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The legacy of combat trauma: clinical implications of intergenerational transmission (1998) pdf
Ancharoff, Michelle R; Munroe, James Franklin; Fisher, Lisa M
Childhood Exposure to violence : Psychological and Behavioral aftermath in adolescence Report; Palestinian adolescents survey in Gaza  doc 
Awwad, Dr. Elia; Dr. Nancy Dubrow, Dr. Bojo Pinek
The Live-and-Let-Live System in Trench Warfare in World War I. (1984) pdf
Axelrod, R.
Children in Natural Disaster: An Experience of the 1988 Earthquake in Armenia  
Azarian, Anait Ph.D., E.T.S., Vitali Skriptchenko-Gregorian, Ph.D.
Psychological impact of military violence on children as a function of distance from traumatic event: the Palestinian case (2003) pdf
Baker, Ahmed M. & Hana M. Kanan
Trends in Suicide, Parasuicide and Accidental poisoning in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.  (1999) pdf
Bekry, Abdulreshid Abdullahi
Problems of Ethiopian Ex-Combatants (2004) pdf
Belo, Nico
Children's and Adolescents' Exposure to Community Violence, Post-Traumatic Stress Reactions, and Treatment Implications
Berman, Steven L.; Wendy K. Silverman & William M. Kurtines
Community Psychosocial Support in Afghanistan (2004) pdf
de Berry, Jo
Behandeling van PTSS bij asielzoekers in relatie tot de asielprocedure (2006) pdf
Bloemen, Evert
Coordination of Mental Health and Community Agencies in Disaster Responsepdf
Bowenkamp, Christine “Dusty” RN, CTR
Dissociation in combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder (1991) pdf
Branscomb, Louisa
Chronic PTSD in Vietnam combat veterans: course of illness and substance abuse (1996) pdf
Bremner, J Douglas; Southwick, Steven M; Darnell, Adam; Charney, Dennis S
Prevalence, characteristics, and long-term sequelae of natural disaster exposure in the general population. (2000) pdf
Briere, J., & Elliott, D.M.
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Working towards overcoming psychological consequences of oppression: an example from India  (2003) pdf
Chattopadhyay, Gouranga P.
A psychosocial model of healing from traumas of ethnic cleansing; The case of Bosnia (2001) pdf
Cullberg Weston, Marta
Trauma Psychology in Namibia: Notes From the Field  (2001) pdf 
Curling, Penelope MA
Psychiatric implications of chronic civilian strife or war: Northern Ireland  (2001)
Curran, Peter S. and Paul W. Miller
Fathers with War-Related PTSD   (1997)
Curran, Erika LCSW
Child Development And Post-traumatic Stress Disorder After Hurricane Exposure
Delamater, Alan M. PhD, and E. Brooks Applegate, PhD
Cross-cultural Counseling In Disaster Settings (1999)
Doherty, George W.
Childhood factors and war zone stress in chronic PTSD (1996) pdf
Donovan, Beverly Sue; Padin-Rivera, Edgardo; Dowd, Thomas; Blake, Dudley David
Malnutrition and Mental Development: Is There a Sensitive Period? A Nested Case-control Study (2002) pdf
Drewett,Robert Dieter Wolke, Makonnen Asefa, Mirgissa Kaba, Fasil Tessema
Debriefing interventions for stressful events among collective societies: The case of the Palestinian-Arabs in Israel (2005)
Dwairy, Marwan D. Sc.
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Personality, Temperament, and Attachment Style Among Offspring of World War II Victims: An integration of descriptive and structural features of personality. (2003) pdf
Eurelings-Bontekoe, Elisabeth H.M.; Margot J. Verschuur, and Bas Schreuder
More than PTSD: Proactive Responses Among Disaster Survivors (1998)
Eyre, Anne PhD
Working with survivors of war in non-western cultures: the role of the clinical psychologist (2004) pdf
Fernando, Gaithri A. Ph.D.
A model of war zone stressors and posttraumatic stress disorder (1999) pdf
Fontana, Alan; Rosenheck, Robert A
Impact of combat and sexual harassment on the severity of posttraumatic stress disorder among men and women peacekeepers in Somalia (2000) pdf
Fontana, Alan; Litz, Brett T; Rosenheck, Robert A
Disorders of Extreme Stress Following Warzone Military Trauma: Associated Features of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Comorbid but Distinct Syndromes? (1999)
Ford, Julian D. Ph.D.
In the Wake of Terrorist Attack, Hatred May Mask Fear (2002) pdf
Freyd, Jennifer J.
What is a Psychosocial Intervention? Mapping the Field in Sri Lanka  (2003) pdf
Galappatti, Ananda
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Alcohol Use, and Perceived Safety After the Terrorist Attack on the Pentagon (2003) 
Grieger, Thomas A. M.D., Carol S. Fullerton, Ph.D. and Robert J. Ursano, M.D.
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From silence to dialogue, a partner group of refugees from Middle Africa.   (1999)   
Haans, Drs. A.
Time does not heal all wounds:"Traumatic Stress in South Africa; Working towards solutions"   (1999)
Haans, Drs. Ton
Is lathyrism still endemic in northern Ethiopia? - The case of Legambo Woreda (district) in the South Wollo Zone, Amhara National Regional State (food shortages) (2005) pdf
Haimanot, Redda Tekle; Amsalu Feleke, Fernand Lambein
The Effect of Combat-Related PTSD on Children  (1991) 
Harkness, Laurie Ph.D.
Refugees Seeking Asylum: Understanding the Process and Seeing the Need for Change   (2003)  
Herlihy, Jane
Prediction of Children's Coping Following a Natural Disaster - the Mount Ruapehu Eruptions: A prospective study   (1999)  
Huzziff, Caryl A & Kevin R Ronan
The cultural dimension of war traumas in central Mozambique: The case of Gorongosa
Igreja, Victor M.A., Bas J. N., Schreuder, M.D., Ph.D., Wim Chr. Kleijn, M.A.
Youth clubs: psychosocial intervention with young refugees (2003) pdf
Ispanovic-Radojkovic, Veronika
Mental Health Intervention in the Aftermath of a Mass Casualty Disaster
Jones, John G. Ph.D. ABBP ATR-BC
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Psychiatric disorders in an African refugee camp (2004) pdf
Kamau, Michae;l Derrick Silove, Zachary Steel, Ronald Catanzaro, Catherine Bateman, & Solvig Ekblad
Adult attachment and emotional responses to traumatic memories among Palestinian former political prisoners (2003) pdf
Kanninen, Katri; Raija-Leena Punamäki and Samir Qouta
Effects of Cultural Values on the Attitudes and Behaviours of Survivors of the 1999 Earthquake in Turkey (2004)
Kasapoglu, M.Aytul and Mehmet C. Ecevit
Proposed MAPS-Sponsored Israeli Pilot Study: MDMA-assisted Psychotherapy in Twelve People with War and Terrorism-related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) (2005) pdf
Kotler, Dr. Moshe
Managing uncertainty; coping styles of refugees in western countries (2004) pdf
Kramer, Sander & Julia Bala
Towards a Theory of Humiliation: Somalia, Rwanda / Burundi, and Hitler’s Germany  (2001) pdf
Lindner, Evelin Gerda
An Epidemiologic Study of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Flood Victims in Hunan China (2006) pdf new
Liu, Aizhong MB, PhD, Hongzhuan Tan, MB, PhD, Jia Zhou, MB, MPH, Shuoqi Li, MB, Tubao Yang, MB, MPH, Jieru Wang, MB, PhD, Jian Liu, MB, PhD, Xuemin Tang, MB, Zhenqiu Sun, MB2, Shi Wu Wen, MB, PhD
Making Tangible Gains in Parent-Child Relationships with Traumatized Refugees  (2004) pdf
Loar, Lynn
Acute Treatment of Disaster Survivors  (2004)  
Lubit, Roy MD, PhD
Review of Child and Adolescent Refugee Mental Health  (2003) pdf
Lustig, Stuart L. MD, MPH; Maryam Kia-Keating, EdM; Wanda Grant-Knight, PhD, Paul Geltman, MD, MPH; Heidi Ellis, PhD; Dina Birman, PhD; J. David Kinzie, MD; Terence Keane, PhD; Glenn N. Saxe, MD
Swedish Soldiers in Peacekeeping Operations: Stress Reactions Following Missions in Congo, Lebanon, Cyprus, and Bosnia
Lundin, Tom M.D., Ph.D., & Ulf Otto, M.D., Ph.D.
Stress reactions in Israel in the face of terrorism: Two Community Samples (2003) pdf
Mansdorf, Irwin J. and Jacob Weinberg
Isolated, Afraid and Forgotten: The Service Delivery Needs and Realities of Immigrant and Refugee Women Who Are Battered (1990) pdf
MacLeod, Linda and Maria Shin
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and General Psychopathology in Children and Adolescents Following a Wildfire Disaster  (2005) pdf
McDermott, Brett M MBBS, Cert Child Psych, FRANZCP, Erica M Lee, BA, Dip Psych, Marianne Judd, BSc Psych, MEd, Peter Gibbon, PhD
Reintegration of soldiers: The missing piece (2004) pdf
Mogapi, Nomfundo
The evaluation of mental health services in war: a case register in Bosnia-Herzegovina (2003) pdf
Mooren, Trudy T.M.; Kaz de Jong, Rolf J. Kleber, Sejla Kulenovic and Jadranka Ruvic
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Risk Factors for Adverse Outcomes in Natural and Human-Caused Disasters: A Review of the Empirical Literature
Norris, Fran H.; Christopher M. Byrne and Eolia Diaz and Krzysztof Kaniasty
Aid after Disasters; Needs a long term public mental health perspective (2005) pdf
Ommeren, Mark van et.al
The Nakivale Camp Mental Health Project: building local competency for psychological assistance to traumatised refugees (2004) pdf
Onyut, Lamaro P.; Frank Neuner, Elisabeth Schauer, Verena Ertl, Michael Odenwald, Maggie Schauer & Thomas Elbert
Traumatic Grief: Symptomatology and Treatment for the Iraq War Veteran  (2000) 
Pivar, Ilona Ph.D.
The Role of Peritraumatic Dissociation and Gender in the Association Between Trauma and Mental Health in a Palestinian Community Sample (2005)
Punamäki, Raija-Leena Ph.D., Ivan H. Komproe, Ph.D., Samir Qouta, Ph.D., Mustafa Elmasri, M.D. and Joop T.V.M. de Jong, M.D., Ph.D.
The Uninvited Guest of War Enters Childhood: Developmental and Personality Aspects of War and Military Violence  (2002) pdf
Punamäki, Raija-Leena
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A Role for Prospective Longitudinal Investigations in the Study of Traumatic Stress and Disasters (1990)
Reid, John B.
On the Repression of War Experience.  (1918) classic
Rivers, W. H. R. M.D
The Effects of a "Benign" Disaster: Symptoms of Post-traumatic Stress in Children Following a Series of Volcanic Eruptions  (1997)
Ronan, Kevin R.
A protocol for psychosocial intervention in refugee crisis; early experiences in Rwandan refugee camps (2004) pdf
Scholte, Willem F.; Willem A.C.M. van de Put, Joop P. de Jong
Ask not for whom the bell tolls: Controversy in Post–Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment Outcome Findings for War Veterans (2003) pdf
Scurfield, Raymond M. and John P. Wilson
Stress Reactions and Coping Resources Mobilized by Children under Shelling and Evacuation (2004)
Shacham, Dr. Miri; Prof. Mooli Lahad
Structured writing about a natural disaster buffers the effect of intrusive thoughts on negative affect and physical symptoms
Smyth, Joshua M.; Jill Hockemeyer, Chris Anderson, Kim Strandberg, Michelle Koch, H. Katherine O'Neill & Susan McCammon
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Not talking about traumatic experiences: harmful or healing? Coping with war memories in southwest Uganda (2004) pdf
Tankink, Marian
Combat Stress in Chechnya: "The Equal Opportunity Disorder"  (2000)
Mr. Timothy L. Thomas, MAJ Charles P. O'Hara, MSC
Collective Trauma among Displaced People and Refugees in Ethiopia: Steps towards Intervention Projects   (1997)
Trapman, M.J.
The prisoner of War (2001) pdf
Ursano, Robert J. M.D., James R. Rundell M.D., M. Richard Fragala M.D., Susan G. Larson M.D., John T. Jaccard M.D., Harold J. Wain M.D., George T. Brandt M.D. , Brucinda L. Beach Lic.S.W.-Sic
Edinburgh Spurs Memories of Psychological Effects of War.  (2001)  
Van der Hart, Onno PhD
Somatoform Dissociation in Traumatized World War I Combat Soldiers: A Neglected Clinical Heritage (2000) 
Van der Hart, Onno; Annemieke van Dijke, Maarten van Son, Kathy Steele
Trauma-induced dissociative amnesia in World War I combat soldiers   (1999) pdf
Van der Hart, Onno, PhD, Paul Brown, MD, Mariëtte Graafland, MA
The impact of the 1991 Gulf War on the mind and brain: findings from neuropsychological and neuroimaging research  (2006) pdf
Vasterling, Jennifer J. and J. Douglas Bremner
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Torture and War Trauma Survivors in Primary Care Practice   (2000)
Weinstein, Harvey M. MD, MPH; Laura Dansky, PhD; and Vincent Iacopino, MD, PhD.
Peacekeeper Stress: New And Different?  (1996)
Weisaeth, Lars M.D., Ph.D., Lars Mehlum, M.D., Ph.D., & Mauritz S. Mortensen, M.A.
Severity of Trauma Among Refugee Psychiatric Patients   (2000)    
Westermeyer, Joseph M.D., Ph.D.
Combat-Induced Dissociative Amnesia: Review and Case Example of Generalized Dissociative Amnesia (2002) pdf
Witztum, Eliezer MD, Haim Margalit, PhD, Onno van der Hart, PhD
Female Military Veterans and Traumatic Stress   (1993) pdf
Wolf, Jessica PhD
PTSD in Survivors of Rwanda's 1994 War
Wulsin, Lawson R. M.D., and Athanase Hagengimana, M.D.
Chronic neurobehavioral effects of Tokyo subway sarin poisoning in relation to posttraumatic stress disorder (1998)
Yokoyama, Kazuhito
Alleviating the Effects of War and Displacement on Children (2002) pdf
Yule, William