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Attachment studies with borderline patients: A review. (2004) pdf
Agrawal, H.R., Gunderson, J., Holmes, B.M., & Lyons-Ruth, K.
Thick-and-thin skinned organisations and enactment in borderline and narcissistic disorders (.exe)
Bateman, Anthony
esp Control de emociones e impulsos en las personalidades borderline (2000)
Bernardo, Enrique García
Borderline Personality Disorder and Traits in Veterans: Psychiatric Comorbidity, Healthcare Utilization, and Quality of Life Along a Continuum of Severity (2006)
Black, Donald W. MD, Nancee Blum, MSW, Elena Letuchy, MS, Caroline Carney Doebbeling, MD, MSc, Valerie L. Forman-Hoffman, PhD, MPH, and Bradley N. Doebbeling, MD, MSc
Pain perception during self-reported distress and calmness in patients with borderline personality disorder and self-mutilating behavior (2000) pdf
Bohus, Martin MD, Matthias Limberger, Ulrich Ebner, Franz Xaver Glocker, Beate Schwarz, Michael Wernz, Klaus Lieb
The psychodynamics of borderline personality disorder: A view from developmental psychopathology (2005) pdf
Bradley, Rebekah PhD and Drew Westen, PhD
Etiology of Borderline Personality Disorder Disentangling the Contributions of Intercorrelated Antecedents (2005) pdf
Bradley, Rebekah PhD, Johanna Jenei, EdM, and Drew Westen, PhD
Frequency of Borderline Personality Disorder in a Sample of French High School Students (2001)
Chabrol, Henri MD, PhD, Annie Montovany, MA, Karine Chouicha, MA, Stacey Callahan, PhD, Etienne Mullet, PhD
Still-face interactions between mothers with borderline personality disorder and their 2-month-old infants (2003)
Lisa E. Crandell, PhD, Matthew P. H. Patrick, MRCPsych and R. Peter Hobson, FRCPsych
Diagnostic Criteria for Borderline Personality Disorder
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Neuropsychological Dysfunction in Children with Borderline Personality Disorder Features
Ellett, Julie A. C.
nl Cognitieve gedragstherapie bij borderline persoonlijkheidsstoornis (2001) pdf
Hauwaert, A. en G. Pieters
Deliberate self harm: systematic review of efficacy of psychosocial and pharmacological treatments in preventing repetition (1998)
Hawton, Keith; Ella Arensman, Ellen Townsend, Sandy Bremner, Eleanor Feldman, Robert Goldney, David Gunnell, Philip Hazell, Kees van Heeringen, Allan House, David Owens, Isaac Sakinofsky,Lil Träskman-Bendz
Affective Responsiveness in Borderline Personality Disorder: A Psychophysiological Approach (1999)
Herpertz, Sabine C. M.D., Hanns J. Kunert, Ph.D., Ulrich B. Schwenger, M.Eng., and Henning Sass, M.D.
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esp La gestión de las tormentas afectivas en la psicoterapia psicoanalítica de los pacientes borderline. (2003)
Kernberg, Otto
Assessing Suicidal Youth With Antisocial, Borderline, or Narcissistic Personality Disorder (2003)
Links, Paul S. MD, Brent Gould, MD, Ruwan Ratnayake
The Neuropsychological Correlates of Borderline Personality Disorder and Suicidal Behaviour(2006) pdf new
LeGris, Jeannette BN, MHSc, PhD Candidate, Rob van Reekum, MD, FRCPC
Attachment and metacognition in borderline patients (2000)
Liotti, Giovanni M.D.
it Il nucleo del Disturbo Borderline di Personalità: un'ipotesi integrativa (2000)
Liotti, Giovanni M.D.
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The Boundary Between Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disorder: Current Concepts and Challenges (2004)
Magill, Chandra A. MD
A Jacksonian and biopsychosocial hypothesis concerning borderline and related phenomena (1999) pdf
Meares, Russell; Janine Stevenson, Evian Gordon
nl Borderline: een nieuwe vrouwenziekte? Artikel in Opzij 1995
Nicolai, Dr. N.J.
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Long-Term Atypical Psychoses
Raja, Michele and Antonella Azzoni
An Equifinality Model of Borderline Personality Disorder  (1997)
Santoro, Joseph Ph.D., Michael Tisbe, M.D, Michael Katsarakes
The Biology of Borderline Personality Disorder (1997)
Siever, Larry J. M.D.
Neuroimaging in borderline personality disorder (2006) pdf
Christian Schmahl, J. Douglas Bremner
Understanding resolution of deliberate self harm: qualitative interview study of patients' experiences (2005)
Sinclair, Julia and Judith Green
The The Borderline Diagnosis I: Psychopathology, Comorbidity and personality structure pdf
The The Borderline Diagnosis II:
Biology, Genetics, and Clinical Course pdf
The The Borderline Diagnosis III:
Identifying Endophenotypes for Genetic Studies pdf
Skodol, Andrew E. M.D., John G. Gunderson, M.D., Bruce Pfohl, M.D., Thomas A. Widiger, Ph.D., W. John Livesley, Ph.D., M.D., Larry J. Siever, M.D.
Axis II Comorbidity of Substance Use Disorders Among Patients Referred for Treatment of Personality Disorders (1999)
Skodol, Andrew E. M.D., John M. Oldham, M.D., and Peggy E. Gallaher, Ph.D.
nl Borderline persoonlijkheidsstoornis
Trimbos Instituut
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nl Trauma en dissociatie bij borderline-persoonlijkheidsstoornissen (1996) pdf
Vuchelen, S.; J. van der Linden, W. van der Eycken, G. Pieters
nl Klinisch bruikbare criteria bij de differentiŽle diagnose borderline versus psychotische stoornis (2002) pdf
A.M. Weier, J.W. Hummelen
Identity Disturbance in Borderline Personality Disorder: An Empirical Investigation (2000)
Wilkinson-Ryan, Tess A.B., and Drew Westen, Ph.D.
Recent developments in borderline personality disorder (2000)
Winston, Anthony P.
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Affect Regulation in Borderline Personality Disorder (2006) pdf
Zittel, C., Bradley, R., & Westen, D.
Is Comorbidity of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder Related to Greater Pathology and Impairment? (2002) pdf
Zlotnick, Caron Ph.D., C. Laurel Franklin, Ph.D., Mark Zimmerman, M.D.