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TSC-33 and TSC-40 Trauma Symptom Checklist
Briere, John Ph.D. and Marsha Runtz, Ph.D.
Expectations Test: Trauma Scales for Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse, Exposure to Family Violence, and Posttraumatic Stress (2003) pdf
Gully, Kevin J.
PTSD Symptom Scale: Self-Report Version (PDS) (1997) pdf
Foa et al.
SIDES - Clinical Applications of the Structured Interview in Disorders of Extreme Stress
Kolk, Bessel van der MD and David Pelcovitz, PhD
TEC - Traumatic Experiences Checklist also in: deu nl nor swe tr
Nijenhuis, E.R.S.; Onno van der Hart & Vanderlinden
nl VBE - Vragenlijst Belastende Ervaringen
Nijenhuis, E.R.S.; Onno van der Hart & Vanderlinden
PCL-S for DSM-IV: Primary Care PTSD Screen (PC-PTSD)
Weathers, F.W., Huska, J.A., Keane, T.M.
top dissociation  
A-DES - Adolescent Dissociative Experiences Scale-II pdf
Armstrong, Judith PhD, Eve Bernstein Carlson, PhD, Frank Putnam, MD
DES - Dissociative Experiences Scale
Bernstein Carlson, Eve Ph.D. and Frank W. Putnam, M.D.
nl DES - Dissociative Experiences Scale
Bernstein Carlson, Eve Ph.D. and Frank W. Putnam, M.D.
MDI - Multiscale Dissociation Inventory
Briere, John PhD
SDQ - The Somatoform Dissociation Questionnaire (SDQ-5, SDQ-20) also in: fr esp nl it nor swe tr
Nijenhuis, E.R.S.; Onno van der Hart & Vanderlinden
CDC - Child Dissociative Checklist, Version 3 pdf
Putnam, Frank W. MD
DDIS - Dissociative Disorders Interview Schedule
Ross, Colin A. M.D.
Steinberg Depersonalization Questionnaire
Steinberg, Marlene
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CFS - Compassion Fatigue and Satisfaction Self-Test for Helpers
Hudnall Stamm, B. PhD
A omparison of World Wide Web and paper and pencil personality questionnaires (2002) pdf
Pettit, Frances Annie



Virtual realities and virtual mistakes: a comment on Tart (1991) pdf
Begelman, D. A. (see Tart)
On the uses of computer-generated realities: a response to Begelman (1991) pdf
Tart, Charles T. (see Begelman)
deu Belastungsstörung (PTB). In: A. Maercker & Rosner (eds.), PT der posttraumatischer Belastungsstörungen pdf
Knaevelsrud, Chr., & Lange, A.
Structured treatment of depression via the Internet; protocol and results of a randomized trial. pdf
Lange, A., Renckens, C.H., Schrijver, M., Ven, J-P. van de, Schrieken, B., Dekker, J., & Hans Vermeulen, H.
nl Interapy: diagnostiek en geprotocolleerde behandeling van welomschreven stoornissen via internet (2005) pdf
Lange, A., Schrieken, B., Scheijde, R., Broeksteeg, J., Ruwaard, J., Schrijver, M., Mehra. S., Ven, J.P., Emmelkamp, P.
nl Geprotocolleerde cognitieve gedragstherapie van klinische en subklinische paniekstoornis, via het internet: de behandeling en de resultaten van een gecontroleerde gerandomiseerde trial (2005) pdf
Lange, A., Jeroen Ruwaard, Bart Schrieken, Janneke Broeksteeg, Sam van Tienhoven, Janet Jager en Paul Emmelkamp
nl Langetermijneffecten, cognitieve verandering en mediërende variabelen in de korte behandeling van posttraumatische stress via het internet. (2004) pdf
Lange, A., Ven, J-P van de, Schrieken, B., & Emmelkamp, P.
Interapy: A controlled randomized trial of the standardized treatment of posttraumatic stress through the Internet (2003) pdf
Lange, A., Rietdijk, D., Hudcovicova, M., Van de Ven, J-P., Schrieken, B. & Emmelkamp, P.M.G.
Interapy: Treatment of Post-traumatic Stress via the Internet. (2003) pdf
Lange, A., Van de Ven, J-P., & Schrieken, B.
nl Interapy: burn-out; preventie en behandeling van burn-out via internet. (2003) pdf
Lange, A.,Ven, J-P. van de, Schrieken, B., & Smit, M.
Interapy: Treatment of posttraumatic stress through the Internet: A controlled trial. (2001) pdf
Lange, A, Ven, J-P. van de, Schrieken, B., & Emmelkamp, P.
The Basic Psychological Features of Cyberspace (1999)
Suler, John Ph.D.
Psychology of Cyberspace (1999)
Suler, John Ph.D.



nl Doelmatigheid van langdurige psychotherapie (2001) pdf
The long-term medical consequences of childhood trauma (2001) 
Dallam, Stephanie J. RN, MS, FNP
Childhood Abuse, Neglect, and Household Dysfunction and the Risk of Illicit Drug Use: The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (2003)
Dube, Shanta R. MPH, Vincent J. Felitti, MD, Maxia Dong, MD, PhD, Daniel P. Chapman, PhD, Wayne H. Giles, MD and Robert F. Anda, MD
Total Estimated Cost of Child Abuse and Neglect In the United States (statistical evidence) (2001) pdf
Fromm, Suzette
The Costs and Consequences of The Costs and Consequences of Child Maltreatment (2004) pdf
Putnam, Frank W. MD
Varieties of long-term outcome among Patients in psychoanalysis and long-term psychotherapy: A Review of findings in the Stockholm Outcome of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy Project (STOPPP)(2000)
Sandell, Rolf; Johan Blomberg, Anna Lazar, Jan Carlsson, Jeanette Broberg AND Johan Schubert, Linköping and Stockholm
Impact of child sexual abuse on mental health; Prospective study in males and females (2004) 
Spataro, Josie PhD, Paul E. Mullen, DSc, Philip M. Burgess, PhD, David L. Wells, MBBS, Simon A. Moss, PhD
Policy Makers’ Perspectives on the Utility of a National Study of Child Maltreatment (2004) pdf
Tonmyr, Lil; Richard De Marco, Wendy E. Hovdestad, David Hubka
de The Psychotherapy Research Project of the Menninger Foundation: An Overview (1989)
Wallerstein, R. S.



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Art by female child soldiers in the Eritrean armed forces
nl Het zwijgen doorbreken. Getuigen van trauma met beeldende therapie. (2006) pdf
Baljon, M., M.Kramers en B. Hardon
Coping with Holocaust Trauma in Zipi Reibenbach’s Choice and Destiny (2002)
Dudai, Rina
Primo Levi: Speaking From the Flames (2002)
Dudai, Rina
Reel Collection: Notes on the Cinematic Depiction of Memory
Greenberg, Harvey Roy and Krin Gabbard
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'On the Lost Highway': Lynch and Lacan, Cinema and Cultural Pathology (1999)
Bernd Herzogenrath
Neuroscience and the Arts (2001)
Holland, Norman N.
Hysteria and trauma in Pauline Hopkins 'Of One Blood, Or, the Hidden Self.' (1999)
Horvitz, Deborah
The Dance of Dissociation (2003) (dance therapy) doc
Mullane, Sue
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The Effects of Art on the Brain of an Underprivileged Child
Pili, Christina
The gift of Saturn; Creativity and Psychopathology
Preti, Antonio MD
Edvard Munch. Art and Transformation of Mental Suffering Psychoanalytical Reflections about an Artistic Path
Trabucco, Luca
nl De risico's van interpretatie; Creatieve therapie als keurslijf (1998)
Vliet, Pleun van
Theraplay; an overview
Wolf Hill, Sean
Deadly Unconscious Logics in Joseph Heller's - Catch 22 (1993)
Young, Robert M.