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The History & Psychology of Spirit Possession & Exorcism.
Bancroft, Mark MA
The influence of husbands' approval on women's use of prenatal care: Results from Yirgalem and Jimma towns, south west Ethiopia (2006) pdf
Biratu, Belay T. and David P. Lindstrom
When Stones Come to Life. (Ojibwa people, and others, who practice animism)
Bower, Bruce
Glossary of Culture-Bound Syndromes: Psychiatric syndromes which are endemic to particular cultures
Schizophrenia throughout the history - The prehistoric times
Carlsson, Lena U.
Historical, religious and medical perspectives of posession phenomenon (2000) pdf
Chiu, S.N.
Spirit-Child: The Aboriginal Experience of Pre-Birth Communication
Carman, Elizabeth and Neil Carman, Ph.D.
Puzzling over possession: comments on dissociation articles on possession (1993) pdf
Crabtree, Adam Ph.D.
The Evolution of Psyche and Society
deMouse, Lloyd
Transcultural Aspects of Dissociative and Somatoform Disorders (2004)
Escobar, Javier I. M.D
The Self in Northern Canadian Hunting Societies:“Cannibals” and other “Monsters” as Agents of Healing (2004) pdf
Ferrara, Nadia and Guy Lanoue
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The Clinical Characteristics of Possession Disorder Among 20 Chinese Patients in the Hebei Province of China (1998)
Gaw, Albert C. M.D., Qin-zhang Ding, M.D., Ruth E. Levine, M.D. and Hsiao-feng Gaw, L.I.C.S.W.
Dissociation, Childhood Trauma, and Ataque De Nervios Among Puerto Rican Psychiatric Outpatients (2002) pdf
Lewis-Fernández, Roberto M.D., Pedro Garrido-Castillo, Ph.D., Mari Carmen Bennasar, Psy.D., Elsie M. Parrilla, LICSW, Amaro J. Laria, Ph.D., Guoguang Ma, M.S., and Eva Petkova, Ph.D.
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A selective review of the ethnocultural aspects of PTSD pdf
Marsella, Anthony J. Ph.D., Matthew J. Friedman, M.D., Ph.D., & E. Huland Spain, Ph.D.
Neurophysiological and Psychological approaches to Spirit Posession in Haiti
Mizrach, Steve
Ayahuasca, shamanism, and curanderismo in the Andes
Mizrach, Steve
Through Colombian Lenses: Ethnographic and Conventional Analyses of Maternal Care and Their Associations with Secure Base Behavior (2004) pdf
Posada, G., Carbonell, O. A., Alzate, G. & Plata, S. J.
Anomalies of consciousness: Indian perspectives and research (1994)
Ramakrishna Rao, K.
The influence of "espiritismo" on a case of mulitple personality disorder (1991) pdf
Ronquillo, Edison B.
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Fibromyalgia: towards an integration of somatic and psychological aspects (1995) book
Blécourt, A.C.E. de; Knipping, A.A
Thesis: Alexithymia and Dissociation (1995) pdf
Burch, Jeffrey P.
Dissociative symptoms in patients with factitious disorders with Physical and Psychological Symptoms (2003) pdf
Di Fiorino, Mario; Manuela Garuglieri, Alfredo Gemignani
Factitious Disorders: the Münchausen and Ganserian patients (2003) pdf
Di Fiorino, Mario
The Role of Affect in Somatoform and Factitious Disorders (1998)
Fernandez, Ephrem PhD
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Somatization and Conversion Disorder (2004) 
Hurwitz, Trevor A MD
Alexithymia and verbal intelligence: a psychometric study (2001)
Valdes M, Jodar I, Ojuel J, Sureda B.
Is Alexithymia a Risk Factor for Unexplained Physical Symptoms in General Medical Outpatients? (2000)
Kooiman, Cornelis G. MD, Jan H. Bolk, PhD, Ronald Brand, PhD, Rutger W. Trijsburg, PhD and Harry G. M. Rooijmans, PhD
Fibrofog, Fibromyalgia and Dissociation: Understanding why some memory-impaired patients with fibromyalgia score normally on neuropsychological testing. (2002)
Leavitt, Frank Ph.D.
Alexithymia and schizophrenic psychopathology (2004) pdf
Maggini, Carlo and Andrea Raballo
nl Paranoia en somatoforme klachten bij een Nigeriaanse vluchtelinge (2006) pdf
Marcq, C.; S. Claes
When a Patient Has No Story To Tell: Alexithymia (2000)
Muller, Rený J. Ph.D.
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Somatoform Disorder: Somatization (2004)
Spratt, Eve G MD, David DeMasso M.D.
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