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Trauma and memory: clinical and legal controversies (1997) pdf
Appelbaum Paul S. MD; Lisa A. Uyehara MD, Mark R. Elin PhD
Lost in the Mall with Mesmer and Wundt: Demarcations and Demonstrations in the Psychologies (2005) pdf
Ashmore, Malcolm; Steven D. Brown, Katie MacMillan
When good people do bad things: Meditations on the “Backlash” (1995) pdf
Bloom, Sandra L. M.D.
False memories in women with self-reported childhood sexual abuse: an empirical study (2000) pdf
Bremner, J Douglas; Shobe, Katharine Krause; Kihlstrom, John F
Junk Skepticism and Recovered Memory: A Reply to Piper (1999) pdf
Cheit, Ross E.
Videotaped discovery of a reportedly Unrecallable Memory of Child Sexual Abuse: Comparison with a childhood interview videotaped 11 years before (1997) pdf
Corwin, David L. and Erna Olafson
Brain Potentials reflect behavioral differences in True and False Recognition (2001) pdf
Curran, Tim; Daniel L. Schacter, Marcia K. Johnson, Ruth Spinks
"Lost in a shopping mall"--A breach of professional ethics. Ethics & Behavior (1999).
Crook, L. and Dean, M.
Logical fallacies and ethical breaches. Ethics & Behavior  (1999).
Crook, L. and Dean, M.
Crisis or Creation? A Systematic Examination of “False Memory Syndrome” (2002)
Dallam, Stephanie J.
A replication by another name: A response to Devilly et al. (2007) pdf new
DePrince, A.P., Freyd, J.J., & Malle, B F.
Handout: Forgetting trauma stimuli in and out of the lab (2004) pdf
DePrince, A.P., Becker-Blease, K.A., & Freyd, J.J.
What’s in a Name for Memory Errors? Implications and Ethical Issues Arising From the Use of the Term “False Memory” for Errors in Memory for Details  (2004) pdf
DePrince, A.P., Allard, C.B., Oh, H., & Freyd, J.J.
So What is the Dispute About? (1997) pdf
DePrince, A.P. and Freyd, J.J.
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The State of Betrayal Trauma Theory: Reply to McNally (2007) pdf new
Freyd, J.J., DePrince, A.P., & Gleaves, D.
Misleading and Confusing Media Portrayals of Memory Research, (2004) pdf
Freyd, Jennifer J.
Memory for abuse: What can we learn from a prosecution sample? (2003) pdf
Freyd, Jennifer J.
Feminist ethics in the practice of science: The contested memory controversy as an example. (2000) pdf
Freyd, J. J. & Quina, K.
Science in the Memory Debate. (1998) pdf
Freyd, Jennifer J.
Imagination Inflation: imagining a childhood event inflates confidence that it occured
Garry, Maryanne; Charles G. Manning and Elizabeth F. Loftus
Remembrance of things past: the cognitive psychology of remembering and forgetting trauma (2006) pdf
Geraerts, Elke Drs.
Symptom overreporting in women with memories of childhood sexual abuse (2006) pdf
Geraerts, E., Jelicic, M., & Merckelbach, H.
Fantasy proneness, but not self-reported trauma is related to DRM performance of women reporting recovered memories of childhood sexual abuse (2005) pdf
Geraerts, E., Smeets, E., Jelicic, M., van Heerden, J., & Merckelbach, H.
False Memories pdf
Gerrie, Matthew P.; Maryanne Garry, Elizabeth F. Loftus
nl Omstreden herinneringen  (2004) pdf
Gezondheidsraad - Health Council of the Netherlands.
An examination of the diagnostic validity of dissociative identity disorder (2001) pdf
Gleaves, D. H., May, M. C., & Cardena, E.
Questioning additional claims about the "false memory syndrome" epidemic. [commentary] (1997) pdf
Gleaves, D. H. & Freyd, J.J.
"The Greenbaum Speech" on MPD and Ritual Abuse (1992)
D. C. Hammond Ph.D.
Recovered Memories of Sexual Abuse: Scientific Research & Scholarly Resources (2005)
Hopper, Jim Ph.D.
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nl Over het simuleren van cognitieve stoornissen (2003) pdf
Jelicic, M.; H. Merkelbach, M. Cima.
Trauma and Memory Revisited (2005)
Kihlstrom, John F.
An Unbalanced Balancing Act: Blocked, Recovered, and False Memories in the Laboratory and Clinic
Kihlstrom, John F.
Seeing Double: Levels of Processing Can Cause False Memory
Kronlund, Antonia, Whittlesea, Bruce W A
Summary of Research Examining the Prevalence of Full or Partial  Dissociative Amnesia for Traumatic Events
Leadership Council
Patients Versus Therapists: Legal Actions Over Recovered Memory Therapy (1999)
Lief, Harold I. M.D.
Adult's memories of childhood: Affect. knowing and remembering (2004) pdf
Lindsay, D. Stephen; Kimberley A. Wade, Michael A. Hunter, J. Don Read
Changing True Photographs and False Memories (2003) pdf
Lindsay, D. Stephen ; Lisa Hagen; J. Don Read
On science under legal assault (2005) pdf
Loftus, Elizabeth F.
Our changeable memories: legal and practical implications (2003) pdf
Loftus, Elizabeth F.
Memory Faults and Fixes (2002) pdf
Loftus, Elizabeth F.
Make my Memory (2002) pdf
Loftus, Elizabeth F.
Changing Beliefs About Implausible Autobiographical Events: A Little Plausibility Goes a Long Way (2001)
Loftus, Elizabeth F. ; Giuliana A. L. Mazzoni; Irving Kirsch
Imagination and...power (2001) pdf
Loftus, Elizabeth F.
Dream Interpretation and False Beliefs (1999)
Loftus, Elizabeth F.
Creating False Memories (1997)
Loftus, Elizabeth F.
Forgetting Sexual Trauma: What Does It Mean When 38% Forget? (1994) pdf
Loftus, Elizabeth F.; Maryanne Garry, and Julie Feldman
The Reality of Repressed Memories (1993)
Loftus, Elizabeth F.
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False Memory Syndrome vs. Lying Perpetrator Syndrome: The Big Lie (1995)
Mason, Patience
Troubles in Traumatology (2005)
McNally, Richard J
Psychophysiological Responding During Script-Driven Imagery in People Reporting Abduction by Space Aliens (2004) pdf
McNally, Richard J.; Natasha B. Lasko, Susan A. Clancy, Michael L. Macklin, Roger K. Pitman, and Scott P. Orr
Desperately seeking evidence: The recovered memory debate (1997)
Memon, A. and Young, M.
I haven’t thought about this for years! Dating recent recalls of vivid memories (2006) pdf
Merckelbach, H., Smeets, T., Geraerts, E., Jelicic, M., Bouwen, A., & Smeets, E.
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False Memory Syndrome: A Feminist Philosophical Approach
Park, Shelley M.
Is Knowing Believing?: The Role of Event Plausibility and Background Knowledge in Planting False Beliefs about the Personal Past (2006) pdf
Pezdek, Kathy; Iris Blandon-Gitlin, Shirley Lam, Rhiannon Ellis Hart, Jonathan W. Schooler
"False Memory" Research: What Research Paradigms Have Cognitive Psychologists Used to Study “False Memory,” and What are the Implications of These Choices? (2006) pdf
Pezdek, Kathy; Shirley Lam
The Persistence of Folly: Critical Examination of Dissociative Identity Disorder. The Defence and Decline of Multiple Personality or Dissociative Identity Disorder.   Part I    Part II. (2004)
Piper, August MD, Harold Merskey, DM
Questioning Claims about the False Memory Syndrome Epidemic
Pope, Kenneth S. Ph.D.
Pseudoscience, Cross-examination, and Scientific Evidence in the Recovered Memory Controversy
Pope, Kenneth S. Ph.D.
Science as Careful Questioning: Are Claims of a False Memory Syndrome Epidemic Based on Empirical Evidence?
Pope, Kenneth S. Ph.D.
Full-text articles, abstracts, and data tables on recovered memories, memory research, malpractice, ethics, and related topics.
Pope, Kenneth S. Ph.D.
Remembrance of Things False; Scientists incite illusory memories and explore their implications (1996)
Power, Bruce
An Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Based on Nonclinical Samples (Paper presented Rotterdam, The Netherlands, on the 18th of December 1998)
Rind, Bruce Ph.D. Robert Bauserman, Ph.D. & Philip Tromovitch, Ph.D.(cand.)
Creating false memories: Remembering words not presented in lists. (1995) pdf
Roediger, H. L., & McDermott, K. B.
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Ground Lost: The False Memory/Recovered Memory Therapy Debate (1999)
Scheflin, Alan W.
A sensory signature of that distinguishes true from false memories (2004) pdf
Slotnick, Scott D. and Daniel L. Schacter
Therapeutic Influence in DID and Recovered Memories of Sexual Abuse (1996)
Underwager, Ralph and Hollida Wakefield
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nl Psychotherapie en hervonden herinneringen: deel I - Fasegerichte traumabehandeling tegenover Recovered Memory Therapy (1999) pdf
Van der Hart, Onno en Ellert Nijenhuis
nl Psychotherapie en hervonden herinneringen: deel II - Richtlijnen voor de praktijk (1999) pdf
Van der Hart, Onno en Ellert Nijenhuis
A picture is worth a thousand lies: Using false photographs to create false childhood memories (2002) pdf
Wade, K. A., Garry, M., Read, J. D., & Lindsay, D. S.
Freud’s false memories - Psychoanalysis and the Recovered Memory Movement (2002)
Webster, Richard
The "False Memory" Defense: Using Disinformation and Junk Science in and out of Court (2001)
Whitfield, Charles L. M.D., F.A.S.A.M.
Real Stories or Storied Realism? (2000) Review Essay: Michele L. Crossley- Introducing narrative psychology: self, trauma and the construction of meaning 
Wrigley, Mike
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