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Coping and Health: A Comparison of the Stress and Trauma Literatures pdf
Aldwin, Carolyn M. and Loriena A. Yancura
Treatment-related changes in cardiovascular reactivity to trauma cues in motor vehicle accident-related PTSD (2002) pdf
Blanchard, Edward B; Hickling, Edward J; Veazey, Connie H; Buckley, Todd Charles; Freidenberg, Brian M; Walsh, Janine D; Keefer, Laurie
Relationship Between Acute Stress Disorder and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Following Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (1998)
Bryant, Richard A. Ph.D., and Allison G. Harvey, Ph.D.
Psychotherapeutic Interventions at the End of Life: A Focus on Meaning and Spirituality (2004)
Breitbart, William MD, Christopher Gibson, PhD, Shannon R Poppito, PhD, Amy Berg, BS
Stress and Psychological Impact on SARS Patients During the Outbreak (2004)
Chua, Siew E. MRCPsych, Vinci Cheung, MPhil, Grainne M McAlonan, PhD, Charlton Cheung, BSc, Josephine WS Wong, MRCPsych, Erik PT Cheung, MA, Marco TY Chan4, Teresa KW Wong, BSc, Khai M Choy, BM, BCh, Chung M Chu, FRCP, Peter WH Lee, PhD, Kenneth WT Tsang, FRCP
Practitioner Review: Long-term consequences of Childhood Cancer (1998) pdf
Eiser, Christine
Mood Disorders in the Medically Ill: Scientific Review and Recommendations (2005) pdf
Evans DL, Charney DS, Lewis L, Golden RN, Gorman JM, Krishnan KRR, Nemeroff CB, Bremner JD, Carney RM, Coyne JC, DeLong MR, Frasure-Smith N, Glassman AH, Gold PW, Grant I, Gwyther L, Ironson G, Johnson RL, Kanner AM, Katon WJ, Kaufmann PG, Keefe FJ, Ketter T, Laughren TP, Leserman J, Lyketsos CG, McDonald WM, McEwen BS, Miller AH, Musselman D, O’Connor C, Petitto JM, Pollock BG, Robinson RG, Roose SP, Rowland J, Sheline Y, Sheps DS, Simon G, Spiegel D, Stunkard A, Sunderland T, Tibbits P, Valvo WJ
Is a history of trauma associated with a reduced likelihood of cervical cancer screening? (2002)
Farley, Melissa; Jacqueline M. Golding, Jerome R. Minkoff
Neural processing of traumatic events in subjects suffering PTSD : a case study of two surgical patients with severe accident trauma  (2004)
Flatten, Guido; Volker Perlitz, Martina Pestinger, Tuncay Arin, Barbara Kohl, Frank Kastrau, Ralph Schnitker, René Vohn, Jochen Weber, Michael Ohnhaus, Ernst R. Petzold, Hans J. Erli
Identifying and treating VA medical care patients with undetected sequelae of psychological trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (1996)
Ford, Julian D; Ruzek, Josef I; Niles, Barbara L
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Posttraumatic Stress and the Experience of Cancer: A Literature Review (1999)
Journal of Rehabilitation
Does a History of Childhood Sexual Abuse Affect Sexual Outcomes in Breast Cancer Survivors? (2005)
Gail E. Wyatt, Tamra Burns Loeb, Katherine A. Desmond, Patricia A. Ganz
Trauma History as a Predictor of Psychologic Symptoms in Women With Breast Cancer (2000)
Green, Bonnie L.; Janice L. Krupnick, Julia H. Rowland, Steven A. Epstein, Patricia Stockton, Ilyse Spertus, Nicole Stern
Stress Response Syndromes and Cancer: Conceptual and Assessment Issues (2002) pdf
Gurevich, Maria Ph.D., Gerald M. Devins, Ph.D., C.Psych., and Gary M. Rodin, M.D., FRCP (C)
nl Stilstaan bij het leven; Doelen van mensen met kanker in groepsbegeleiding (2004) pdf
Kieviet-Stijnen, Arenda; Adriaan Visser, Bert Garssen & Anette Pet (HDI)
Dissociation and post-traumatic stress disorder: two prospective studies of road traffic accident survivors (2002)
Murray, James; D. Phil; Anke Ehlers, PhD; Richard A. Mayou, MD
Cancer and Post Traumatic Stress
The identification of psychological distress in women with breast cancer (2004)
National Breast Cancer Centre
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An examination of the relationship between chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder (2003)
Otis, John D. PhD; Terence M. Keane, PhD; Robert D. Kerns, PhD
Somatic Experiencing in the Treatment of Automobile Accident Trauma (2003)
Poole Heller, Diane Ph.D. and Larry Heller, Ph.D.
Traumatic Stress in injured and ill children (2003)
Saxe, Glenn MD, Douglas Vanderbilt, MD and Barry Zuckerman, MD
nl Posttraumatische stressstoornis ten gevolge van somatische ziekten of de behandeling daarvan (2004) pdf
Scholte, W.F.; M. Olff, B.P.R. Gersons
Posttraumatic Stress in Medically Ill Patients (2007) new
Shemesh, Eyal MD
The phenomenology of social withdrawel following brain insult (1999)
Sugarman, Roy
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Relation of Psychological Vulnerability Factors to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptomatology in Bone Marrow Transplant Recipients (2000)
Widows, Michelle R. MA, Paul B. Jacobsen, PhD and Karen K. Fields, MD
Structured Interview Assessment of Symptoms and Concerns in Palliative Care (2004)
Wilson, Keith G. PhD, Ian D Graham, PhD, Raymond A Viola, MSc, MD, Susan Chater MB, Barbara J de Faye, PhD, Lynda A Weaver, MHA, MEd, Julie A Lachance, MA, MSc
Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms and Medical Procedures in Children (1997) pdf
Wintgens, Anne MD, Bernard Boileau, MD, Philippe Robaey, MD, PhD