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nl Topiramaat bij de posttraumatische stressstoornis (2006) pdf
Aalbersberg, C.F. en J.M.V. Mulder
Psychopharmacological treatment in PTSD: a critical review (2002) pdf
Albucher, Ronald C.; Israel Liberzon
Dimensionality of dissociation in subjects with PTSD (1996) pdf
Amdur, Richard L.; Liberzon, Israel
“High-risk” indicators for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) (2003) pdf
American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress
PTSD in Children and Adolescents (2005) pdf
Anderson, Tanya
Acute and Delayed Posttraumatic Stress Disorders: A History and Some Issues (2004)
Andreasen, Nancy C.
PTSD and the Experience of Pain: Research and Clinical Implications of Shared Vulnerability and Mutual Maintenance Models (2002)
Asmundson, Gordon JG PhD, Michael J Coons, BA, Steven Taylor, PhD, Joel Katz, PhD
Peritraumatic Dissociation, Acute Stress, and Early Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Victims of General Crime (2001)
Birmes, Philippe MD, Didier Carreras, MD, Jean-Louis Ducassé, MD, Jean-Paul Charlet, MD, Barbara A Warner, MD, Dominique Lauque, MD,Laurent Schmitt, MD
Dissociation in combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder (1991) pdf
Branscomb, Louisa
The Relationship Between Cognitive and Brain Changes in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (2006) pdf
Bremner, J.D.
The Invisible Epidemic: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Memory and the Brain (2000)
Bremner, J. Douglas M.D.
Neural correlates of memories of childhood sexual abuse in women with and without posttraumatic stress disorder (1999) pdf
Bremner, J Douglas; Narayan, Meena; Staib, Lawrence H; Southwick, Steven M; McGlashan, Thomas H; Charney, Dennis S
Neurobiology of posttraumatic stress disorder: implications for treatment pdf
Bremner, J. Douglas M.D.
Trauma-related dissociative states and long-term psychopathology in posttraumatic stress disorder (1997) pdf
Bremner, J Douglas; Brett, Elizabeth A
Childhood physical abuse and combat-related posttraumatic stress disorder in Vietnam veterans (1993) pdf
Bremner, J Douglas; Southwick, Steven M; Johnson, David Read; Yehuda, Rachel; Charney, Dennis S
Use of the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV Dissociative Disorders for systematic assessment of dissociative symptoms in posttraumatic stress disorder (1993) pdf
Bremner, J Douglas; Steinberg, Marlene; Southwick, Steven M; Johnson, David Read; Charney, Dennis S
Dissociation and posttraumatic stress disorder in Vietnam combat veterans (1992) pdf
Bremner, J Douglas; Southwick, Steven M; Brett, Elizabeth A; Fontana, Alan; Rosenheck, Robert A; Charney, Dennis S
Epidemiologic Studies of Trauma, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and Other Psychiatric Disorders (2002)
Breslau, Naomi PhD.
Acute Stress Disorder and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Victims of Violent Crime (1999)
Brewin, Chris R. Ph.D., Bernice Andrews, Ph.D., Suzanna Rose, M.A., and Marilyn Kirk, M.Phil.
Phenomenology and Psychological Assessment of Complex Posttraumatic States (2005) pdf
Briere, John and Joseph Spinazzola
Substance abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder comorbidity (1993) pdf
Brown, Pamela J; Wolfe, Jessica
The Peritraumatic Distress Inventory: A Proposed Measure of PTSD Criterion A2 (2001) pdf
Alain Brunet, Ph.D., Daniel S. Weiss, Ph.D., Thomas J. Metzler, M.A., Suzanne R. Best, Ph.D., Thomas C. Neylan, M.D., Cynthia Rogers, B.A., Jeffrey Fagan, Ph.D. and Charles R. Marmar, M.D.
Acute Stress Reactions: Can Biological Responses Predict Posttraumatic Stress Disorder? (2003) pdf
Bryant, Richard A. PhD
Assessing Acute stress Disorder; Psychometric properties of a Structured Clinical Interview (1998) pdf
Bryant, Richard A. PhD, Allison G. Harvey, Suzanne T. Dang, and Tanya Sackville
Information processing and PTSD: a review of the empirical literature (2000) pdf
Buckley, Todd C; Blanchard, Edward B; Neill, W Trammell
A confirmatory factor analysis of posttraumatic stress symptoms (1998) pdf
Buckley, Todd Charles; Blanchard, Edward B; Hickling, Edward J
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nl Peritraumatische dissociatie als voorspeller van posttraumatische stressstoornis: een kritische noot. (2003) pdf
Candel, I. en H. Merkelbach
A conceptual framework for the impact of traumatic experiences (2003) pdf
Carlson, Eve B.; Constance Dalenberg
How Fear Differs From Anxiety (2003) pdf
Catherall, Don R.
dk Udvikling af posttraumatisk stress efter alvorlige arbejdsulykker (1999)
Carstensen, Ole; Kurt Rasmussen,cand.psych. Ole Nørby Hansen & Jens M. Lauritsen
Stress, Trauma and Post-traumatic Stress Disorders in Children
ChildTrauma Academy - Interdisciplinary Education Series
Treating Traumatized Children: Clinical Implications of the Psychobiology of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder   (2002) pdf
Cohen, Judith A.; James M. Perel, Michael D. DeBellis, Matthew J. Friedman, Frank W. Putnam
Post-Traumatic Growth from the Perspective of Terror Management Theory pdf
Davis, Christopher G. ; Jolene M. McKearney
The intersection of Gender and Betrayal in Trauma (2002) pdf
DePrince, Anne P. PhD; Jennifer J. Freyd, PhD
nl Het posttraumatisch stress syndroom: Een verkenning van het concept met aandacht voor cultuur en betekenis (1999) pdf
De Vaal, David
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and associated features as predictors of revictimization and perpetration with samples of adults abused during childhood (2003) pdf
Dietrich, Anne M. M.A., CT
As the Pendulum Swings: The Etiology of PTSD, Complex PTSD, and Revictimization (2000)  
Dietrich, Anne M. M.A., CT
A Review of Visual/Kinesthetic Disassociation in the treatment of Posttraumatic Disorders: Theory, Efficacy and Practice Recommendations
Dietrich, Anne M. M.A., CT
A Review of Alternative Approaches to the Treatment of Post Traumatic Sequelae (2000)
Dietrich, Anne M. M.A., CT; Anna B. Baranowsky, Ph.D.; Mona Devich-Navarro; J. Eric Gentry, Ph.D. cand.; Chrys J. Harris, Ph.D. ; Charles R. Figley, Ph.D.
Risk Factors in PTSD and Related Disorders: Theoretical, Treatment, and Research Implications pdf
Dietrich, Anne M. M.A., CT
Full and subthreshold Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder seven years after a flooding in rescue squads (2004) pdf
Di Fiorino, Mario; Gabriele Massimetti, Massimo Nencioni, Riccardo A. Paoli
nl Stabilisatiecursus als antwoord op complexe posttraumatische stressstoornis (2006) pdf
Dorrepaal, E.; K. Thomaes, P.J. Draijer
nl Getuigenistherapie, een geprotocolleerde behandeling bij getraumatiseerde slachtoffers van georganiseerd geweld
van Dijk, Janie en Mirjam Schoutrop
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Are the neural substrates of memory the final common pathway in posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)? (2004) pdf
Elzinga B.M., J.D. Bremner
Posttraumatic stress associated with delayed recall of sexual abuse: A general population study. (1995)pdf
Elliott, D.M., & Briere, J.
Prostitution in Five Countries: Violence and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (1998)
Farley, Melissa; Isin Baral, Merab Kiremire, Ufuk Sezgin
Early Childhood Trauma and Disorders of Extreme Stress as Predictors of Treatment Outcome with Chronic Posttraumatic Stress Disorder   (1998)
Ford, Julian D. and Phyllis Kidd
Neurobiological Research on PTSD  (1995) pdf
Friedman, Matthew J. MD, PhD
The relationship between trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, and physical health  (1995) pdf
Friedman, Matthew J. MD, PhD; Schnurr, Paula P.
The relationship between trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, and physical health  (1995) pdf
Friedman, Matthew J. MD, PhD; Schnurr, Paula P.
Biological Aspects of PTSD: Laboratory and Clinical Research (1990) pdf
Friedman, Matthew J. MD, PhD
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Memory of the Traumatic Event as a Risk Factor for the Development of PTSD: Lessons from the Study of Traumatic Brain Injury (2006) 
Gil, Sharon PhD, Yael Caspi, ScD, MA, Irit Ben-Ari, PhD, and Ehud Klein, MD
The Etiology of Combat-Related Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders (1987) 
Goodwin, Jim Psy.D.
PTSD in Children and Adolescents
Hamblen, Jessica Ph.D.
Preliminary evidence of parasympathetic influence on basal heart rate in posttraumatic stress disorder (2006) pdf new
Hopper, James W.; Joseph Spinazzola, William B. Simpson, Bessel A. van der Kolk
Posttraumatic stress disorder: An exploratory study examining rates of trauma and PTSD and its effect on client outcomes in community mental health (2005) pdf
Howgego, Irene M.; Cathy Owen, Lenore Meldrum, Peter Yellowlees, Frances Dark and Ruth Parslow
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fr Validation de la version française de l’inventaire de détresse péritraumatique (2005) pdf
Jehel, Louis MD, PhD, Alain Brunet, PhD, Sabrina Paterniti, MD, PhD, Julien D Guelfi, MD, Pr
nl Is er een plaats voor de Complexe Posttraumatische Stress Stoornis? PTSS en DES NOS nader beschouwd  (2004)
Jongedijk, R.A.; I.V.E. Carlier, J.N. Schreuder en B.P.R. Gersons
Emotional Trauma and Childhood Amnesia (2003)
Joseph, Rhawn Ph.D.
Posttraumatic Spectrum Disorder: A Radical Revision  (2001)
Jung, K. ElanM.D.
The relationship between Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Multiple Personality Disorder (1995)
Karilampi, Ulla
Physiological Correlates of Childhood Abuse: Chronic Hyperarousal in PTSD, Depression and Irritable Bowel Syndrome pdf
Kendall-Tackett, Kathleen Ph.D.
Violence and Risk of PTSD, Major Depression, Substance Abuse/Dependence, and Comorbidity: Results From the National Survey of Adolescents (2003) pdf
Kilpatrick, Dean G.; Kenneth J. Ruggiero, Ron Acierno, Benjamin E. Saunders, Heidi S. Resnick, and Connie L. Best
The Relation Between Memory of the Traumatic Event and PTSD: Evidence From Studies of Traumatic Brain Injury (2003)
Klein, Ehud MD, Yael Caspi, ScD, MA, Sharon Gil, PhD
Proposed MAPS-Sponsored Israeli Pilot Study: MDMA-assisted Psychotherapy in Twelve People with War and Terrorism-related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) (2005) pdf
Kotler, Dr. Moshe
Holocaust survivor studies in the context of PTSD (1994) pdf
Krystal, Henry MD and Yael Danieli PhD
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Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Revisited (2002)
Lamprecht, Friedhelm MD and Martin Sack, MD
de Die Bedeutung belastender Lebensereignisse für die Entwicklung einer posttraumatischen Belastungsstörung bei Menschen mit Alkoholabhängigkeit - Aktuelle Forschungsergebnisse (2004) pdf
Langeland, Dr. Willemien
Neuroimaging of Hyperaroused and Dissociative States in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Lanius, Ruth A. MD, PhD, Peter C. Williamson, MD, DPsych, FRCPC, Ravi S. Menon, PhD
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Diagnosis, Clinical Course and conceptual overview (2001)
Levin, Andrew P. MD
When is a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Claim Legitimate...and When Is It Not
Levy, Mark I. M.D.
nl Neurobiologie van de posttraumatische stressstoornis: een literatuuronderzoek (2002) pdf
Lindauer, R.J.L.; I.V.E. Carlier, B.P.R. Gersons
Psychotic symptoms in posttraumatic stress disorder (2000)  pdf  
Lindley, Steven E; Carlson, Eve Bernstein; Sheikh, Javaid I
Childhood posttraumatic stress disorder: a review of neurobiologic sequelae (1998)  pdf
Lipschitz, Deborah S; Rasmusson, Ann M; Southwick, Steven M
Emotional processing in posttraumatic stress disorder (2000)  pdf
Litz, Brett T; Kaloupek, Danny G; Orsillo, Susan Marie; Weathers, Frank W
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Community-Based, Acute Posttraumatic Stress Management: A Description and Evaluation of a Psychosocial-Intervention Continuum (2004) pdf
Macy, Robert D. PhD, Lenore Behar, PhD, Robert Paulson, PhD, Jon Delman, JD, MPH, Lisa Schmid, MPH, and Stefanie F. Smith, PhD
po Comorbidade no transtorno de estresse pós-traumático: regra ou exceção?  (2003)
Margis, Regina
A Selective Review of Literature on the Ethnocultural Aspects of PTSD   (1992) pdf
Marsella, Anthony J. Ph.D., Matthew J. Friedman, M.D., Ph.D., & E. Huland Spain, Ph.D.
Review and Critique of the New DSM-IV Diagnosis of Acute Stress Disorder  (1999)
Marshall, Randall D. M.D., Robert Spitzer, M.D. and Michael R. Liebowitz, M.D.
Does Early Psychological Intervention Promote Recovery from Posttraumatic Stress? (2003) pdf
McNally Richard J., Richard A. Bryant, and Anke Ehlers
Personality and the development and expression of PTSD (2004) pdf
Miller, Mark W. Ph.D.
Posttraumatic stress disorder: A state-of-the-science review (2006) pdf
Nemeroff CB, Bremner JD, Foa EB, Mayberg HS, Nemeroff CB, North CS, Stein MB
top N - O - P  
Post-traumatic Therapy  (1993)
Ochberg, Frank M.
Peritraumatic Dissociation and Emotions as Predictors of PTSD Symptoms Following Childbirth. (2005) pdf
Olde, Eelco MA, Onno van der Hart, PhD, Rolf J. Kleber, PhD, Maarten J.M. van Son, PhD, Hennie A.A. Wijnen, MA, Victor J.M. Pop, MD, PhD
nl De Post Traumatische Stress Stoornis en onbegrepen klachten  (pdf)
Olff, M.
Prospective and Retrospective Life-Charting in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (The PTSD-LCM): A Pilot Study (2001) pdf
Osuch, Elizabeth A.; Melissa A. Brotman, Daniel Podell, Marilla Geraci, P. Lynn Touzeau, Gabriele S. Leverich, Una D. McCann, and Robert M. Post
PTSD and Comorbidity or Disorder of Extreme Stress Not Otherwise Specified?
Pain, Clare MD, FRCPC
PTSD and Substance Abuse: Clinical Assessment Considerations (1993)
Penk, Walter Ph.D.
Stress, Trauma & Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders in Children (2002) pdf
Perry, Bruce D. M.D. PhD.
Adrenergic receptor regulation in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Perry, Bruce D. M.D. PhD.; Steven M. Southwick, M.D.; Earl L. Giller, Jr., M.D., Ph.D
Post-traumatic Stress Disorders in Children and Adolescents (1999)
Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph.D.; Ishnella Azad
Gender, Victimization, and Outcomes: Reconceptualizing Risk (2003)  pdf
Pimlott-Kubiak, Sheryl and Lilia M. Cortina
Pilot Study of Secondary Prevention of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder with Propranolol (2002) pdf
Pitman, Roger K. M.D., Kathy M. Sanders, Randall M. Zusman, Anna R. Healy, Farah Cheema, Natasha B. Lasko, Larry Cahill, and Scott P. Orr
top Q - R - S  
Symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Adolescents With Conduct Disorder: Sex Differences and Onset Patterns (2000)
Reebye, Pratibha MD, FRCPC, Marlene M Moretti, PhD, Vaneesa J Wiebe, MA, Jocelyne C Lessard, MA
Individual Predictors of Posttraumatic Distress: A Structural Equation Model (2000)
Regehr, Cheryl PhD, David Hemsworth, MBA, John Hill,BA, BSc
Developing Effective Treatments for Posttraumatic Disorders Among People With Severe Mental Illness (2001)
Rosenberg, Stanley D. Ph.D., Kim T. Mueser, Ph.D., Matthew J. Friedman, M.D., Ph.D., Paul G. Gorman, Ed.D., Robert E. Drake, M.D., Ph.D., Robert M. Vidaver, M.D., William C. Torrey, M.D. and Mary K. Jankowski, Ph.D.
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Identification and Diagnosis (1997)
Rothschild, Babette MSW, LCSW
Is Posttraumatic Stress in Youth a Culture-Bound Phenomenon? A Comparison of Symptom Trends in Selected U.S. and Russian Communities (2005)
Ruchkin, Vladislav M.D., Ph.D., Mary Schwab-Stone, M.D., Stephanie Jones, Ph.D., Domenic V. Cicchetti, Ph.D., Roman Koposov, M.D. and Robert Vermeiren, M.D., Ph.D.
de Trauma, Trauma-Coping und Posttraumatische Belastungsstörung: Theorie und Therapeutische Ansätze (1998)
Sachsse, Prof. Dr. med. Ulrich
The history of posttraumatic stress disorder pdf
Saigh, Philip A. , J. Douglas Bremner, M.D.
Risk Factors for the Development Versus Maintenance of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (2004) (pdf)
Schnurr, Paula P.; Carole A. Lunney, Anjana Sengupta
Dysregulation of the Right Brain: A Fundamental Mechanism of Traumatic Attachment and the Psychopathogenesis of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (2002)  
Schore, Allan N.
The Post-Traumatic Response in Children and Adolescents (1994)
Schwarz, Eitan D. MD; Bruce D. Perry, MD, PhD
Ask not for whom the bell tolls: Controversy in Post–Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment Outcome Findings for War Veterans (2003) pdf
Scurfield, Raymond M. and John P. Wilson
Trauma exposure and post-traumatic stress symptoms in urban African schools (Survey in CapeTown and Nairobi) (2004)  
S. Seedat, FCPsych, C. Nyamai, MScPsych, F. Njenga, FRCPsych, B. Vythilingum, MBChB and D. J. Stein, FRCPC PhD
Prospective Study of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Depression Following Trauma (1998)  
Shalev, Arieh Y. M.D., Sara Freedman, M.A., Tuvia Peri, Ph.D., Dalia Brandes, M.Sc., Tali Sahar, M.Sc., Scott P. Orr, Ph.D., and Roger K. Pitman, M.D.
nl De uitgestelde posttraumatische stressstoornis (2003)  pdf
Smid, G.E.; R.C. van der Mast, B.P.R. Gersons
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Abused and Neglected Children Grown Up (1999)
Spatz Widom, Cathy Ph.D.
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) (1999)
Speed, Liliana Ed.D.
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Treatment Outcome Research: The Study of Unrepresentative Samples? (2005) pdf
Spinazzola, Margaret Blaustein, and van der Kolk
Dependency in the Treatment of Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Dissociative Disorders (2001)
Steele, Kathy M.N., Onno van der Hart, Ph.D., C.S., Ellert R.S. Nijenhuis, Ph.D.
Genetic and Environmental Influences on Trauma Exposure and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms: A Twin Study (2002)
Stein, Murray B. M.D., Kerry L. Jang, Ph.D., Steven Taylor, Ph.D., Philip A. Vernon, Ph.D., and W. John Livesley, M.D., Ph.D.
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Post-traumatic stress disorder in children: Controversies and unresolved issues (2000)
Tierney, June A
Dissociation: An Insufficiently Recognized Major Feature of Complex PTSD. (2005) pdf
Van der Hart, Onno PhD.; Ellert Nijenhuis PhD., Kathy Steele
Posttraumatic stress disorder: An exploratory study examining rates of trauma and PTSD and its effect on client outcomes in community mental health. (2000) 
Van der Hart, Onno PhD., Kathy Steele, MN, CS, and Julian D. Ford, PhD

Introducing Issues in the Treatment of Complex PTSD. (2000) pdf
Van der Hart, Onno PhD., Kathy Steele, MN, CS, and Julian D. Ford, PhD>

nl Posttraumatische stress-stoornis: de relatie met alexithymie en coping (1999) pdf
Van Hest, M.A.G.; A.J.J.M. Vingerhoets, G.C. Zwartjes, J.S. de Smet
fr Le traitement psychologique du stress post-traumatique de Pierre Janet (1989) pdf
Van der Hart, Onno PhD., Paul Brown PhD.and Bessel A. van der Kolk M.D.
Clinical Implications of Neuroscience Research in PTSD (2006) pdf
Van der Kolk, Bessel A. M.D.
The assessment and treatment of complex PTSD (2001) pdf
Van der Kolk, Bessel A. M.D.
The Body keeps the Score; Memory and the evolving psychobiology of post traumatic stress (1994)
Van der Kolk, Bessel A. M.D.
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Memory (1997)
Van der Kolk, Bessel A. M.D.
Approaches to the Treatment of PTSD (1995)
Van der Kolk, Bessel A. M.D.; Onno van der Hart, Ph.D.;Jennifer Burbridge, M.A.
nl Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (emdr) als behandeling bij posttraumatische stress-stoornis (2000) pdf
Van Trier, J.
Risk and resiliency factors in posttraumatic stress disorder (2003)
Voges, Marcia A. and David M Romney
Psychophysiology of PTSD
Weber, Darren BSc(Hons), BA
Research on PTSD and other post traumatic reactions; European Literature (part I)  
Research on PTSD and other post traumatic reactions; European Literature (part II)  
Weisæth, Lars MD and Leo Eitinger, MD
PTSD-related hyperarousal assessed during sleep (2000) pdf
Woodward, Steven H; Murburg, M Michele; Bliwise, Donald L.
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Vulnerability to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Adult Offspring of Holocaust Survivors   (1998)
Yehuda, Rachel Ph.D., James Schmeidler, Ph.D., Milton Wainberg, M.D., Karen Binder-Brynes, Ph.D., and Tamar Duvdevani, B.A.
Phenomenology and Psychobiology of the Intergenerational Response to Trauma (1998)
Yehuda, Rachel Ph.D. Jim Schmeidler, Ph.D. Abbie Elkin, B.A. Elizabeth Houshmand, B.A. Larry Siever, M.D. Karen Binder-Brynes, Ph.D. Milton Wainberg, M.D. Dan Aferiot, M..S.W. Alan Lehman, M.S.W. Ling Song Guo, M.D. Ren Kwei Yang, M.D. (second revision, 1997)
Alexithymia in Holocaust survivors with and without PTSD  (1997) pdf
Yehuda, Rachel; Steiner, Ann; Kahana, Boaz; Binder-Brynes, Karen Leslie; Southwick, Steven M; Zemelman, Shelly; Giller, Earl L
Conflict Between Current Knowledge About Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Its Original Conceptual Basis   (1995)
Yehuda, Rachel Ph.D., and Alexander C. McFarlane, M.B.B.S., M.D., Dip.Psychother., F.R.A.N.Z.P.
Criteria for Rationally Evaluating Animal Models of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder   (1993)
Yehuda, Rachel Ph.D. and Seymour M. Antelman
Amnesia for Traumatic Events Among Recent Survivors: A Pilot Study (2003) pdf
Yovell, Yoram MD, PhD, Yair Bannett, and Arieh Y. Shalev MD
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (1998)
Youakim, James M. M.D., Karl Doghramji, M.D., and Sharon L. Schutte, M.D.
Predicting Posttraumatic Distress in Hospitalized Trauma Survivors With Acute Injuries   (2002)
Zatzick, Douglas F. M.D., Sun-Mee Kang, Ph.D., Hans-Georg Müller, M.D., Ph.D., Joan E. Russo, Ph.D., Frederick P. Rivara, M.D., M.P.H., Wayne Katon, M.D., Gregory J. Jurkovich, M.D., and Peter Roy-Byrne, M.D.
Dissociative symptomatology in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Disorders of Extreme Stress (2006) pdf
Zucker, M., Spinazzola, J., Blaustein, M., & van der Kolk, B.A.