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Child Labor and Associated Problems in a Rural Town in South West Ethiopia (2003) pdf
Aberra, Maruf; Kifle W/Michael, Indrias Lemma
Unprotected sex, sexually transmitted infections and problem drinking among female sex workers in Ethiopia (2006) pdf new
Alem, Atalay; Derege Kebede, Getnet Mitike, Fikre Enqusellase, Wuleta Lemma
Child labor and childhood behavioral and mental health problems in Ethiopia (2006) pdf new
Alem, Atalay; Ababi Zergaw, Derege Kebede, Mesfin Araya, Menelik Desta, Tefera Muche, Debela Chali, Girmay Medhin
nl De Grote Kindervriend? Pedoseksueel misbruik: profiel/impact/preventie pdf
Child Focus
Research based on case studies of victims of trafficking in human beings in 3 EU Member States, i.e. Belgium, Italy and The Netherlands. (2003)  pdf
European Communities Research Rapport (DG Justice and Home Affairs)
Child labour and emotional disorders in an urban district, Ethiopia: A rapid assessment on community perception of child labour (2001) 
Fekadu, Daniel and Atalay Alem
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Child Labour
Human Rights Watch
Child Sexual Exploitation: Improving Investigations and Protecting Victims
Massachusetts Child Exploitation Network
Sexual Violence among Female Street Adolescents in Addis Ababa (2001)
Molla, Mitike; Shabbir Ismail, Abera Kumie, Fikreab Kebede
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fr Lynchage médiatique d'une victime de réseaux de pédophilie en Belgique (1999)  
Reisinger, Marc
The Trade in Child Pornography (1992)
Schuijer, Jan and Benjamin Rossen
Traffickers' New Cargo: Naive Slavic Women (1998)
Specter, Michael
Specter, Michael
Kinderporno en Kinderprostitutie in Nederland pdf
Transact & Child Right Worldwide
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Report of the special rapporteur on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography
United Nations
International Sexual Slavery  
Youngik Yoon



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de Die Fragestellung (2003) Kasper Hausers Geschwister. Auf der Suche nach dem wilden Menschen
Blumenthal, P J
fr L'enfant sauvage de Songy (1996)
Jean Paul Denise
Rituals of Healing Encountered Among Street Children of Haiti (2002)
Gray, Amber Elizabeth Lynn
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fr Mémoir sur les Premiers Développements de Victor de l'Aveyron (1801) book
fr Rapport sur les Nouveaux Développements de Victor de l'Aveyron (1806)
Itard, Jean
Death by Default: A Policy of Fatal Neglect in China's State Orphanages
Human Rights Watch
The Odyssee of a Russian Orphan
Human Rights Watch
Contradictions And Unanswered Questions In The Genie Case: A Fresh Look At The Linguistic Evidence (1995)
Jones, Dr Peter E
Nature's Experiments, Society's Closures (2002)
Leiber, Justin
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Post-Institutionalized Children
Lyon, Lynne MSW; Nancy D'Antonio; Laura Beck, CSW
Research on the Psychological Effects of Orphanage Care: A Critical Review
McCall, John
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it Bambini selvaggi (2000)
Pagano, Piergiacomo
Nurtured by Love or Matured by Nature? (2002)
Plessis, Susan du
Childhood Experience and the Expression of Genetic Potential: What Childhood Neglect Tells Us About Nature and Nurture (2002) pdf
Perry, Bruce D., M.D. Ph.D.
Psychological characteristics of South African street children (1998)
Roux, Johann le; Cheryl Sylvia Smith
Health problems of street children and women in Awassa, Southern Ethiopia  (2002) pdf
Sorsa, Solomon; Tesfaye Kidanemariam , Lopiso Erosie
The Familiar Other and Feral Selves; Life at the Human/Animal Boundary (2003)
Steeves, H. Peter
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Working with Street Children pdf
WHO - World Health Organization
The Mother Wolf (2003) examines the historical accounts for any evidence that children have ever truly been nurtured by animals
Williams, Paul
Savage or Solitary? The Wild Child and Rousseau's Man of Nature (2001)
Yousef, Nancy