillon C, Charney DS
Does stress damage the brain? Understanding Trauma-related Disorders from a Mind-Body Perspective (2004) pdf
Bremner, J. Douglas M.D.
Cortisol response to a cognitive stress challenge in posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) related to childhood abuse (2003) pdf
Bremner, J.D.; M. Vythilingam, E. Vermetten, J. Adil, S. Khan, A. Nazeer, N. Afzal, T. McGlashan, B. Elzinga, G.M. Anderson, G. Heninger, S.M. Southwick, D.S. Charney
Long-Term effects of Childhood Abuse on brain and neurobiology (2003) pdf
Bremner, Douglas J. M.D.
Neural Correlates of the Classic Color and Emotional Stroop in Women with Abuse-Related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (2003) pdf
Bremner, J. Douglas; Eric Vermetten, Meena Vythilingam, Nadeem Afzal, Christian Schmahl, Bernet Elzinga, and Dennis S. Charney
Cortisol response to a cognitive stress challenge in posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) related to childhood abuse (2003) pdf
Bremner, J. Douglas M.D.; M. Vythilingam, E. Vermetten, J. Adil, S. Khan, A. Nazeer, N. Afzal, T. McGlashan, B. Elzinga, G.M. Anderson, G. Heninger, S.M. Southwick, D.S. Charney
MRI and PET Study of Deficits in Hippocampal Structure and Function in Women With Childhood Sexual Abuse and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (2003) pdf
Bremner, J. Douglas M.D., Meena Vythilingam, M.D., Eric Vermetten, M.D., Steven M. Southwick, M.D., Thomas McGlashan, M.D., Ahsan Nazeer, M.D., Sarfraz Khan, M.D., L. Viola Vaccarino, M.D., Ph.D., Robert Soufer, M.D., Chin K. Ng, Ph.D., Lawrence H. Staib, Ph.D., James S. Duncan, Ph.D., Dennis S. Charney, M.D.
Decreased benzodiazepine receptor binding in prefrontal cortex in combat-related posttraumatic stress disorder (2000) pdf
Bremner, J Douglas; Innis, Robert B; Southwick, Steven M; Staib, Lawrence H; Zoghbi, Sami; Charney, Dennis S.
MRI-Based Measurement of Hippocampal Volume in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder related to Childhood Physical and Sexual Abuse-A Preliminary Report (2000)
Bremner, J. Douglas M.D., Penny Randall, M.D., Eric Vermetten, M.D., Lawrence Staib, Ph.D., Richard A. Bronen, M.D., Carolyn Mazure, Ph.D., Sandi Capelli, R.N., Gregory McCarthy, Ph.D., Robert B. Innis, M.D., Ph.D., Dennis S. Charney, M.D.
The Invisible Epidemic: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Memory and the Brain (2000) pdf
Bremner, J. Douglas M.D.
The Lasting Effects of Psychological Trauma on Memory and the Hippocampus (1999)
Bremner, J. Douglas M.D.
Neural correlates of memories of childhood sexual abuse in women with and without posttraumatic stress disorder (1999) pdf
Bremner, J Douglas; Narayan, Meena; Staib, Lawrence H; Southwick, Steven M; McGlashan, Thomas H; Charney, Dennis S
The effects of stress on memory and the hippocampus throughout the life cycle: implications for childhood development and aging (1998) pdf
Bremner, J. Douglas M.D.; Narayan, Meena
Trauma-related dissociative states and long-term psychopathology in posttraumatic stress disorder (1997) pdf
Bremner, J Douglas; Brett, Elizabeth A
Neurobiology of posttraumatic stress disorder: implications for treatment pdf
Bremner, J. Douglas M.D.
Positron emission tomography measurement of cerebral metabolic correlates of yohimbine administration in combat-related posttraumatic stress disorder (1997) pdf
Bremner, J Douglas; Innis, Robert B; Ng, Chin K; Staib, Lawrence H; Salomon, Ronald M; Bronen, Richard A; Duncan, James; Southwick, Steven M; Krystal, John H; Rich, Dayton; Zubal, George; Dey, Holley; Soufer, Robert; Charney, Dennis S
Elevated CSF corticotropin-releasing factor concentrations in posttraumatic stress disorder ( 1997) pdf
Bremner, J Douglas; Licinio, Julio; Darnell, Adam; Krystal, John H; Owens, Michael J; Southwick, Steven M; Nemeroff, Charles B; Charney, Dennis S
Magnetic resonance imaging-based measurement of hippocampal volume in posttraumatic stress disorder related to childhood physical and sexual abuse: a preliminary report (1995) pdf
Bremner, J Douglas; Randall, Penny K; Vermetten, Eric; Staib, Lawrence H; Bronen, Richard A; Mazure, Carolyn M; Capelli, Sandi; McCarthy, Gregory; Innis, Robert B; Charney, Dennis S
Neural mechanisms in dissociative amnesia for childhood abuse: relevance to the current controversy surrounding the 'false memory syndrome' (1996) pdf
Bremner, J Douglas; Krystal, John H; Charney, Dennis S ; Southwick, Steven M
Noradrenergic mechanisms in stress and anxiety: I, Preclinical studies (1996) pdf
Noradrenergic mechanisms in stress and anxiety: II, Clinical studies (1996) pdf
Bremner, J Douglas; Krystal, John H; Southwick, Steven M; Charney, Dennis S
Functional neuroanatomical correlates of the effects of stress on memory (1995) pdf
Bremner, J. Douglas M.D.; Narayan, Meena
MRI-based measurement of hippocampal volume in patients with combat-related posttraumatic stress disorder (1995) pdf
Bremner, J Douglas; Randall, Penny K; Scott, Tammy M; Bronen, Richard A; Seibyl, John P; Southwick, Steven M; Delaney, Richard C; McCarthy, Gregory; Charney, Dennis S; Innis, Robert B
Deficits in short-term memory in adult survivors of childhood abuse (1995) pdf
Bremner, J Douglas; Randall, Penny K; Scott, Tammy M; Capelli, Sandi; Delaney, Richard C; McCarthy, Gregory; Charney, Dennis S
Animal models for the neurobiology of trauma (1991) pdf
Bremner, J Douglas; Southwick, Steven M; Charney, Dennis S
The neurobiology of posttraumatic stress disorder: an integration of animal and human research pdf
Bremner, J Douglas; Southwick, Steven M; Charney, Dennis S
Dissociative psychopathology, non-epileptic seizures, and neurology (2000)
Brown, Richard J. and Michael R. Trimble
Dissociation (2001) Neurobiological Models pdf
Brunet, Alain Ph.D.; Darren W. Holowka, B.A.
A meta-analytic examination of basal cardiovascular activity in posttraumatic stress disorder (2000) pdf
Buckley, Todd Charles; Kaloupek, Danny G
Right Frontal Brain Activity, Cortisol, and Withdrawal Behavior in 6-Month-Old Infants (2003) pdf
Buss, K.A., Malmstadt, J.R., Dolski, I., Kalin, N.H.,Goldsmith, H.H. & Davidson, R.J.
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Diurnal Salivary Cortisol in Pediatric Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (2002) pdf
Carrion, Victor G.; Carl F. Weems, Rebecca D. Ray, Bronwyn Glaser, David Hessl, and Allan L. Reiss
Platelet Serotonin in Disturbed Monkeys and Children (1971)
Coleman, Mary M.D.
Hippocampal Inactivation Disrupts Contextual Retrieval of Fear Memory after Extinction (2001)
Corcoran, Kevin A. and Stephen Maren
Ancient origins of human developmental plasticity (2005) pdf
Crespi, E.J. and Denver, R.J.
Pathways for fear perception: Modulation of amygdala activity by thalamo-cortical systems (2004) pdf
Das, Pritha; Andrew H. Kemp, Belinda J. Liddell, Kerri J. Brown, Gloria Olivieri, Anthony Peduto, Evian Gordon, and Leanne M. Williams
Developmental Traumatology: Neurobiological Development in Maltreated Children With PTSD (1999)
DeBellis, Michael D. M.D.
Directly reactivated, but not indirectly reactivated, memories undergo reconsolidation in the amygdala. (2006)
Debiec J, Doyere V, Nader K, Ledoux JE.
Cerebral activation during hypnotically induced and imagined pain (2004) pdf
Derbyshire, Stuart W.G.; Matthew G. Whalley, V. Andrew Stenger and David A. Oakleyb
Functional neuroanatomy of altered states of consciousness: The transient hypofrontality hypothesis (2002) pdf
Dietrich, Arne
Malnutrition and Mental Development: Is There a Sensitive Period? A Nested Case-control Study (2002)pdf
Drewett, Robert; Dieter Wolke, Makonnen Asefa, Mirgissa Kaba, Fasil Tessema
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Why rejection hurts: a common neural alarm system for physical and social pain (2004) pdf
Eisenberger, Naomi I. and Matthew D. Lieberman
Higher cortisol levels following exposure to traumatic reminders in abuse-related PTSD (2003) pdf
Elzinga, Bernet M. PhD , Christian G. Schmahl, M.D., Eric Vermetten, M.D., Richard van Dyck, M.D., PhD & J. Douglas Bremner M.D.
Developmental structure in brain evolution.
Finlay, Barbara L.; Richard B. Darlington, Nicholas Nicastro
Predictors of emotional numbing, revisited: a replication and extension (2000) pdf
Flack, William F; Litz, Brett T; Hsieh, Frank Y; Kaloupek, Danny G; Keane, Terence M
Neural processing of traumatic events in subjects suffering PTSD : a case study of two surgical patients with severe accident trauma  (2004) pdf
Flatten, Guido; Volker Perlitz, Martina Pestinger, Tuncay Arin, Barbara Kohl, Frank Kastrau, Ralph Schnitker, René Vohn, Jochen Weber, Michael Ohnhaus, Ernst R. Petzold, Hans J. Erli
Shock Treatment, Brain Damage, and Memory Loss: A Neurological Perspective (1977)
Friedberg, John M. M.D.
Neurobiological and clinical consequences of stress: from normal adaptation to post-traumatic stress disorder pdf
Friedman, Matthew J. MD, PhD ; Charney, Dennis S; Deutch, Ariel Y
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The Split Brain Revisited (1998) pdf
Gazzaniga, Michael S.
Smaller Hippocampal Volume Predicts Pathologic Vulnerability to Psychological Trauma (2002)
Gilbertson, Mark W.; Martha E. Shenton; Aleksandra Ciszewski; Kiyoto Kasai; Natasha B. Lasko ; Scott P. Orr; Roger K. Pitman
Urinary dopamine and turn bias in traumatized women with and without PTSD symptoms (2003) pdf
Glover, Dorie A.; Mark B. Powers, Lyndsey Bergman, Jasper A.J. Smits, Michael J. Telch, Margaret Stuber
Novel Expression of Neuropeptide Y (NPY) mRNA in Hypothalamic Regions during Development: Region-Specific Effects of Maternal Deprivation on NPY and Agouti-Related Protein mRNA
Grove, K. L. ; R. S. Brogan and M. S. Smith
Orphans of the 'Real: I. Some Modern and Postmodern Perspectives on the Neurobiological and Psychosocial Dimensions of Psychosis and Other Primitive Mental Disorders
Grotstein, James S. MD
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Acute Neuroendocrine Response to Sexual Stimulation in Sexual Offenders (2003)
Haake, Philip MD, Manfred Schedlowski, PhD, Michael S Exton, PhD, Christoph Giepen, MD, Uwe Hartmann, PhD, Michael Osterheider, MD, Martin Flesch, MD, Onno E Janssen, MD, Norbert Leygraf, PhD, Tillmann HC Krüger, MD
Anxiety and Endocrine Disease
Hall, Richard C. W. M.D., Ryan C. W. Hall
Imaging hypnotic paralysis: implications for conversion hysteria (2000) pdf
Halligan, Peter W.; Bal S Athwal, David A Oakley, Richard S J Frackowiak
Gross Pathology of the Cerebellum in Patients Diagnosed and Treated as Functional Psychiatric Disorders (1979) pdf
Heath, Robert G. D.Sc., M.D.
Maternal-Social Deprivation and abnormal Brain Development: Disorders of Social and Emotional Development
Heath, Robert G. D.Sc., M.D.
Altered Pituitary-Adrenal Axis Responses to Provocative Challenge Tests in Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse (2001) pdf
Heim, Christine Ph.D., D. Jeffrey Newport, M.D., Robert Bonsall, Ph.D., Andrew H. Miller, M.D. and Charles B. Nemeroff, M.D., Ph.D.
Pituitary-Adrenal and Autonomic Responses to Stress in Women After Sexual and Physical Abuse in Childhood   (2000)
Heim, Christine PhD; D. Jeffrey Newport, MD; Stacey Heit, MD; Yolanda P. Graham, MD; Molly Wilcox, BA; Robert Bonsall, PhD; Andrew H. Miller, MD; Charles B. Nemeroff,MD, PhD
Neurological bases of behavioral development in infancy   (2000) pdf
Herschkowitz, Norbert
Sacral Neuromodulation for Urinary Retention Induced by Sexual Abuse   (2001) pdf
von Heyden, Burkhard; Renate Steinert, Hans Werner Bothe, and Lothar Hertle
Dreaming and the Brain: Toward a Cognitive Neuroscience of Conscious States (2000)
Hobson, J. Allan, Pace-Schott, E. and Stickgold, R.
The Role of the Amygdala in Fear and Panic (1998)
Holt, Doug
Preliminary evidence of parasympathetic influence on basal heart rate in posttraumatic stress disorder (2006) pdf
Hopper, J.; Spinazzola, Simpson, van der Kolk
Activation of Thalamo - Cortical Systems in Post-Traumatic Flashbacks: A Positron Emission Tomography Study (2001) pdf
Huber Michaela MD, Torsten Siol MD, Karl Herholz, MD, Olaf Lenz, MD, Karl Köhle MD., Wolf Dieter Heiss MD
Neuroimaging findings in post-traumatic stress disorder (2002) pdf
Hull, Alastair
de Die Folgen traumatischer Kindheitserfahrungen für die weitere Hirnentwicklung (2002) dissertation
Hüther, Gerald
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Understanding the Effects of Maltreatment on Early Brain Development pdf
In Focus (National Clearinghouse on Childabuse and Neglect Information)
nl Het begrijpen van effecten van mishandeling op de vroege ontwikkeling van hersenen
In Focus (vertaling: E.van Weringh) Stichting Empty Memories
Amygdalar interhemispheric functional connectivity differs between the non-depressed and depressed human brain (2004) pdf
Irwin, William; Michael J. Anderle, Heather C. Abercrombie,Stacey M. Schaefer, Ned H. Kalin, and Richard J. Davidson
Integrating the homeostatic imbalance: Genetics and physiology of stress and the emotions (2007) pdf
Jabbi, Mbemba
Suppression and enhancement of emotional responses to unpleasant pictures (2000) pdf
Jackson, D. C., Malmstadt, J. R., Larson, C. L., & Davidson, R. J.
Neurobiology of constructed memory (1998)  pdf
Jacobs, W. Jake and Lynn Nadel
Ketamine and Quantum Psychiatry (1999)   
Jansen, Dr. Karl L. R. MD, PhD, MRCPsych.
The Ketamine Model of the Near Death Experience: A Central Role for the NMDA
Jansen, Dr. Karl L. R. MD, PhD, MRCPsych.
Olfactory-mediated fear conditioning in mice: Simultaneous measurements of fear-potentiated startle and freezing (2004)pdf
Jones, Seth V.; Scott A. Heldt, Michael Davis, and Kerry J. Ressler
Fetal brain behavioral cognitive development.(2000)
Joseph, Rhawn Ph.D.
The Neurology of Traumatic "Dissociative" Amnesia. Commentary and Literature Review. (1999)
Joseph, Rhawn Ph.D.
The Neurology of Childhood Amnesia versus Amnesia for Childhood due to abuse and Traumatic stress (1999)
Joseph, Rhawn Ph.D.
Maternal and Early environmental influences on emotional, sexual, and neurological development
(part I)
  Neglect, Stress, Neuro-Chemistry & the Amygdala (part II)
  Limbic System "Experience-Expectant" Development (part III)
  Normal & Abnormal Amygdala-Social Emotional Development (part IV)
Joseph, Rhawn Ph.D.
Amygdala (1999)
Joseph, Rhawn Ph.D.
Fetal Brain and Cognitive Development (1999)
Joseph, Rhawn Ph.D.
Traumatic Amnesia, Repression and Hippocampus injury due to emotional stress, Corticosteroids and Enkephalins (1999)
Joseph, Rhawn Ph.D.
Environmental influenceson Neural Plasticity, the Limbic system, Emotional development and Attachment (1999)
Joseph, Rhawn Ph.D.
Two brains, one child: Interhemispheric transfer and confabulation in children aged 4, 7, 10. (1984)
Joseph, Rhawn Ph.D.
Awareness, the origin of thought, and the role of conscious self-deception in resistance and repression (1980)
Joseph, Rhawn Ph.D.
Positron emission tomography in female patients with Borderline personality disorder (2002) pdf
Juenglinga, F.D.; C. Schmahl, B. Heßlinger, D. Ebert, J.D. Bremner, J. Gostomzyk, M. Bohus, K. Lieb
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The Role of the Central Nucleus of the Amygdala in Mediating Fear and Anxiety in the Primate (2004) pdf
Kalin, Ned H.; Steven E. Shelton, and Richard J. Davidson
The primate amygdala mediates acute fear but not the behavioral and physiological components of anxious temperament. (2001) pdf
Kalin, N. H., Shelton, S. E., Davidson, R. J., & Kelley, A. E.
Individual differences in freezing and cortisol in infant and mother rhesus monkeys. (1998) pdf
Kalin, N. H., Shelton, S. E., Rickman, M., & Davidson, R. J.
fr Neurobiologie des troubles dissociatifs (2005) pdf
Kelley-Puskas, M., L. Cailhol, V. D’Agostino, I. Chauvet, C. Damsa
Beyond extinction: erasing human fear responses and preventing the return of fear (2009) pdf new
Kindt, Merel; Marieke Soeter & Bram Vervliet
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) measurement of hippocampal volume in posttraumatic stress disorder: A meta-analysis (2005) pdf
Kitayama N, Vaccarino V, Kutner M, Weiss P, Bremner JD
de Neurobiologische Veränderung aufgrund von Traumatisierung
Krause, Prof. Dr. R. und Dr. A. Kirsch
Stress, gender and psychopathology (2004) pdf dissertation
Kuipers, S.D.
es EvaluaciónNeuropsicológica en el síndrome amnésico posttraumático (1999)
Ladera Fernández, Valentina & María Victoria Perea Bartolomé
Neuroimaging of Hyperaroused and Dissociative States in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Lanius, Ruth A. MD, PhD, Peter C. Williamson, MD, DPsych, FRCPC, Ravi S. Menon, PhD
Emotion Circuits in the brain  (2000) pdf 
LeDoux, Joseph E.
The neurobiological effects of trauma (2003)
Lester, Patricia, Wong, Susan W, Hendren, Robert L
Accumulated stress, reserve capacity and disease
Levine, Peter A. Ph.D
A pain by any other name (rejection, exclusion, ostracism), still hurts the same: The role of dorsal anterior cingulate in social and physical pain. (2005) pdf
Lieberman, M. D., & Eisenberger, N. I.
Development of the Cerebral Cortex: XII. Stress and Brain Development: 1 (1998)  
Lombroso, Paul J. M.D. and Robert Sapolsky, Ph.D.
Brain Regional a-[11C]Methyl-L-Tryptophan Trapping in Impulsive Subjects With Borderline Personality Disorder (2001)
Leyton, Marco Ph.D., Hidehiko Okazawa, M.D., Ph.D., Mirko Diksic, Ph.D., Joel Paris, M.D., Pedro Rosa, M.D., Shadreck Mzengeza, Ph.D., Simon N. Young, Ph.D., Pierre Blier, M.D., Ph.D., Chawki Benkelfat, M.D., D.E.R.B.H.
A Temporal Dissociation of Subliminal versus Supraliminal Fear Perception: An Event-related Potential Study (2004) pdf
Liddell, Belinda J.; Leanne M. Williams, Jennifer Rathjen, Howard Shevrin and Evian Gordon
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Effects of Maternal Mobility on the Development of Rocking and Other Behaviors in Rhesus Monkeys: A Study with Artificial Mothers (1974) pdf
Mason, William A.
Early Maternal Rejection Affects the Development of Monoaminergic Systems and Adult Abusive Parenting in Rhesus Macaques (Macaca mulatta) (2006) pdf
Maestripieri, Dario; J. Dee Higley, Stephen G. Lindell, Timothy K. Newman, Kai M. McCormack, Mar M. Sanchez
Decoding Traumatic Memory Patterns at the cellular level (1998)
McClaskey, Thomas R. D.C., C.H.T., B.C.E.T.S.
A two-dimensional neuropsychology of defense: fear/anxiety and defensive distance (2004) pdf
McNaughtona, Neil and Philip J. Corr
A Jacksonian and biopsychosocial hypothesis concerning borderline and related phenomena (1999) pdf
Meares, Russell; Janine Stevenson, Evian Gordon
Electrical Stimulation of Medial Prefrontal Cortex Reduces Conditioned Fear in a Temporally Specific Manner (2004) pdf
Milad, M. R.; I. Vidal-Gonzalez, and G. J. Quir
Neurons in medial prefrontal cortex signal memory for fear extinction (2002) pdf
Milad MR and Quirk GJ.
Stress duration modulates the spatiotemporal patterns of spine formation in the basolateral amygdala (2005)
Mitra, Rupshi; Shantanu Jadhav, Bruce S. McEwen, §, Ajai Vyas, and Sumantra Chattarji
Dissociable amygdala and orbitofrontal responses during reversal fear conditioning (2004)  pdf
Morris J.S. and R.J. Dolan
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The Peniston-Kulkosky Brainwave Neurofeedback Therapeutic Protocol: the future psychotherapy for Alcoholism/Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder/Behavioral Medicine (1998) 
Peniston, Eugene O.
Childhood Experience and the Expression of Genetic Potential: What Childhood Neglect Tells Us About Nature and Nurture (2002) pdf
Perry, Bruce D. M.D., Ph.D.
Violence and Childhood: How Persisting Fear Can Alter the Developing Child’s Brain (2001) pdf
Perry, Bruce D. M.D., Ph.D.
The Neurodevelopmental Impact of Violence in Childhood (2001) pdf
Perry, Bruce D. M.D., Ph.D.
Traumatized children: How childhood trauma influences brain development (2001)
Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph.D.
The Neuroarcheology of Childhood Maltreatment The Neurodevelopmental Costs of Adverse Childhood Events (2000)
Perry, Bruce D. M.D., Ph.D.
Trauma and Terror in Childhood: The Neuropsychiatric Impact of Childhood Trauma (2000)
Perry, Bruce D. M.D., Ph.D.
Brain Structure and Function I:Basics of Organization (2000) pdf
Perry, Bruce D. M.D., Ph.D.
Brain Structure and Function II: Special Topics Informing Work with Maltreated Children (2000) pdf
Perry, Bruce D. M.D., Ph.D.
How Childhood Trauma Influences Brain Development (2000)
Perry, Bruce D. M.D., Ph.D.
Curiosity, Pleasure and Play: A Neurodevelopmental Perspective (2000)
Perry, Bruce D. M.D., Ph.D., Lea Hogan, M.Ed., Sarah J. Marlin
Memories of Fear: How the Brain Stores and Retrieves Physiologic States, Feelings, Behaviors and Thoughts from Traumatic Events (1999)
Perry, Bruce D. M.D., Ph.D.
Neuropsychological Impact of Facial Deformities in Children Neurodevelopmental Role of the Face in Communication and Bonding (1998)
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