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Cultural Aspects of Trauma
Andermann, Lisa Francesca MPhil, MDCM, FRCPC
Research Participants Telling the Truth About Their Lives; The Ethics of Asking and Not Asking About Abuse (2006) pdf
Becker-Blease, Kathryn A. and Jennifer J. Freyd
The PVS Disaster: Poverty, Violence and Substance Abuse in the Lives of Women and Children (2002) pdf
Bloom, Sandra L. M.D.
Sexual Violence: The Victim (2000) pdf
Bloom, Sandra L. M.D.
The grief that dare not speak it's name: Dealing with the ravages of childhood abuse - Part I - Part II - Part III (2000) pdf
Bloom, Sandra L. M.D.
Every Time History Repeats Itself the Price Goes Up: The Social Reenactment of Trauma (1996) pdf
Bloom, Sandra L. M.D.
Handout: Confidentiality and the Problems Verifying Claims about Children’s Testimony (2004) pdf
Cheit, Ross E.
Eerste Rapport commissie Dutroux - Enquete parlementaire 1 pdf
Tweede Rapport commissie Dutroux - Enquete parlementaire 2
Commissie Verwilghen; België, Parlementair Onderzoek &
What influences believing abuse reports? The roles of depicted memory persistence, participant gender, trauma history, and sexism. (2007) pdf new
Cromer, L.D. & Freyd, J.J.
What's the risk in asking? Participant reaction to trauma history questions compared with other personal questions. (2006) pdf
Cromer, L.D., Freyd, J.J., Binder, A., DePrince, A.P., & Becker-Blease, K.A
Videotaped discovery of a reportedly Unrecallable Memory of Child Sexual Abuse: Comparison with a childhood interview videotaped 11 years before (1997) pdf
David L. Corwin, Erna Olafson
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Sociological views on the controversial issue of satanic ritual abuse: Three faces of the devil
De Young, Mary Ph.D.
Attorney General Mike Fisher's Family Violence Task Force (1998) pdf
Fisher, Mike
Forensic Forum: A Cross-Examination Primer  (2004) pdf
Frankel, StevenPh.D., J.D., Philip J. Kinsler, Ph.D.
Dissociation and the Law - “See you in court”: preparing for expert testimony  (2003) pdf
Frankel, StevenPh.D., J.D.
The Social Psychology of Cognitive Repression [Commentary]   (2006) pdf
Freyd, Jennifer J.
Misleading and Confusing Media Portrayals of Memory Research, (2004) pdf
Freyd, Jennifer J. PhD
Memory for Abuse: What can we learn from a Prosecution Sample?  (2003) pdf
Freyd, Jennifer J. PhD
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Self-infliction, social adaptation or biological destiny? Models of psychopathology and their relationship to stigmatization
Gelder, Michael
Social Research; Sibling incest, madness, and the "Jews" (1998)
Gilman, Sander L.
Multiple personality disorder and homicide: professional and legal issues (1989) pdf
Hall, Pamela
Professionals as Evaluators or Indoctrinators in Sex Abuse Cases (1995)
Holgerson, Astrid
Recovered Memories of Sexual Abuse: Scientific Research & Scholarly Resources (2005)
Hopper, Jim Ph.D.
The Evidentiary Admissibility of Parental Alienation Syndrome: Science, Law, and Policy (2006) pdf
Hoult, Jennifer J.D.
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Crime in the Schools: A Problem-Solving Approach (1998) pdf
Kenney, Dennis; Police Executive Research Forum
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: The Burden to the Individual and to Society (2000) pdf
Kessler, Ronald C. Ph.D.
Social Intelligence (2000)
Kihlstrom, John F. and Nancy Cantor
Psychodynamics and Social Cognition: Notes on the Fusion of Psychoanalysis and Psychology (1994)
Kihlstrom, John F. and Nancy Cantor
Community Trauma and Development (1997) pdf
Korn, Leslie Ph.D., M.P.H
Objective Documentation of Child Abuse and Dissociation in 12 Murderers with Dissociative Identity Disorder (1997)
Lewis, Dorothy Otnow MD, Catherine A. Yeager, MA, Yael Swica, BA, Jonathan H. Pincus, MD, and Melvin Lewis, MBBS, FRCPsych, DCH
Our changeable memories: Legal and practical implications (2003)
Loftus, Elizabeth F.
Speaking with children: Advice from investigative interviewers (2002) pdf
Lyon, Thomas D.
Let’s Not Exaggerate the Suggestibility of Children (2001) pdf
Lyon, Thomas D.
Qualifying Children to Take the Oath: Materials for Interviewing Professionals (2000) pdf
Lyon, Thomas D. , Karen J. Saywitz
Multiple personality disorder as seen from a social constructionist viewpoint (1991) pdf
Martinez-Taboas, Alfonso
Distrust, Social Justice, and Health Care (1999) pdf
McGary, Howard
The Political Consequences of Child Abuse
Miller, Alice
Overview of the Portable Guides to Investigating Child Abuse: Update 2000
McNaughton, Janet
The Overlapping Problems of Prosecution Sample Bias and Systematic Exclusion of Familial Child Sex Abuse Victims from the Criminal Justice System (2003) pdf
Murphy, Wendy J.
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nl Ontrafeld: onderzoeksverslag van de Landelijke Expertisegroep Bijzondere Zedenzaken over de periode 2001-2002 (2003) pdf
Nierop, mr. drs. N.M. & mr. drs. P. van den Eshof (Landelijke Expertisegroep Bijzondere Zedenzaken)
nl Rapport: Landelijke Expertisegroep bijzondere zedenzaken (2004) pdf
Openbaar Ministerie NL
nl Landelijke Expertisegroep Bijzondere Zedenzaken: De feiten beschouwd verslag van de Landelijke Expertisegroep Bijzondere Zedenzaken over de periode 1 oktober 1999 - 31 december 2000
Openbaar Ministerie Nederland
The Forensics of Sacrifice: A Symbolic Analysis of Ritualistic Crime (2003) 
Perlmutter, Dawn
PTSD and the Law (1998)  pdf
Pitman, Roger K. M.D.
Body Pleasure and the Origins of Violence (2000)     (also in de , fr, esp, nl)
Prescott, James W. Ph.D.
Violence Against Women: Philosophical and Religious Foundations of Gender Morality
Prescott, James W. Ph.D.
The Origins of Human Love and Violence
Prescott, James W. Ph.D.
Cherish Your Exceptions (2003) pdf
Putnam, Frank W.
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The Social and Cultural Context of Satanic Ritual Abuse Allegations (1998)
Robbins, Susan P.
Human Development: Children, Youth, and Adult Development and the Effects of Child Maltreatment on Human Development (2002) pdf book
Roditti, Martha MSW, Laura Dobbs, MSW, Maryanne Rehberg, LCSW, and Margie Albers, LCSW
'Here Be Dragons: Researching the Unbelievable, Hearing the Unthinkable. A Feminist Sociologist in Uncharted Territory' (1998)
Scott, Sara
Legal and Ethical Issues in the Treatment of Multiple Victimization Child Maltreatment  (1999)
Sonkin, Daniel; Jay & Liebert, Douglas Scott
A Virtual Reprise of the Stanley Milgram Obedience Experiments (2006)
Slater, Mel, Angus Antley, Adam Davison, David Swapp, Christoph Guger, Chris Barker, Nancy Pistrang, Maria V. Sanchez-Vives
Violation and Virtuality: an online persona, invented by a singlet, taking on a life of its own.
Stone, Sandy
Child Complex Trauma in Toddlers and School-Aged Children, National Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Association (2005) pdf
Stubblefield-Tave, Janice
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nl Nota: Bestrijding van seksueel misbruik van en seksueel geweld tegen kinderen (1999) pdf
Tweede Kamer der Staten Generaal (NL)
nl Het posttraumatisch stress syndroom: Een verkenning van het concept met aandacht voor cultuur en betekenis (1999) pdf
Vaal, David de
Our Endangered Species A Hard Look At How We Treat Children (1998)
Vachss, Andrew
Age of Innocence Who says child pornography is a grey area? Only criminals, warns Andrew Vachss. (1994)
Vachss, Andrew
nl Seksueel geweld en strafrecht: de obsceniteit van de macht (1999)     
Verrijn Stuart, Heikelien
nl Wetgeving fysiek en psychisch geweld (België) (2004)  pdf
Vrouwenraad (België)
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Attachment 101 for Attorneys: Implications for Infant Placement Decisions pdf
Willemsen, Eleanor and Kristen Marcel
Cultural Factors in Psychiatric Syndromes (1995)     
Wolfgang G. Jilek, M.D
Science and the Humanities in the understanding of Human Nature (2000)     
Young, Robert M.