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Understanding Subjectivity: Global Workspace Theory and the Resurrection of the Observing Self   (1996)
Baars, Bernard J.
What is the Unity of Consciousness? (2003) pdf
Bayne, Tim and David J. Chalmers
First Person: Neuro-Cognitive Notes on the Self in Life and in Fiction (2000)
Benzon, William L.
The Evolution of Narrative and the Self (1993)
Benzon, William L.
Mathematics and psychoanalysis: a love affair (1999)
Benvenuto, Sergio
Agency and Free Will. (2003) pdf
Blackmore, Susan
Damaged Brains (2003) pdf
Blackmore, Susan
Memes, Minds and Selves
Blackmore, Susan
Two neural correlates of consciousness (2005) pdf
Block, Ned
On a confusion about a function of consciousness (1995)
Block, Ned
Self-reference in phenomenology and cognitive science (1996)
Bojadziev, Damjan
The Mind as Conflict and Compromise Formation
Brenner, Charles M.D.
The Third Culture; Beyond the Scientific Revolution book
Brockman, John
Parallel Memories: Putting Emotions Back Into The Brain A Talk With Joseph LeDoux (1997)
Brockman, John
How to Make a Soul   (reaction on the the 1996 Tucson II Consciousness conference)  
Brown, Andrew
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The Cerebral Code: Thinking a Thought in the Mosaics of the Mind book
Calvin, William. H.
Inside the Brain book
Calvin, William. H. and George A. Ojemann
Competing for Consciousness: How subconscious Thoughts Cook on the Backburner  
A talk with William H. Calvin
fr Un jalon pour l'émergence de la psychologie scientifique : Pierre Janet et les médecins aliénistes du Havre (22 février 1883 - août 1889) (2006) pdf new
Carbonel, Frédéric
What is a Neural Correlate of Consciousness?  (2000)
Chalmers, David J.
Consciousness and its Place in Nature (2002) pdf
Chalmers, David J.
The Puzzle of Conscious Experience.  (1995) pdf
Chalmers, David J.
Psychiatry and the Human Condition (2000) book
Charlton, Bruce MD
Minds, Memes, and Multiples
Clark, Stephen R.L.
Modernism Without Janet? (2005) pdf
Cotsell, Michael
The Psyche that Dropped the Bomb (2001)
Davis, Walter A. PhD
The origin of species by means of natural selection (1927) CLASSIC book
Darwin, Charles M.A., F.R.S.
The expression of the emotions in man and animals (1872) CLASSIC book
Darwin, Charles M.A., F.R.S.
Science, Delusion and the Apetite for Wonder  
Dawkins, Richard
Is Science killing the Soul? debat
Dawkins, Richard and Steven Pinker
Filling In versus Finding Out: A Ubiquitous Confusion in Cognitive Science
Dennett, Daniel C.
The Evolution of Culture   (1999) 
Dennett, Daniel C.
Time and the observer: the where and when of conciousness in the brain  (1995) 
Dennett, Daniel C. and Marcel Kinsbourne
The Self as a Center of Narrative Gravity (1988-1992)
Dennett, Daniel C.
The Origins of Selves
Dennett, Daniel C.
The Path Not Taken (Commentary on Ned Block)
Dennett, Daniel C.
The meeting of Trauma and Conitive Science: Facing challenges and creating opportunities at the Cross roads (2001) pdf
DePrince, Anne P. and Jennifer J. Freyd
Post-modernism and the construct of the divisible self.
Dunning, William V.
Darwin among the machines; or, the Origins or (artificial) life  
Dyson, George
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Human action: The invisible side. Janet’s psychology of conduct and Soviet activity theory on the inner plane of the human psyche. (2004) doc
Fedunina, Natalia PhD
Motor ontology: The representational reality of goals, actions, and selves. (2003) pdf
Gallese V., Metzinger T.
Chaotic Logic Language, Thought and Reality From the Perspective of Complex Systems Science book
Dissociative Dynamics (from: Chaotic Logic - chapter 12)  (1994)
Goertzel, Ben
Faces of Psychological Complexity
Goertzel, Ben
Self-Consciousness, Psychopathology and Realism about Self (2000)
Graham, George
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Double consciousness in Britain 1815-1875 (1991)  pdf
Hacking, Ian
Anomalous control: When 'free-will' is not conscious (2004) pdf
Haggard, Patrick; Peter Cartledge, Meilyr Dafydd, and David A. Oakley
Greatest myth of all (2000) pdf
Peter Halligan and David Oakley
Consciousness, neurobiology and quantum mechanics: The case for a connection
Hameroff, Stuart
Accessing Alternity: Neurotechnology and Alternate States of Consciousness (1992) pdf
Harrah-Conforth, Bruce Ph.D.
Animal Minds
Hauser, Marc D. ; A Talk with ...
Theory of Mind in Nonhuman primates (2001)
Heyes, C. M.
Commentary on Michael Winkelman, ‘Shamanism and cognitive evolution’ (2002)
Humphrey, Nicholas
"Cave Art, Autism, and the Evolution of the Human Mind." (1998) pdf
Humphrey, Nicholas
What shall we tell the children? (1997)
Humphrey, Nicholas
Speaking for Our Selves: an assessment of multiple personality disorder (1989) pdf
Humphrey, Nicholas and Daniel C. Dennett
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The varieties of religious experience A Study in Human Nature (1902) CLASSIC book
James, William
How sophisticated is unconscious cognition? Can unsophisticated unconscious cognition account for self-deception, and neuropsychological and psychopathological syndromes? (1999) dissertation
Johnson, Martina
A New Intellectual Framework for Psychiatry (1998) pdf
Kandel, Eric R. M.D.
Self and Identity as Memory (2002)
Kihlstrom, John F. , Jennifer S. Beer, Stanley B. Klein
The Rediscovery of the Unconscious (2002)
Kihlstrom, John F.
The Psychological Unconscious
Kihlstrom, John F.
Stage Effects in the Cartesian Theater: A review of Daniel Dennett's Consciousness Explained (1993)
Korb, Kevin B.
Trance and the Trickster: Hypnosis as a liminal phenomenon
Krippner, Ph.D., Stanley
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Parallel Memories: Putting Emotions Back Into The Brain  
LeDoux, Joseph - a talk with ...
The Fables of Lucy R.: Association and Dissociation in Neural Networks  
Lloyd, Dan
Towards a psyche for psychiatry (2003) pdf
Meares, Russell
Why people think and computers can't (1982)
Minsky, Marvin
The Dead Emperor's New Clothes Multiplicity, Japanese culture and television
Lippit, Akira Mizuta
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Imitation and other minds: The "Like Me" hypothesis (2005) pdf
Meltzoff, A. N.
A neuro-socio-cognitive model of self-awareness with an emphasis on inner speech (2003) pdf
Morin, Alain
The Split-Brain debate revisited: On the importance of language and self-recognition for right hemispheric consciousness(2001) pdf
Morin, Alain
The Multiplicity of Consciousness and the Emergence of the Self (2003) pdf
O'Brien, Gerard and Opie, Jon
Dispensing with the Dynamic Unconscious (2002) pdf
O'Brien, G. & Jureidini, J.
The last rites of the dynamic unconscious. (2002) pdf
O'Brien, G. & Jureidini, J.
Connectionist Vehicles, Structural Resemblance, and the Phenomenal Mind (2001) pdf
O'Brien, Gerard and Opie, Jon
Putting Content into a Vehicle Theory of Consciousness (1999)
O'Brien, Gerard and Opie, Jon
A connectionist theory of phenomenal experience.  (1999) pdf
O'Brien, Gerard and Opie, Jon
A Defense of Cartesian Materialism (1999) pdf
O'Brien, Gerard and Opie, Jon
The Disunity of Consciousness  (1998) pdf
O'Brien, Gerard and Opie, Jon
Disunity Defended: A Reply to Bayne (1998) pdf
O'Brien, Gerard and Opie, Jon
Cognitive Science and Phenomenal Consciousness: A Dilemma, and How To Avoid It  (1997) pdf
O'Brien, Gerard and Opie, Jon
Conciousness; A connectionist perspective (1998) pdf
Opie, Jon
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Is Knowing Believing?: The Role of Event Plausibility and Background Knowledge in Planting False Beliefs about the Personal Past (2006) pdf
Pezdek, Kathy; Iris Blandon-Gitlin, Shirley Lam, Rhiannon Ellis Hart, Jonathan W. Schooler
"False Memory" Research: What Research Paradigms Have Cognitive Psychologists Used to Study “False Memory,” and What are the Implications of These Choices? (2006) pdf
Pezdek, Kathy; Shirley Lam
Organs Of Computation  
Pinker, Steven: A Talk With ...
Orienting in a defensive world: Mammalian modifications of our evolutionary heritage. A Polyvagal Theory (1995)
Porges, Steven W.
An Introduction to Dissociative Identity Disorder as a Model for Distributed Subjectivity in Cyberspace
Reed, Vernon ACTLab, U of Texas
Five levels of self-awareness as they unfold early in life (2003) pdf
Rochat, Philippe
Rescuing Memory
Rose, Steven: A Talk with (biologist)
L'Automatisme Psychologique de Pierre Janet (1889): courte présentation (2006) pdf
Saillot, Isabelle
Pierre Janet's Evolutionnism: A Guideline For Assessment And reformulation (2004) doc
Saillot, Isabelle
Aristotle on the Emotions as Objects of Aesthetic Pleasure: A Psychological Perspective pdf
Stamatopoulou, Despina
Cognitive Science and Psychiatry: An Overview (1992)
Stein, Dan J.
How is Personality formed?  
Sulloway, Frank J. : A Talk with ...
What Does Heinz Kohut Mean by the Self"? Associations on a Theme  
Süsske, Rudolf
Philosophy and Memory traces: Descartes to connectionism (2000)
Sutton, John
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Altered States of Cconsciousness and Self-Experience (1999)
Tart, Charles T.
Altered States of Consciousness (1999)
Tart, Charles T.
Investigating Altered States of Consciousness on Their Own Terms: A Proposal for the Creation of State-Specific Sciences (1998)
Tart, Charles T.
Altered States Are Not Inherently Pathological (1996)
Tart, Charles T.
Adapting Eastern Spiritual Teachings to our Western Culture: A discussion with Shinzen Young (1990)
Tart, Charles T.
Computing machinery and intelligence (1950)
Turing, A.M.
Buddhist Meditation and Personal Construct Psychology (1997)
Thirakoul, Phouttasone
Ian Hacking on Pierre Janet: observations  (1996) (with a 2005 postscript) doc
Van der Hart, Onno PhD
Janet's constructive theory of the social mind (2006) doc
Van der Veer, Rene
nl De dissociatieve identiteitsstoornis en het postmoderne bewustzijnsbegrip (1999) pdf
Van der Feltz-Cornelis, C.M. en W. van Tilburg
When perception becomes concious (1999)
Velmans, Max
The Relation of Consciousness to the Material World (1995)
Velmans, Max
Dennett & Culture: The role of culture in the construction of the human mind. (1998)
Vincent, Nicole
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Brains, Bodies, Bifurcations and Attractors: Chaos Rules in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Warfel, Elizabeth
The Death of Implicit Memory (1995)
Willingham, Daniel B. and Laura Preuss
Shamanism as Neurotheology and Evolutionary Psychology (2002) pdf
Winkelman, Michael
Between Nosology and Narrative, Where should we be?  
Young, Robert M.
The Vicissitudes of Transference and Countertransference: The Work of Harold Searles (1991)
Young, Robert M.
Psychoanalysis and the Public Sphere (1987)
Young, Robert M.
Welcome to the desert of the real! (2001)
Zizek, Slavoj