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Women’s Struggle Against Muslim Fundamentalism in Algeria: Strategies or a Lesson For Survival? doc
Ait-Hamou, Louisa
Ending Domestic Violence in Muslim Families
Alkhateeb, Sharifa
Honor Killings - the Survival of Patriarchy in Different Societies (2003) pdf
Andersson, Annika
Islamisation and its Impact on Democractic Governance and Women's Rights in Islam: A Feminist Perspective
Anwar, Zainah
Women in Islam vs. Women in the Judeo-Christian Tradition; The Myth and Reality
Azeem, Dr. Sherif Abdel
Violence Against Women feature: Asylum-seeking women confronted with specific obstacles (2004)
Bexelius, Maria
The Media And Signs Of Fundamentalism: A Case In The Gambia (2002) doc
Bojang-Sissoho, Amie
Violence against women: Outcome complexity and implications for treatment. (2004) pdf
Briere, J., & Jordan, C.E.
Human Rights and Domestic Violence pdf
Craven, Zoe
Assessing the link between stalking and domestic violence. (2001)
Douglas, K.S. & Dutton, D.G.
The neurobiology of abandonment homicide. (2001)
Dutton, D.G.
Validation of the PAS in diverse male populations. (2001)
Dutton, D.G., Landolt, M., Starzomski, A., & Bodnarchuk, M.
Adult sexual assault: Prevalence, symptomatology, and sex differences in the general population. (2004) pdf
Elliott, D.M., Mok, D.S., & Briere, J.
The Swedish Law That Prohibits the Purchase of Sexual Services: Best Practices for Prevention of Prostitution and Trafficking in Human Beings (2004) pdf
Ekberg, Gunilla
“Bad for the Body, Bad for the Heart”: Prostitution Harms Women Even if Legalized or Decriminalized (2004) pdf
Farley, Melissa
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Women’s Health and Life Events Study in Rural Ethiopia (2003) pdf
Gossaye, Yegomawork; Negussie Deyessa ,Yemane Berhane, Mary Ellsberg, Maria Emmelin, Meaza Ashenafi, Atalay Alem, Alemayehu Negash, Derege Kebede, Gunnar Kullgren, Ulf Hogberg
Tackling the Health and Mental Health Effects of Domestic and Sexual Violence and Abuse (2006) pdf new
Itzin, Catherine (NIMHE - UK)
Pregnancy and Domestic Violence: A Review of the Literature (2004) pdf
Jasinski, Jana L.
Non-consensual sexual experiences of young people: A review of the evidence from developing countries (2003) pdf
Jejeebhoy, Shireen J and Sarah Bott
Power and personality: An analysis of gay male intimate abuse. (1997)
Landolt, M. A., & Dutton, D. G.
Victimization of Mothers of Abused Children: A Controlled Study (1989)
McKibben, Linda MD, MPH, Edward De Vos, EdD, and Eli H. Newberger, MD
Abuse of Pregnant Women and Adverse Birth Outcome (1992)
Newberger, Eli H.
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Woman Half-the-Man? Crisis of Male Epistemology in Islamic Jurisprudence
Sachedina, Dr. Abdulaziz
Intimate Partner Homicide: A Review of the Male Proprietariness and the Self-Defense Theories (2004) pdf
Serran, Geris and Philip Firestone
Culture of Honor, Culture of Change: A Feminist Analysis of Honor Killings in Rural Turkey (2001) pdf
Sev'er, Aysan and Gökçeçiçek Yurdakul
A Cross-Cultural Exploration of Wife Abuse: Problems and Prospects (1997) pdf
Sev'er, Aysan
Defining Psychological Maltreatment in Domestic Violence Perpetrator Treatment Programs: Multiple Perspectives
Sonkin, Daniel Jay Ph.D.
Rape in Ethiopia (2001) pdf
Tadiwos, Sara (Panos Ethiopia)
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Domestic violence against Woman and Girls pdf



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From Victim of Sexual Abuse to Perpetrator: Factors in the Transition Process from Victim of Sexual Abuse to Perpetrator (2003) doc
Briggs, Freda
I can’t remember Your Honor: Offenders Who Claim Amnesia (2002) pdf
Cima, M.; H. Merckelbach, H. Nijman, E. Knauer and S. Hollnack
Hypnotherapy and Sexual Offenders: The First Steps Towards Empathy and Healing.(1999)
Cooney, Lisa
Personality profiles and modi operandi of spousal homicide perpetrators. (1999)
Dutton, D. & Kerry, G.
Perpetrator personality effects on post-separation victim reactions in abusive relationships. (1999)
Dutton, D.G. & Haring, M.
Jealousy, intrusiveness and intimate abusiveness. (1996)
Dutton, D. G., van Ginkel, C., & Landolt, M.
Is pedophilia a mental disorder? (2002)
Gieles, Frans
Biological Fathers and Stepfathers Who Molest Their Daughters: Psychological, Phallometric and Criminal Features (2004) pdf
Greenberg, David M.; Philip Firestone, Kevin L. Nunes, John M. Bradford and Susan Curry
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Acute Neuroendocrine Response to Sexual Stimulation in Sexual Offenders (2003)
Haake, Philip MD, Manfred Schedlowski, PhD, Michael S Exton, PhD, Christoph Giepen, MD, Uwe Hartmann, PhD, Michael Osterheider, MD, Martin Flesch, MD, Onno E Janssen, MD, Norbert Leygraf, PhD, Tillmann HC Krüger, MD
Predictors of sexual offender recidivism, a meta-analysis (1996)  
Hanson, R. Karl & Bussière, Monique T.
fr Les prédicteurs de la récidive chez les délinquants sexuels: une méta-analyse (1996)  
Hanson, R. Karl & Bussière, Monique T.
nl Dadertherapie - Ik blijf voor altijd een dader (2000)
Hooft, Lisette 't
Pedoseksuele delinquentie Een onderzoek naar prevalentie, toedracht en strafrechtelijke interventies (2006) pdf
Leuw, E.; R.V. Bijl, A. Daalder.
When the Pediatrician Is a Pedophile (1976)
Moore, Carolyn Newberger and Eli H. Newberger
Abuse of Children by Priests in the Boston Archdiocese: Violations of Applicable Standards of Care (2003)
Newberger, Eli H. MD
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Violence Against Women: Philosophical and Religious Foundations of Gender Morality
Prescott, James W. Ph.D.
Body Pleasure and the Origins of Violence (2000)     (also in de , fr, esp, nl)
Prescott, James W. Ph.D.
Developing more of the picture: Assessing the impact of sexual assault from a developmental perspective. (1999) doc
O'Leary, Timothy
Objective Documentation of Child Abuse and Dissociation in 12 Murderers With Dissociative Identity Disorder (1997) pdf
Otnow Lewis, Dorothy M.D., Catherine A. Yeager, M.A., Yael Swica, B.A., Jonathan H. Pincus, M.D., and Melvin Lewis, M.B.B.S., F.R.C.Psych., D.C.H.
The Male Batterer: A Twenty Year Retrospective  
Sonkin, Daniel
A comparison of instrumental and impulsive subgroups of batterers. (1998)
Tweed, R. & Dutton, D.G.
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Age of Innocence Who says child pornography is a grey area? Only criminals, warns Andrew Vachss. (1994)
Vachss, Andrew
Female Sexual Abusers: A Theory of Loss  (1990)
Wakefield, Hollida; Martha Rogers, and Ralph Underwager
Paidika Interview
Wakefield, Hollida and Ralph Underwager