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Dissociation and Memory for Perpetration among Convicted Sex Offenders. (2007) pdf new
Becker-Blease, K.A., & Freyd, J.J.
From Victim of Sexual Abuse to Perpetrator: Factors in the Transition Process from Victim of Sexual Abuse to Perpetrator (2003) doc
Briggs, Freda
nl De grote kindervriend? Pedoseksueel misbruik: profiel/impact/preventie pdf
Child Focus
Hypnotherapy and Sexual Offenders: The First Steps Towards Empathy and Healing.(1999)
Cooney, Lisa
Personality profiles and modi operandi of spousal homicide perpetrators. (1999)
Dutton, D. & Kerry, G.
Perpetrator personality effects on post-separation victim reactions in abusive relationships. (1999)
Dutton, D.G. & Haring, M.
Jealousy, intrusiveness and intimate abusiveness. (1996)
Dutton, D. G., van Ginkel, C., & Landolt, M.
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Long Term Follow-up of Exhibitionists: Psychological, Phallometric, and Offence Characteristics (2006) pdf
Firestone, P.,Kingston, A.D., Wexler, A., and Bradford, J.M.
Is pedophilia a mental disorder? (2002)
Gieles, Frans
Acute Neuroendocrine Response to Sexual Stimulation in Sexual Offenders (2003)
Haake, Philip MD, Manfred Schedlowski, PhD, Michael S Exton, PhD, Christoph Giepen, MD, Uwe Hartmann, PhD, Michael Osterheider, MD, Martin Flesch, MD, Onno E Janssen, MD, Norbert Leygraf, PhD, Tillmann HC Krüger, MD
Predictors of sexual offender recidivism, a meta-analysis (1996)  
Hanson, R. Karl & Bussière, Monique T.
fr Les prédicteurs de la récidive chez les délinquants sexuels: une méta-analyse (1996)
Hanson, R. Karl & Bussière, Monique T.
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Evolutionary Models of Why Men Rape: Acknowledging the Complexities (2000) pdf
Koss, Mary P.
Power and personality: An analysis of gay male intimate abuse. (1997)
Landolt, M. A., & Dutton, D. G.
nl Pedoseksuele delinquentie Een onderzoek naar prevalentie, toedracht en strafrechtelijke interventies (2006) pdf
E. Leuw, R.V. Bijl, A. Daalder.
Objective Documentation of Child Abuse and Dissociation in 12 Murderers With Dissociative Identity Disorder (1997) pdf
Lewis, Dorothy Otnow M.D., Catherine A. Yeager, M.A., Yael Swica, B.A., Jonathan H. Pincus, M.D., and Melvin Lewis, M.B.B.S., F.R.C.Psych., D.C.H.
The Origins of Sexual Offending (2000) pdf
Marshall, William L. and Liam E. Marshall
When the Pediatrician Is a Pedophile (1976)
Moore, Carolyn Newberger and Eli H. Newberger
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Abuse of Children by Priests in the Boston Archdiocese: Violations of Applicable Standards of Care (2003)
Newberger, Eli H. MD
nl Pedofilie het niet te accepteren 'anders' zijn? (2001) Een ethische beschouwing op grond van wetenschappelijke gegevens
Palmen, Désiré
Nonsex Offences Committed by Child Molesters: Findings From a Longitudinal Study (2004) pdf
Parkinson, Patrick N.; Sandra Shrimpton, R. Kim Oates, Heather Y. Swanston, Brian I. O’Toole
nl Recidive bij behandelde seksuele delinquenten (2004) pdf
Ruiter de, Corine & Vivienne de Vogel
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A comparison of instrumental and impulsive subgroups of batterers. (1998)
Tweed, R. & Dutton, D.G.
Paidika Interview
Underwager, Ralph and Hollida Wakefield
Misinterpretation of a Primary Prevention Effort reaction on the Paidika interview
Underwager, Ralph and Hollida Wakefield
Age of Innocence Who says child pornography is a grey area? Only criminals, warns Andrew Vachss. (1994)
Vachss, Andrew
nl De zedendelinquent in het Pieter Baan Centrum (1995) pdf
Van Marle, H.J.C.; C.M. van Putten, M.J.J. de Ridder
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Female Sexual Abusers: A Theory of Loss  (1990)
Wakefield, Hollida; Martha Rogers, and Ralph Underwager